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★日期 Date : 29/04/2011
★時間 Time : 7.30PM – 10.00PM
★地點 Venue :Overtime,Tropicana City Mall

Celebrating the box-office success of Great Day! 《天天好天》慶功派對+DVD推介禮



林德榮太过”HiGH”了! =)

Wai Fun + Vivian Tok 尹匯雰卓卉勤露胸庆功

Wai Fun + Vivian Tok 尹匯雰卓卉勤露胸庆功

Wai Fun + Vivian Tok 尹匯雰卓卉勤露胸庆功


Check out the video below on how 尹匯雰 Wan Wai Fun、卓卉勤 Vivian Tok show their assets!

Astro’s second local Chinese film production, Great Day, was the major box office success for local Chinese films. Great Day is the highest grossing local Chinese film in Malaysia with the accumulation of RM6.5 million within eight weeks of its screening. This record-breaking film, distributed by Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC), has also surpassed Woohoo!, Astro’s first Chinese local film production garnering RM 4.2 million in box office collection last year.


In celebration of the box office hit and the premiere screening in Taiwan, Astro organised an appreciation party today at Overtime, Tropicana City Mall as a gesture of appreciation to each and every party who made this film a success it is today. During the appreciation party, the much-anticipated launch date of the Great Day DVD was announced. The Great Day DVD will be released on 30 April distributed by Multimedia nationwide.

Attending the Great Day appreciation party were Chiu Keng Guan, the film director, Choo Chi Han, Vice President of Chinese Language Business of Astro and the film’s executive producer, Steven Lim, Managing Director of Multimedia, Tung Yow Kong, Senior Distributor Manager of GSC, movie crew members, distinguished guests and media members. Lineup of movie cast included Jack Lim, Wan Wai Fun, Royce Tan, Vivian Tok, Bernard Hiew, Jeff Chin, Gan Mei Yan, Loong Boon Min, Lim Yew Beng, Yap Ah Lan, Crystal Lee, Tan Hao Yen, Miao Lim and Brendan Yuen. Gan Jiang Han, who was working during a live broadcast of Evening Edition, missed the fun-filled party.


The Great Day DVD, encompasses the 90-minute film as well as a 75-min the making of, movie trailer and photo gallery for collection, is slated to hit the store shelves on 30 April. The DVD is priced at RM19.90; meanwhile its economic version with film only will also be available at a very affordable price of RM10. Multimedia who owns the copyright of Great Day deployed a better technology in producing the first batch of 6,000 DVDs to ensure content quality.

Great Day premiered last 13 January in 60 cinemas nationwide; tells of the various relationships between children and their parents and revolves around the central theme of the much-treasured Asian value of filial piety. The film has garnered overwhelming positive feedbacks from the local movie- goers, accumulating over RM6.5 million gross box office collections, despite stiff rivalry against foreign blockbusters during the Chinese New Year. The efforts of Chiu and Astro paid off when Great Day, together with Woohoo!, successfully hit the big screens in Taiwan on 15 April, showcasing unique Malaysian cultures to audience abroad.


(吉隆坡30日訊)MY Astro本地製作電影《天天好天》創下650萬令吉票房,刷新本地中文電影票房冠軍紀錄並成功殺進台灣市場,電影女主角尹匯雰兌現諾言“谷”胸慶功,卓卉勤也不甘示弱露出半邊酥胸,兩女成為鎂光燈焦點,搶盡風頭!

由Astro出品、Golden Screen Cinemas(GSC)發行的MY Astro本地製作電影《天天好天》上映8周突破650萬令吉票房,也超越了去年《大日子Woohoo!》的420萬票房。當英國威廉王子與凱特正舉行世紀婚禮之時,Astro也擇於同一晚在麗陽城購物廣場(Tropicana City Mall)的夜店Overtime舉辦慶功派對。導演青元(Chiu導)率領一眾演員包括林德榮、尹匯雰、陳志康、卓卉勤、邱文博、陳浩然、顏薇恩、龍紋敏、林耀明、覃業水、葉亞蘭、李馨巧、陳浩嚴、林靜苗、BrendanYuen等熱鬧登場,顏江瀚和楊佳賢由於工作在身而未克出席。









Source : SinChew-i



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