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Li Ying : Will you marry me?

Dear Li Ying,

We were strangers starting out on our journey. Never dreaming what we’d have to go through. Now here we are and I’m suddenly standing at the beginning with you. No one told me I was going to find you. Unexpected what you did to my heart. When I lost hope you were there to remind me. This is the start.

I love you and only you but no one else. I always borrow you my ears and talk less because I would really like to share with your problem and want to solve all your problems and want you to know that you are not facing it alone. I will hold your hand when you cross the road and guide you along the way and hug you to sleep without worrying of any sounds or any intruders and will protect you as long as I’m still alive.

I will pampers you as how I would like you to pamper me as well, I will massage you anytime just that you need it and I mean it. That way we could grow together and each each other more each day. I will sacrifice myself for you no matter what and I’m doing it willingly without having you to ask for. I hope you will smile as always and when I see you smile made me feel better than anything else and nothing could compared to it.

Life is a road and I want to keep going, Love is a river I want to keep flowing, Life is a road now and forever, A Wonderful journey. I’ll be there when the world stops turning. I’ll be there whenthe storm is through. There’s up and down in life, it’s just like a roller coaster. No matter what happen, I will always be there, stand by you, supporting you and taking good care of you. Cheer up and cherish everyday. Everything else is not really important but your smile rally meant a lot to me. I just want to see you smile and hope that you will smile every seconds, every minutes, every hours and I’m there to witness your smile.

Love you forever and I’m amazingly yours. In the end I wanna be standing at the beginning with you.

Wedding Proposal Ring

Wedding Proposal Ring

Tian Leong



Author: Saimatkong

This blog is a platform to share what I love in life: food (eat), travel (play), photography (art) and life (thoughts and ideas). With passion for food, I share my foodie adventures and indulgences here. “There is no love sincerer than the love of food.”

Traveling makes us a better human being as we recognise the similarities and celebrate the differences of cultures between where we travel to and where we come from. “The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.”

Photography do more than just capturing the best moments in our lives; they also help us tell our life stories. “Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.”

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  1. First????

    I sokongggg….!!!! Heh

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  2. big diamond …. of course yes lah ….

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    • Borebby : haha not big la small one only.

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  3. Yih Yann : Thanks!
    Danny : Yup! haha…

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  4. You have done a good job for the new style wedding proposal and share with all people with your happiness and your true love to Li Ying! Congratulation!

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