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I want to win a FREE Trip to London for Olympic 2012!

Do you want to win a fully sponsored trip to experience London 2012 Olympic Games? Yes, of course I do. How bout you? If you want to be in London for the Olympic 2012 then you should join this Samsung Global Bloggers Competition.

Jamie Oliver – Samsung Global Blogger supporter tells you a little more about Samsung Global Bloggers

How to win this free trip to London during the Olympic Games?

Okay it’s really simple. The first step to becoming a Samsung Global Blogger is to submit a 30 second video in English of you telling why you would be great at hunting out the best stories London has to tell during The Olympics.

How do you make your 30 secs video stand out of others and make it a winning video to London Olympic 2012? Okay I will be sharing some of the tips & pointers that you might find it helpful in the process of making your 30 secs video.

1.) You have to get a good quality camera if not video camera, so that the output of the video and audio quality is acceptable. If not even you have a good content but blurry and shabby quality it will not be doing any good. So, you could either buy, beg or borrow superior pieces of kit wherever you can!

2.) Write or prepare the scripts that you would like to bring out in the 30 seconds video clips. Make sure you able to deliver your messages to the judges within that golden 30 seconds and able to convey and convince the judges why should they pick you for as a Samsung Global Blogger.

3.) You must be confidence and have energy in front of the camera while presenting yourself in the 30 seconds video. You must show your passion in sports for you to understand the Olympic games well.

4.) In addition to the above pointers, you must show that you are very imaginative and have originality on your coverage of the London 2012 Olympic Games. This is because no imagination there will be no originality, so originality is essential in this sense.

5.) Show your good sense of humor within the 30 secs video so that leave a good impression for judges or even the other viewers of the video. This is because laughter is the best medicine. “A Good Sense of Humor Will Make You a Winner”

6.) Showcase your popularity in the social network platform like talk about your Twitter, Facebook & Blog followers or readers.

7.) Find a good location with good lighting to shoot the 30 secs video as you can get good pictures if you have enough light on the face of your subject.

8.) Make sure you are equipped with useful video editing skills and use the right software in order to enhance the output of the video with extra sound effects and more “Wow” factors that will attract the judges or your audience.

Samsung Global Bloggers - I want to win a FREE Trip to London for Olympic 2012!

Hmm that’s about it and I’m sure there’s a lot more tips and points out there that will help you to create a better video. So now, get yourself ready and start recording your video and you will be standing a chance to be one of the Samsung Global Bloggers who will be enjoying the fully paid-up trip to London 2012 Olympic Games.

If I’m that lucky to be one of the Samsung Global Blogger my dream could come true and I could watch the rematch of Lin Dan vs Lee Chong Wei in the Badminton Final in the London Olympic games after Datuk Lee lost to Lin Dan 4 years ago in China! Hurrayy…. lolz as if I’m the Samsung Global Blogger.

So, do you want to win a trip to London too?

So join me and take part in the competition now! I will be posting my video in the next update, so stay tuned! For more info, please log on to Samsung Global Blogger microsite.



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