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2008 Thomas Cup Final – China vs Korea

Thomas Cup & Uber Cup 2008 Indonesia

Thomas Cup & Uber Cup

Who will win the Thomas Cup today? After the careful and strategic planning of the Korean team manager Kim Jong-soo. When Korea vs Malaysia, he put the single player to play double and double to play single just to avoid being 1st in the Group to avoid Chin in semi final and it’s clearly shown that what he planned is success when Malaysia lost to China on semi final. I was thinking what if Malaysia won in semi final and Korean have to face Malaysia again, I will definitely laugh if this happened. If it happened the Korean have to play their full force.

2008 Thomas Cup Final – China vs Korea, it will be live today @ 6pm Indonesia time and 7pm Malaysia time. Get your junk food and soft drink and sit in front of your tv for the match of the century!

Will Lin Dan, Bao Chun Lai and Fu Hai Feng / Cai Yun, Chen Jin the rest of the team mates make it after the women team lead by Xie Xing Fang who is his girlfriend won the uber cup yesterday? Will China get both Thomas and Uber Cup?

China vs Korea. China 3 – Korea 1
Lin Dan won the 1st point against Sung Hwan Park 10-21, 21-18, 21-8
Lin Dan seems no energy today and only play strategic game but at least he attack!

Fu  Hai Feng & Cai Yun
Now Fu Hai Feng and Cai Yun lost 1st game… now losing 2nd game…finally China lost in 1st double in two straight games…
Yun Cai / Haifeng Fu vs Jae Sung Jung / Yong Dae Lee 23-25, 16-21

Now Bau Chun Lai vs Lee Hyun II… Bao Chun Lai leading 1st game. It was a close fight between them… Bao Chun Lai won.
Chunlai Bao vs Hyun Ii Lee 28-26, 21-11

Zhongbo Xie / Zhendong Guo vs Jae Jin Lee / Ji Man Hwang 21-12, 19-21, 21-12

China Won 2008 Thomas Cup Final.
Korea made a history in 1st appearance in Thomas Cup final.

Xie Xing Fang & Lin Dan
Xie Xing Fang & Lin Dan
Xie Xing Fang and Lin Dan.

Lin Dan Sexy Picture
Lin Dan Sexy Picture, very muscular =)

Who do you support? Wat’s the result of this 2008 Thomas Cup Final – China vs Korea? Will be out soon.

If you do not have Astro Super Sport Channel 816 or TV3 online streaming or Imediabiz, TRANS7 or Indo New York, TRANS7. All the live streaming is tested personally by me and it’s all working.

If you can’t live streaming, you can view live score here



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