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DAP For Petaling Jaya – Tony Pua Ceramah

Tony Pua - DAP For Petaling Jaya

Who is Tony Pua?

I’m a Malaysian former CEO and founder of a public listed IT company. I’ve graduated from Keble College, Oxford University with a degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) with a scholarship from MTC Foundation in 1994. Prior to that, I was fortunate enough to receive Asean and Shaw Foundation scholarships to pursue my ‘O’ and ‘A’-Levels in Raffles Institution and Raffles Junior College.

It was my wish to be able to retire early quite comfortably so that I will be able to devote most, if not all of my expendable time on socio-economic and political affairs. Well, I’m right in the thick of it as I’ve sold my company and joined the Democratic Action Party (DAP) as the Economic Advisor to the DAP Secretary-General.

I’ve always had faith that there has been a guardian angel looking after me all these while – my personal well-being, my education, my career. Some will call it “God’s will”, some “fate” while some others, “destiny”. I strongly believe that it is time for me to repay the kindness and fortune showered on me by my family, the society and of course, not forgetting, my guardian angel. 🙂

I look forward to the day when I can truly help make our country a better place for all communities, and a country we can all be proud of.

Who do you support? Election is few days down the road and have you decided and do you know where to vote?

Check where to vote

Check where to vote

Procedure To Check The Electoral Roll For 12TH General Election Through SMS

Step 1:
SPRIC Number

Example SPR 710720105017

Step 2 :
Send SMS to 39111 or 33626 or 32232 or 39988 or 29777 or 36677 or 33030

*Check for charges with your service provider

General Election 2008 Candidates

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