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Advertlets is still paying their publisher but in a slow manner!

I have cashed out few months back and now only received the payment. How to get your payment from them? I have emailed them for few times then only they will reply you and after some ding dong ding dong then finally I received my payment! They do direct transfer too, saying that it will be faster and all, so yeah finally I got my payment!

For those publisher that do not get your money for long time, you should do that to remind them if not they will not send you the payment even after 6 months or even 1 year. So please contact them and remind them that you have cashed out and hopefully they will get back to you.

So the question now is should I get back to Advertlets? They said want to have me back in Advertlets and get me some new campaign but the question is will Advertlets pay on time and fulfill their promise?

I personally had some bad experience with Advertlets that they promised this and that, but in the end it’s different case and the way they treat their publisher. The most serious case is Advertlets domain expired and they forgotten to renew their domain?!. Hopefully Advertlets will learn from it’s mistake and gain from their experience and will be better in the future if still want to be in the game. =)

All the best Advertlets.

Hi Kong,

Here is the receipt. It should clear by Wednesday/Thursday as MEPS transfers
require 1-2 days.

From account: XXX
Transfer to: Local Beneficiary (MEPS GIRO)

Beneficiary details
Name: XXX
Account number: XXX
Transfer Amount: MYR XXX
Transfer via: MEPS GIRO

Date and frequency
Transfer type: Transfer now
Effective date: 15 Oct 2008

For your account: XX
Transaction reference Number: XXX

Sorry for the inconvenience, it will not happen again in future.
We hope the direct bank in is a sufficient resolution.

We would like to have you back with Advertlets, and would like to match you
with a new Toyota campaign commencing this week. We noted that you wrote a
post and joined the Vios contest sometime back, and the client appreciated
the feedback and wants you in the new campaign as well.


Jess Ong
Advertlets Support

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  1. not bad mah, personal email from them..give them another chance lor..
    (i didnt sign up wif them or nuffnang though)..

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  2. yes, their payment are really slow, I wonder why they do this, make their reputation bad only.

    but don believe fully on their word. they also said wan to give me better earning, but the earning increase for not long only. and the figure become normal after 1 or 2 week.

    I only make about 0.30 cent per days average

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  3. yeah that’s bad and they promised to give compensation for the domain down time anyone remember? but they act as if forgotten everything and why are you still serving advertlets??

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