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Volkswagen Das Auto Show @ Stadium Bukit Jalil

This weekend, 10-11th September, The German car-maker, Volkswagen, will present to Malaysians Volkswagen Das Auto Show 2011 at Stadium Bukit Jalil, where a one of a kind Mega Dome has been erected, complemented by 9 smaller domes.

The show is aimed at introduction this Das Auto concept in Malaysia to help Malaysians understand the Volkswagen philosophy even more.

Volkswagen Das Auto Show @ Stadium Bukit Jalil

The car created for the people

The Das Auto concept encompasses anything and everything about a car. It means “The Car” and for Volkswagen, the car is more than just a car. It is an embodiment of German engineering, innovations, technology and environment.

Volkswagen Das Auto Show @ Stadium Bukit Jalil

Volkswagen Group Malaysia is aiming to being a bigger player in the Malaysian Car market. The hottest line-up of Volkswagen models including Polo, Polo GTi, Golf, Golf GTi, Scirocco, Eos, Passat CC, Tiguan, Touareg and many more.

Volkswagen Das Auto Show 2011 is really a big budget showcase for VW’s cars and it’s really impressive! Me and few of the bloggers attended the preview session for VIPs and the media and amazed at the scale of the “roadshow”. It’s really a lifetime experience.

Volkswagen Das Auto Show @ Stadium Bukit Jalil

Think Blue is another environment protection concept that addresses the harmony between individual mobility and sustainable action. It aims to educate the public on sustainable action, besides powering them with eco-friendly products and technologies and resource-efficient production methods.

The Volkswagen Das Auto Show 2011 gives the audience an in-depth understanding of why the Volkswagen brand appeals to drivers in more than 150 countries and explains Volkswagen’s vision that motivates trust amongst consumers, representing German engineering and reliability.

Volkswagen driving simulator
You can try out the Volkswagen driving simulator game too!

The 9 car Caterpillar dome

Das Auto : The 9 car Caterpillar dome

The experience begins as visitors experience the 10 section dome that plays host to 9 of the most popular Volkswagen cars in Malaysia! Stretching almost 100m long and spanning across 15,000sq ft of floor space, the structure resembles that of a caterpillar and is held up by air making it a column free space, it’s really huge!

You could get an up close and personal view of your favorite Volkswagen models here!

Das Auto : Volkswagen Polo
Volkswagen Polo

Das Auto : Volkswagen Polo GTI
Volkswagen Polo GTI

Das Auto : Volkswagen Golf
Volkswagen Golf

Das Auto : Volkswagen Golf GTI
Volkswagen Golf GTI

Das Auto : Volkswagen Scirocco
Volkswagen Scirocco

Das Auto : Volkswagen Passat CC
Volkswagen Passat CC

Das Auto : Volkswagen Tiguan
Volkswagen Tiguan

Das Auto : Volkswagen Touareg
Volkswagen Touareg

The Mega Dome Show

Das Auto : The Mega Dome Show

Das Auto : The Mega Dome Show

Das Auto : The Mega Dome Show

Das Auto : The Mega Dome Show

Das Auto : The Mega Dome Show

The gigantic Mega Dome stretches 42m across and 21m in height with an elevated steel car track that can fit 12 moving cars at a time! You will be seated in the center of the dome to view the immersive 360 degree video presentation that accompanies the cars driving above you!

The audience is taken through a journey of Volkswagen’s heritage and legacy as the cars move across various international landscapes and locations projected in the background. It’s really impressive! Check out the video and you will really feel it but if you are there then you could really feel the impressiveness and it’s superb!

Das Auto : The Mega Dome Show

Das Auto : The Mega Dome Show

Das Auto : The Mega Dome Show

[Video : Volkswagen Das Auto Show @ Stadium Bukit Jalil]

2011 Volkswagen New Beetle
The upcoming 21st Century Beetle was showcase as well!

Volkswagen Das Auto Show @ Stadium Bukit Jalil

The event will be open to public from 10 am to 10 pm on this Weekend (Saturday and Sunday) and admission is FREE. Do experience yourself at the Volkswagen Das Auto Show @ Stadium Bukit Jalil!

Check out the Das Auto Show Website for more information : Volkswagen. Das Auto. Show 2011



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