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How To Change / Replace Your Naza Kia Forte Wheel Cap Sticker

Yes… Finally managed to do some mod to change the ugly Naza Wheel Cap at my Forte. On the other hand, I haven’t change my Forte Naza Emblem yet but I have already bought and got my K Emblem (King Loong Emblem) to replace the ugly Naza Emblem that come with this lovely Forte. Will be changing the Emblem soon too…

NAZA Wheel Cap

This is the Naza Wheel Cap. Naza need to change from KIA Wheel Cap to this NAZA and change some other things in Malaysia to claim it as CKD unit.

Forte 17 inch Rim

This is the Naked Wheel without the Naza Wheel Cap on my Forte (Notice the center of the rim a bit rust…). It was removed when I collect my car from my dealer. So wait until now after I apply the K wheel cap sticker only will install back the wheel cap.

Naza Wheel Cap

See the original Naza Weel Cap ugly right? Don’t you think so? Haha…

Here’s simple steps on how to replace your Naza Wheel Cap in a cheaper and economical way. (You do not need to spend hundreds to change the entire wheel cap but just apply sticker on top of the Naza Wheel Cap!) :-

1) Of coz you need to get the stickers lo…

Wheel Cap Sticker

2) Prepare soap…


3) Apply the soap on the wheel cap / sticker then rub it. (Do not apply too much soap as it will be difficult to dry)

Naza Kia Forte Wheel Cap Sticker
Naza Kia Forte Wheel Cap Sticker
Naza Kia Forte Wheel Cap Sticker

4) Apply the sticker on the wheel cap

After you apply the sitkcer on the wheel cap, adjust it nicely to fit it in the middle of the wheel cap and then clean up the soap and let it dry. (Make sure no bubble)

Forte Wheel Cap
Final process… Fix it to the rim and done!

Do you want to replace your Naza Wheel Cap with this Sticker? There’s few design, either design with K or KIA to match your Forte Emblem.

Naza Kia Forte Wheel Cap Sticker

Stay tune for more updates on Emblem, Tinting (V-Kool, LLumar, Ecotint, Aircool…), Coating to protect car body paint (Sierra Glow or PPS). If you haven’t get book a Forte, act now! =)



Author: Saimatkong

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  1. alamak! not apply pure soap lar use abit of soap with lots of water just soapy water enough. the press hard in circular motion to get all bubbles out. from center to sides. then press all sides down once center all clear of bubbles. to make u dry faster use hairdryer but not too hot until your plastic cap melts!….. hahahaha

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  2. Hi there, where can I get those stickers from?

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  3. what’s the different between sierra glow n PPS?
    how much cost for that? thanks..:-)

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  4. hi saimatkong,
    how’s your experience with your forte to date? i read v7 some comments on problems with forte like car breakdown, pulling to the left, sound here and there, jerking, electronics malfunction, poor resale value seen in the classified the star newspapers such as kia sportage and optima, fuel consumption getting higher after few k km, etc.

    i’m a bit worried as i’m still buying time before i book the 1.6L SX. first time buying a car.

    is the titanium silver looks a bit blue like the Camry? is it not grey? thinking of metal bronze.

    your kia sticker on the wheel cap, does it come off or delaminate with bubbles?

    hope your feedback will help me to clear some doubts.

    thank you.

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  5. I m enjoy reading until you mentioned “See the original Naza Weel Cap ugly right? Don’t you think so? Haha…”

    hmm… unless its wrote Khong Guan, Ah Meng, ah boon you will accept…

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