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Old Town White Coffee

Haha this is very funny. Yesterday supposed to yam cha with my friends in Maybank Mamak, Seapark, but I was late and they said want to change place, so ok, I suggested Old Town White Coffee in Kota Damansara and they agreed.

Then I went to Old Town White Coffee in Kota Damansara and waited for them. At 1st thought of wait for them only order, luckily I ordered while waiting for them. So I wait and wait while enjoying my cup of Old Town White Coffe and Toss Bread, they still haven’t turn up and suddenly I receive a call.

Jit: “Where are you? We finished our coffee liao lo!”
Me: “Eh, I inside ma and also finishing my coffee too, never see you?”
Jit: “You inside or outside?”
Me: “Inside ah.”
Jit: “Eh, we also inside wor but never see you!”
Me: “Wahh, I think we in the different Old Town White Coffee leh, I told u Kota Damansa right? You in Pelangi Damansar that Old Town White Coffee? Alamak.”
Jit: “Hahahah…”

Here it goes… Anyway, the toss bread and coffee is nice, try it out yourself. Even though two of the Old Town White Coffe is very near indeed. Moreover, this is not the fist time happened. Last time got once where we supposed to meet up in cinema and watch “Finding Nemo” if I remembered the movie correctly, I went to Mid Valley GSC, He bought tickets and waiting at 1Utama GSC… Gosh.

Me: “Where are you?”
Jit: “In front of the Cinema Entrance la.”
Me: “We also in front of the Cinema Entrance wor, never see you?”
Jit: “Eh, we in 1Utama GSC wor…”
Me: “Aiyor, you never say!! All the while also watch in Mid Valley GSC ma…”
Jit: “Now GSC got online purchasing also ma so ma try la… Forgotten to tell you it’s 1Utama GSC…”
Me: “Deng lo like tat …”

So end up, me and yan qing bought ticket and watch Chinese movie in Mid Valley GSC and they watch in 1Utama GSC and wasted the tickets…

Moral of the story is, confirm, communication is very important. Don’t assume ppl know what you thinking and must tell ppl what are you thiking. ahah.

Old Town White Coffee
Kota Damansara
12A-1 Jln PJU 5/17 Dataran Sunway,
K.Damansara, 47810 P.Jaya, Selangor

Pelangi Astana
G-40, Pelangi Astana Persiaran Surian,
Pelangi Damansara PJU 6 A,
47800, Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Old Town White Coffee Drinks
Old Town White Coffee Delights

General Contact Tel: 603-7782 6411 Fax: 603-7782 6455
General inquiry email: [email protected]



Author: Saimatkong

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