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5 月 5 日记得早点去投票! 505 It’s voting day and please vote early!

Please vote! Undilah! Jangan Tak Undi! 记得去投票!

UNDILAH – English (Namewee Afdlin Shauki Kuli Pete Teo)

Mari Kita Mungundi, Malaysia need you!

Please go to vote as early as possible tomorrow okay! This is because if you arrive late, you may not be able to vote due to the time limit or even you found that someone voted for you? Inikalilah! Jom Ubah!

Undi awal amat penting, sebab mungkin anda tidak layak untuk undi sebab masa tak cukup ataupun kemungkinan orang lain sudah undi untuk anda?

5 月 5 日记得早点去投票! 505 It's voting day and please vote early!

5 月 5 日记得早点去投票

选委会指定,一间投票房只容许最多 700 选民,假设每个选民花三分钟投票,700个选民就需要 35 个小时。



EP08《 Pendidikan Pengundi – Voter’s Education 》- 0.77 Minit《 0.77分钟 》

5 月 5 日记得早点去投票! 505 It's voting day and please vote early!

Tips : What to bring on voting Day?!

1. Go to vote very early (bring food, drinks , camera & phone)
2. Stay after voting (with friends, don’t act alone)
3. If you see people not from your neighbourhood, be friendly, smile and ask “apa khabar?”, ask them where do they live, judge for yourselves whether they are a Malaysian.
4. If you are very certain they are non-Malaysians, please advise them that only Malaysians are allowed to vote. If they refuse to listen, contact ABU & Pemantau.
5. Take pictures and videos.
6. Make a police report. Send the police report, pictures and videos to Bersih & email to [email protected]

1.提早去投票 (带食物、水、相机及手机)
2.投票后留下来 (千万别单独行动,和一班朋友或邻居一起)
3.如果你看到可疑人物,友善地问 “apa khabar?”, 问他们住在哪儿。看看他们是否是马来西亚人。
4.如果你确定他们不是马来西亚人,请告诉他们只有马来西亚人才能投票。如果他们不听劝告,请联络ABU 及 Pemantau
6.报警,把报告邮寄给Bersih 及 [email protected]

#infoTAHAN: Ada maklumat pengundi hantu di kawasan anda, sila SMS Skuad TAHAN hotline: 0165059065, email: infoTAHAN@gmail.com

Spot a phanton voter? Spot a banglar / Indon voter? Spot a voter that’s not Malaysian? Call TAHAN hotline 0165059065!

Please share this information out !!, Work together…will make sure no pengundi hantu for this 13 general election !!!

Check Your Voter Status – Semakan Daftar Pemilih Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya Malaysia (SPR) here.



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