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‘No stop’ toll trials to begin in November = Smooth Traffic = No Jam

‘No stop’ toll trials to begin in November = Smooth Traffic = No Jam? Do you agree with it?

KUALA LUMPUR: Trials on a multi-free flow toll system will start in November with the Sungai Penchala toll plaza on the LDP being the test site.

Motorists will not need to slow down, as is the case with the current infrared SmartTag system, since there will not be any boom gates.

Malaysian Highway Authority director-general Datuk Mohamad Razali Othman said about a hundred regular users of the LDP would be selected for the first stage of the trial, set to begin in the third week of November.

The new system uses microwaves to read the onboard units in cars, enabling users to pass through a toll gantry without having to stop.

“The gantry is capable of reading onboard units even if the vehicle were travelling at 180kph,” said Works Minister Datuk Mohd Zin Mohamed, adding that the trial will be fully sponsored by Mitsubishi.

Mohamad Razali said that while about 800-1,000 cars could pass through a SmartTag lane per hour, the new system would enable double that amount to pass through.

“For the trial, we will only be using one lane. It will be able to read both SmartTag and the new onboard unit,” he said.

“However, before we migrate over we need to figure out how to go after those who don’t have onboard units but pass through the trial lane anyway.”

Earlier, Mohd Zin delivered a keynote speech at the ‘Globalisation of Young Malaysian Professionals – A Future Perspective’ seminar

He said that it was important for young Malaysian engineering and architectural professionals to realise that they could contribute to the country, add value to themselves, then market their skills globally.

source : TheStar

When I went to Singapore few years back they already using this kind of “No Stop” toll which in Singapore they called it “ERP” and I was very amused with this and hope Malaysia too will be implementing it and now finally there’s something that we gonna test run but not sure it will be widely use in Malaysia to reduce jam?

So no ppl will be queuing and get caught in traffic jam? Are you happy now? I will definitely grab a smart tag or on board device if it’s really implementing it. But before we Malaysia implementing it we should enforce the law on this no stop toll and get more high technology stuff to handle this if not it will sure be another failure project and is a waste of rakyat money?!?

ERP - Singapore Toll

What’s ERP?

The Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) (Malay: Sistem Kadar Jalan Elektronik; Chinese: 电子道路收费系统) scheme is an electronic toll collection scheme adopted in Singapore to manage traffic by road pricing, and as a usage-based taxation mechanism to complement the purchase-based Certificate of Entitlement system. The ERP was implemented by the Land Transport Authority in September 1998 to replace the Singapore Area Licensing Scheme after successfully stress-testing the system with speeding Lamborghinis, Porsches and Ferraris. Singapore was the first city in the world to implement an electronic road toll collection system for purposes of congestion pricing.



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  1. Malaysia has a long way to go if they ever wanna use ERP.

    I mean, you seelah…..use SMART tag also got problem….how to use something like ERP?? *sienz*

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  2. yeah i agree with you but at least there’s a starting point. if not it’s just waste of money and go into the wrong pocket!

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