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Pak Lah to announce steps to ease fuel price rise burden

Pak Lah to announce steps to ease fuel price rise burden

PUTRAJAYA: The Government will announce another measure on Friday to help lighten the people’s burden after the fuel price increase, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said.

“This Friday we are going to launch something to assist in reducing the consumption of petrol and help to reduce costs, and the burden of expenditure (and) taxi drivers,” he said, declining to reveal details.

Speaking in an interview with Bernama and RTM Radio at Sri Perdana yesterday, Abdullah said the Government was focused on steps to help reduce the people’s expenses, including through austerity measures.

On calls for the Prime Minister and Cabinet members to see for themselves the problems brought by the increase in the price of essentials, Abdullah said, “I’ll meet the people and explain to them, lest they listen to the Opposition.”

Abdullah also said the Opposition had done nothing to ease the people’s burden.

“They just talk. They talk even more than what they can promise,” he said in apparent reference to the promise made by Parti Keadilan Rakyat adviser Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim that Opposition parties would reduce fuel prices immediately if they were to form the government.

On the debate between Information Minister Datuk Ahmad Shabery Cheek and Anwar tomorrow, Abdullah said, “I think Ahmad Shabery is very keen to debate. He can do it; he is a good orator.”

“He has said that if he fails, he will ask Pak Lah to ‘please get somebody else to look after Angkasapuri’. But he is good, he attended almost all the weekly programmes organised by the ministry,” he said.

On politicians bent on using racial issues, Abdullah said they had better not resort to such tactics.

“That is bad, we must have restraint. Don’t. That is like playing with fire. You had better not play with fire on sensitive issues,” he said, describing such action as a short cut to popularity, albeit an irresponsible one.

Abdullah, who is Barisan Nasional chairman, also wanted the coalition to remain strong.

“I know the election result is bad but it is still a mandate from the people. We have to do more, we have to work hard. We have no other choice.

“Listen to the people. God willing, we will be all right,” he said.

source : TheStar

What are the things and steps that our PM, Pak Lah gonna announced on Friday? How can it ease the price increase burden of all the citizen?

I would really want to know how and what our PM gonna announce. No more toll? No more tax? No more … ? or change your lifestyle and save (jimat)?

Hope this promise to announce steps to ease fuel price rise burden will not be a joke after all or it’s just another empty promise. If not I really no $ to pump petrol liao lo… damn poor.



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