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Original / Fake Made in China Crocs selling @ Pasar Malam

Made in China Crocs @ Pasar Malam

Recently I saw a lot of stall at Taman Megah (Sunday), SS2 (Monday) pasar malam selling Crocs shoe, there are at least 3-4 stalls, and yes they are selling like hot cakes, maybe that’s the trend right now?? They looks real and a lot of different model. The most important thing is it’s only RM20-30 bucks per pair. I asked one of the seller “Is it real?”, he said it’s the same one la… same factory!?! Made in China Crocs… hmm. still wondering it’s original Crocs or not. If it’s real then it’s not worth for those ppl who bought those “Real Original Corcs” from malls? It’s about RM150-300 if get at the Crocs shop at all the malls.

Made in China Crocs @ Pasar Malam

I heard that some ppl telling me that Crocs is on bankruptcy and Crocs Malaysia is closing down hence they are selling it at the pasar malam at such “harga runtuh price”. But they are still selling in shops at all the malls…?

I have tried the Made in China Crocs selling at Pasar Malam and feel very comfortable but will it be like the photo shown below? I think of that because I received the photo from forwarded email previously stating that caused by china materiel… hence the leg was infected. hmm should we buy it? I don’t want my leg become like that… Anyone of you bought it from pasar malam??

leg was infected



Author: Saimatkong

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  1. Sure or not ????

    I think they just post that up so that they scare you. Then you won’t buy imitation products.

    Technically … I don’t see how you can get infection from buying pirated slippers

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    • yeah same, I’m thinking about that too but was heard that maybe because of the material that they used cos of the cheaper cost that’s why will have some side effect??

      That’s why it’s holding me back to get a pair of that… hmm…

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  2. I bought one pairs, Only at RM 16 at sg long pasar malam.

    Last few weeks, they are selling at RM 40, now drop to RM 20.

    If free I will snap a photo and put in my blog.

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  3. but they use real crocs brand wor, too that’s imitation can kena sue one 😛 but they do feel comfortable right, like real crocs? 🙂

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  4. if you look closely, the “buaya” logo is a bit cacat and some of the shoe designs are not even available in their websites!

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  5. all the crocs selling at pasar malam are fake. apart from the china story, the sellers might also say that those are factory defects. it’s not true. the simplest way to identify whether you are purchasing the original ones is to look at the product identifier number which is unique. i worked in crocs. we have logged a police report earlier. we’ll wipe off those stalls that you see in pasar malam and also market in 1 month.

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    • hi, how do we see the product identifier number? and where can we check that number?

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  6. My extra info to detect fake crocs..

    Watch the below of the shoe

    It should be (boulder,colorado) instead of (boulder.colorado)

    And you can see the above spot where it got many little nipple things that poke(massage) your leg it should be quite high instead of fake one which is very short.

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  7. I bought the pasar malam crocs about 4 months ago.It was very2 comfortable and light.I practical wear it everywhere including to work and market….and so easy to clean..the dirt won’t stick to it…just wiped off with tissue…. BUT now I notice the sole is wearing off and it slips on wet floors….sooo do you think this is the original one? I tried the original in the crocs shop..same design and the material is really different..really moulds your feet. I am 100% sure the Pasar malam ones are fake!!!!!

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  8. i bought a pair fake from pasar malam too, with prior knowledge that they were fakes.

    comfort: 6 (1-10) OK for a pair of brandless rubber (or other soft plastic material shoes). but if you walk for 3-5 hours you WILL feel the sore foot. not the kind of sore from muscle pain, the kind from lousy shoes. my old worn out nike sandles never give me any sore foot, no matter how long i walk. muscles can be tired but never sore foot. fake crocs not totally mold to feet and

    quality: as said not mold to foot, size vary a great deal for the same size number, like 2 pairs of size 20 can be half inch diff in size. totally no QC at all. as fakes stuffs goes, there are good fakes, and bad fakes. good fakes are comfy and made of good material, bad fakes are made of lousy material and no QC. i would say fake crocs is on the bad side.

    durability: not sure, but i am certain it is made of diff material, wife bought ori and no smell, more solid and fake got smell even tho i wash it few times. if you wear it every day, i wouldn’t be surprise if it tear in 2-5 months. wife ori can last for 1-2 years if you wear it everyday and really walk a lot.

    value: depends on how you see it. if for style/fashion, a lot of similar lousy quality china shoes (with local brand name) that girls like to buy in big shopping malls for RM 30-50 that can only last a few months are as bad. if for comfort i wouldn’t recommend it. if you want to get a pair of easy to wear, easy to clean, easy to drive car, for after sports, for casual short outings rubber shoes for RM 20, its still quite ok deal. i wont buy it again. but i wont buy real crocs too as i think they are overpriced. i would buy clarks shoes tho, as they last forever.

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  9. as for the “leg was infected” photos, there are ppl with skin allergies or sensitive skins that are more prone to this. you can get irritations wearing real things, but the chance of irritation is a lot higher if you wear stuff made of quetionable material and bad qc.

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  10. my sister work at crocks. she said there is a crocs that made in china. dono its fake or original???

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  11. I own original crocs bough 1.5 years ago.. nothing broken and my crocs just become dirty and my feet isnt smelly.. different with my friends who bought fake one… their crocs broke within 2-5 month an their feet are smelly, sinc fake crocs dont have special coating on them…

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