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20% Percent Toll Touch n Go Rebate

20 Percent Toll Touch n Go Rebate

Do you use Touch ‘n Go frequently as much as 80 transactions per month for toll? Yes, I do… I have my rebate! If you are frequent highway user, why not get yourself a Touch ‘n Go card and enjoy the 20% rebate from the initiative of the Government? Get yours now if you want to save more!

20 Percent Toll Touch n Go Rebate

20 Percent Toll Touch n Go Rebate

20 Percent Toll Touch n Go Rebate

Today, just only I get my rebate @ Touch ‘n Go counter beside Sunway LDP toll for RM99.70!

20 Percent Toll Touch n Go Rebate

You could rebate in most of the Participating Highways

The operation hours :
Monday – Thursday : 8.30am – 4.30pm
Friday : 8.30am – 5.15pm
Sat & Sun & Public Holiday : Closed

Rebate Receipt

Yes, RM99.70 that much because I use LDP frequently and 4 transaction per day!

20 Percent Toll Touch n Go Rebate
20 Percent Toll Touch n Go Rebate

When I get my rebate RM99.70 I asked the counter girl why so little because I checked on the system it showed RM128.02, she replied only RM99.70 displayed from the rebate system! I wonder why in the system it shows rebate credited RM128.02 and in actual fact I only get RM99.70?? System flaws?

20 Percent Toll Touch n Go Rebate
Not only that, in the system it showed -RM1.92, meaning I owe Touch ‘n Go RM1.92?? I demand my money back!

After my own investigation and calculation it’s actually only rebate for the rebate for previous month exclude June, then it’s RM99.70, but now in the system showing I owe them money? How could this be!? Come on…

Did anyone of you get the rebate as well? Could you share your experience here? Check your transaction here and the rebate here. Be a wise citizen! Start to jimat and enjoy what the government give us as benefit? LOL…



Author: Saimatkong

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  1. bro SMK, i did few time complain to TNG on the website which was not accurate n updated. But yet, no improvement…

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    • Hey ayep,

      Oh that’s another discount on top of what we getting now? Yah, can’t enter the link it’s in maintenance and being redirected away.

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