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TLC Promise Me Campaign – Successfully Completed!

Last Wednesday it was the TLC Promise Me Celebration Party to conclude the few months campaign of fulfilling the wishes of the less fortunate within a short period of time.

Throughout the whole TLC Promise Me Campaign, I have learned a lot and realize a lot. Thank you TLC fir giving me this opportunity to participate in this meaningful campaign that I get to reward back to the society.

TLC Promise Me Campaign

TLC Promise Me Campaign
Recognition Ceremony @ Zehn Function Hall, Zehn Condominiums next to Hospital Pantai.

saimatkong and Kimberly Low
saimatkong and Kimberly

Michelle and Cindy
Michelle and TeyCindy

Nicholas and Sara
Nicholas and Sara

Julia Chong – Chief Executive Officer of The Truly Loving Company.

I have got my cert!

My pledge was to get an ankle foot orthosis (AFO) for Mr Kau at NASAM Ampang. He’s in 60+ years of age and wheelchair bound and really need this to support him. I came out with a Charity CAR Wash Idea and yes I made it and even I can get Mr Kau a customized AFO that suits him.

Thanks to everyone who support me in this Charity CAR Wash campaign, especially members from MyForteClub and thanks to Mr Raymond from Shine N Shield who sponsor the venue for me to run the charity campaign to raise fund for Mr Kau.

TLC Promise Me Campaign - Celebration Party
All of us who took out the TLC Promise Me Pledges.

TLC Promise Me Campaign - Celebration Party

TeyCindy, Kimberly and me!

TLC Promise Me Campaign - Celebration Party

TLC Promise Me Campaign - Celebration Party

Tey Cindy and Kimberly Low

Julia and saimatkong
Look how happy it could be if we could help others.

Mr Kau related his experience as a stroke survivor and must be thankful that he could still walk around with assistant right now. I’m proud of myself too as I did try my best to help someone who’s really in need and reward back to the society.

We can’t just work, eat and sleep doing the same routine tasks but without doing something that’s meaningful in our live. It is about channeling the collective energy of the community in helping the less fortunate, disabled and underprivileged in our society.

Always remember this phrase : “Celebrate the past, enjoy the present, create our future.” Thanks for those who supported me in the Car Wash Campaign and to those who donated too.



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