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999 for all emergencies

PUTRAJAYA: It’s back to 999 to report all forms of emergencies. And callers can expect their calls to be answered within 10 seconds or after four rings. Cellular phone users who had been dialling 112 could also dial the 999 numbers to reach the emergency call centre.

Unlike before people need not dial three sets of numbers (999, 994, 991 and 112 – for cellular phone users) to reach the different emergency and rescue service providers in the country.

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Is this number familiar ? 999 ? Yes, from small I already know this number. But when there’s emergency which happened last few month which I have blog about House Broke In on July, I called that number 999 and it’s my very first time calling and I waited very long. So hopefully this 999 will work from now and can really handle all the emergencies.

I suggest you to keep one of the nearest Hospital and Police Station and Fire Station. Keep at least one of them, who knows it might be useful =) One thing, don’t ever try to call the 103 from your phone. It cost you a lot man. Remember to keep the police station that under your district too, if not end up calling the wrong station and they said it’s not under their area “Bukan Kawasan Saya” then you have to waste your time calling again when emergency. Trust me, you wont want to hear that “Ini bukan kawasan saya” when you are in emegency.

Police Station Kelana Jaya : 7806 2222
Police Station Seapark (SS2) : 7478 2222

IPPD Petaling Jaya (Utara)
IbuPejabat Polis Daerah Petaling Jaya, Jalan Penchala, 46050, Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel: 03 – 7956 2222
Fax: 03 – 7954 8740

– Balai Petaling Jaya: 03 – 7956 2222
– Balai Damansara; 03 – 7722 2222
– Balai Kelana Jaya: 03 – 7806 2222
– Balai Kg. Baru Subang: 03 – 7846 2322
– Balai Sea Park: 03 – 7478 2222
– Balai Sungai Buloh: 03 – 6156 1222
– Balai Sungai Plong: 03 – 6038 3322
– Pondok Tmn. Dato’ Harun: 03 – 7783 8287
– Pondok Tmn. Medan: 03 – 7783 8361
– Pondok Tmn. Medan Baru: 03 – 7783 8425
– Pondok Sri Damansara: 03 – 6272 0400
– Pondok Sri Manja: 03 – 7781 4222
– Pondok Damansara Perdana: 03 – 7963 9239
– Pondok Mutiara Damansara: 03 – 7725 2222



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