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LITRAK Introduced Contra Flow On LDP – Causing Massive Jam!

Caught in LDP Jam for hours because of Litrak introduced Contra / Kontra Flow on LDP today 4.30 – 8.30pm. I feel that it do harm more than good and most of the LDP users are not aware of the Contra flow despite of all the banners being hang all over LDP but there’s no news about it and seriously causing massive jam and the situation worsen by heavy rain.

LDP Contra / Kontra Flow Banner
The banner informing the road user about the Contra flow “Jambatan Puchong Jaya Ditutup Bagi Laluan Kontra!

LITRAK Introduced Contra Flow On LDP

LITRAK Introduced Contra Flow On LDP
So one of the lane being taken by the opposite traffic which causing traffic from Cyberjaya towards Puchong a massive jam! 4 lanes become 3 lanes.

LITRAK Introduced Contra Flow On LDP
Worst part is the bridge which we normally use towards the Sunway toll being closed and have to turn left.

LITRAK Introduced Contra Flow On LDP
Traffic being divert from the Sunway toll… it’s causing both side massive traffic jam!

I’m not sure why they introduced this flow as it will caused more jam for me to go home! It will be on Contra Flow daily from Monday to Friday except Public Holiday… How how how?? Gonna be mad la… What’s the alternative to LDP? MEX? KL-PutraJaya Highway? ='(

LDP Road Diversion - Contra Flow

LITRAK will be introducing yet another traffic management scheme on the South bound direction towards Putrajaya between the stretch right from the Petaling Jaya Selatan Toll Plaza and Bandar Puchong Jaya (KM 19.3 to KM 22) from next week. The main objective of this exercise is to improve traffic flow in Puchong.

The Contra-flow traffic scheme being introduced in collaboration with the Traffic Police, is not new to people in the Klang Valley but this will be the first time that LDP road users in Puchong will experience it.

The Contra-flow system starts right from the Petaling Jaya Selatan Toll Plaza towards Puchong. Highway users heading towards Puchong Perdana and Putrajaya will be required to enter the lane which is located on the extreme right of the toll plaza. The dedicated lane for the contra flow is meant for light vehicles only.

The Highway Ronda team will be stationed at strategic locations and users are advised to adhere to the signages erected along the stretch to guide roads users.

The Contra-flow, aimed at improving the traffic flow on the south bound direction towards Putrajaya will involve the complete closure of the fly-over in the opposite direction towards Sunway/Kesas at Puchong Jaya Interchange to make way for additional lane to Puchong Perdana / Putrajaya – bound traffic. Thus, highway users from Puchong towards Sunway/Kesas/Federal Highway are advised to keep to the most left lanes and use the slip road right after IOI Mall.

The contra-flow will be in effect daily from 4.30 pm-8.30 pm (Monday – Friday except Public holiday) from 8 March 2010.

Speaking to reporters during the Press Conference to announce the contra-flow traffic, LITRAK Chief Executive Officer Sazally Saidi said the effort involves extensive preparation and dispensation of huge number of manpower on site.

“We have been studying this option for months now and theoretically the contra-flow should work based on the studies. We are certain that with additional lanes provided for the Puchong Perdana /Putrajaya bound traffic, the traffic flow in Puchong will improve,” he said.

He said as in any new traffic scheme, there could be minor hiccups as roads users will need a few days to get accustomed to the system.

“To a large extent, we will have to depend on the road users to be vigilant, adhere to signs posted and be at the correct lanes according to their destination for this system to work entirely,” he said.

Sazally said the contra-flow traffic system will begin on 8 March (Monday), 2010 from 4.30pm.

Source : Litrak.com.my



Author: Saimatkong

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  1. saimatkong

    i called to LDP this morning to complain. The contra idea simply not working.

    I wonder who the hell come out with this idea. Stupid idiot. Even on Sunday when my wife and myself saw it. We knew it will be a disaster.

    I was stucked in LDP from uptown to puchong for almost 3 hours. YEAH .. 3 freaking hours. Normally it took me 45 minutes to reach home if I left office at 6pm.

    I called LDP to give my suggestion that the jam in LDP was caused by ppl from puchong perdana. The jam from puchong perdana exit spill over to LDP. And also caused by some small asshole who cross from tractor malaysia towards USJ.

    Who ever designed LDP must not have do details study.

    How dare LITRAK Chief Executive Officer Sazally Saidi said that

    “We have been studying this option for months now and theoretically the contra-flow should work based on the studies. We are certain that with additional lanes provided for the Puchong Perdana /Putrajaya bound traffic, the traffic flow in Puchong will improve,” he said.

    He should be responsible for this stupid idea and resign. If in Japan, he would have to do harakiri.

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  2. this idea is totally crap. i was stucked in the jam at 5.15 pm during the first day.

    oh man, i came from kesas exit heading towards bandar puteri, it took ke 30 minutes.

    using the old cone system, it is a merely 5 minute or less drive from the kesas exit to bandar puteri.

    somebody should get this issue on TV!

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  3. Typical. And reminder to self, get out of the area before 5:30pm. 😛

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  4. I have been avoiding the LDP since monday cz i was afraid of the contra flow thing. After stumbling to your blog and understood how it works, i tried using the LDP today – 10 March (from PJ to Cyberjaya). To my surprise, the contra flow lane was so smooth and fast. Maybe it was just for today?

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  5. how about morning rush puchong to kj area? is it just me or the morning traffic now had eased a bit??

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    • hi jj coz this week is School Holiday that’s why the traffic is slightly better not sure about next week.

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  6. After 2 months implementing the contra flow, the traffic in front of IOI mall is still as bad as the first day. Only a small number who are using the contraflow i.e. those who travel from PJ Selatan Sunway toll benefited from the implementation whereas the majority suffers. Most of the time, I noted that the contralane is empty.

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