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P1 W1MAX Wiggy Signal Coverage Still Not Wide Enough

I have been using P1 W1MAX since few months back but my house is still no coverage till now even I wrote to them and also submitted the coverage suggestion but till now still no news.

I used the “Am I In Coverage” to search but seems that few road down my house have the coverage but I’m just not in luck. Any chance for them to extend another road to include me in the coverage so that I could enjoy the fun with P1 W1MAX? =(

P1 W1MAX Coverage

P1 W1MAX Coverage

P1 W1MAX Coverage

P1 W1MAX please cover up more area before you expand to other state! If not it’s not very portable as compared to other 3G broadband like Maxis, Digi and Celcom which the coverage is much much wider! Keep it up P1 and I’m confident that you could do it! Why ppl subscribe to P1 W1MAX or other 3G broadband? This is because they want the mobility and if not why in the first place they will subscribe to these service right?

So work on the signal coverage to cover a wider area that supposed wimax could handle and enhance the quality of the speed too and make sure the price is competitive in order to survive in this competitive service. Demand is here but we must make sure the supply is good enough to take care of everyone of the subscriber. =)

Now you can even check your P1 W1MAX coverage thru your phone! Check this if necessary because they did not state the charges of using that service, so do not complain to me later they charge you because of using that =p

Step 1:
Type P1Block NoStreetNameCityPostcode
E.g.: P1 10, Jalan 2/23D,Setapak,53000

Step 2: Send the SMS to 36660.

Step 3: You’ll receive an SMS reply on whether or not your area is in P1 W1MAX coverage.



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  1. Your area is more than 600m away from the nearest Base Station. That’s not good.

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  2. yalar, i wanted to switch from streamyx to P1 but my area no coverage.. ~sigh..

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  3. i’ve just subscribe to wimax.. i think my wimax is more faster and better than my old Maxis broadband.. i recommended people to use this P1 WiMAX..

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  4. I subscribed W1max in May 2009…..so far I did not encountered any major problem…..but minor only…..my 1st choice and your choice also…..are you?

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