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TM Net HSBB Unifi Broadband Pricing & Packages

Residential Packages

VIP 5 / VIP 10 / VIP 20
TM HSBB Unifi Pricing & Packages

Business Packages

BIZ 5 / BIZ 10 / BIZ 20
TM HSBB Unifi Pricing & Packages

Telekom Malaysia’s just launched High Speed Broadband Service (HSBB)

Residential subscribers can opt for a 5Mbps, 10Mbps or 20Mbps.

The 5Mbps package is priced at RM149 per month, the 10Mbps at RM199, and the 20Mbps at RM249. The subscribers will have to sign on for two years contract.

Each package also comes with a Dect (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) phone, a set-top box for IPTV (Internet Protocol Television), Streamyxzone ID for wireless web access, and a 2GB e-mail box.

The amount of data that can be downloaded using each of the packages will be capped, in an effort to maintain high surfing speeds.

The 5Mbps package has a 60GB monthly cap on downloads; the 10Mbps package has a 90GB cap, and the 20Mbps package has a 120GB cap.

UniFi is now available in Shah Alam, Subang Jaya, Taman Tun Dr Ismail and Bangsar, in the Klang Valley. It will be rolled out to more areas nationwide over the next two years.

There are business packages available for corporate subscribers. As with the home user service, these are also divided into 5Mbps, 10Mbps and 20Mbps packages.

There are no caps on the corporate packages, but prices are much higher. Companies will have to pay RM199 a month for 5Mbps, RM599 for 10Mbps, and RM899 for 20Mbps.

Will you go for TM Net HSBB Unifi if it’s available at your housing / business area? If me I will get a 5Mbps line and share among my neighbours! So do you want to share with me? Haha… or I will open free WIFI for my guest with HIGH SPEED Internet connectivity.

I hope this will bring our country to a faster broadband experience and we will not be lacked behind.

For further details please contact the following:
Call TM UniFi Centre at 1-300-88-1222 or E-mail to [email protected]
Visit the nearest TMpoint

HSBB Unifi Official Website : http://www.unifi.my/



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  1. Since there is a cap on a daily basis, will it slow down the tv and movies streaming rate?
    Imagine watching the movies on just a 500 kbps rate for a 5MB package…

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  2. The BIZ5 seems way more tempting than VIP5 and VIP10 as it is not capped. BIZ5 is good enough for sharing.

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  3. here..i wan more speed to do more thg in once..i dun1 wait..

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  4. Unifi s****.. Upon checking with the officer for availbility in Shah Alam, got reply that service is not available??

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  5. Do i have a choice??? i don’t want this package at my area…. I hope there is other provider !

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  6. Just make a complaint to unifi as my unifi connection been down for 3 days and until now still didn’t receive any response even many calls been made to their customer services.

    Dear Sir,

    I have lodged a report for my unifi is not able to access to internet since 2nd March 2011. I have calling to 1300001221 for many many times and the customer services do said that they have contacted the supervisors, level 2, sending email to technical department, asking them to contact me for the solution.

    But until now, 3 days been passed I still not receive even 1 phone call from unifi technician. I just called again this morning and I received the same message as the customer service said they have email to the technical support department and will have them to contact, and again, nobody call.

    I just wonder what kind of support is this. It this what we as unifi customer should deserved?

    I’m now working as SOHO in my house and the internet access is really important for me to run my business. Since this internet been down, it has make a huge impact on my business and I need to source for sharing internet connection from my neighbor in order to resume my work.

    I do hope your side will take this seriously as I check on the internet there are more and more unsatisfied customers who are using unifi and I do wish so TM will be replaced soon by other competitors which we as consumers will benefit from this for sure.

    My report ID: 1-837416664 if you really care about.

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  7. This is normal practices for TM net and this is their culture.

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