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Living a Healthy Lifestyle! Aktif setiap hari, untuk nikmat kesihatan diri!

You hear a lot about living a healthy lifestyle, but what does that mean? In general, a healthy person doesn’t smoke, is at a healthy weight (Ideal BMI), eats healthy and exercises. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Are you living a healthy lifestyle? You definitely need to!

Healthy Heart

The trick to healthy living is making small changes, taking more steps, adding more fruit to your diet, having 6-8 glasses of water per day. These are just a few ways you can start living healthy without drastic changes. Sound easy doesn’t it? =)

One of the biggest problems today is lack of Physical activity and sports with healthy diet!

I have started off with a better food diet and I can really see my health improvement! It’s not only losing weight but it’s also being healthier and feels good when you eat right and healthy! When you are healthier, you feel better, and when you feel better, it is much easier to stick to a diet.

Once you’ve been living a healthy lifestyle for a while, it’s easy. You feel better. You sleep better. You can look back on the fitness goals you’ve met with pride. Learn how to be healthy and you will forever win.

Obesity: Malaysia is No. 1 in Southeast Asia

Obesiti - Obesity

This is a really serious and worsened situation now and obesity seems like a trend. Out of 10 people I think a few people already in the obesity stage (I’m one of them!) and it’s not a healthy situation right now! There’s 7 steps below which will help you to stay healthy!

Cegah Sebelum Terlambat! 7 Cara Untuk Mencapai Berat Badan Unggul
1) Ketahui Indeks Jasim Tubuh (BMI) Anda. [Know your BMI]
2) Makan Ikut Keperluan [Eat the right portion]
3) Makan Sayur Dan Buah Pada Setiap Waktu Hidangan Utama [Eat more vegetables and fruits]
4) Kurangkan Makanan Bergoreng Dan Berlemak [Eat less oily and fried stuff]
5) Tingkatkan Tahap Aktiviti Fizikal Anda – Amalkan 10,000 Langkah Setiap Hari [Walk more]
6) Percaya Anda Boleh Lakukan [Believe on yourself that you could do it]
7) Dapatkan Sokongan Daripada Kawan Dan Keluarga [Get your friends and relative to support]

Exercise Often! Do it now!

It is unavoidable. Physical activity is essential to healthy living. The body was meant to move, and when it does not, it can become unhappy and ill. Physical activity stimulates the body’s natural maintenance and repair systems that keep it going.

It improves blood circulation to our heart and lungs. It gives us strength to stave off injuries, and it increases the mobility in our muscles and joints. Physical activity also releases endorphins; the feel good hormones that create a sense of general well being. Physical activity is good for the body and the mind.

I walk 5 stories daily at my office from Basement 2 to Level 3!

Exercises include brisk walking, cycling, dancing, swimming, rowing, elliptical workouts and jogging. Yoga, and pilates are also good exercise workouts. So do plan your exercise!

Eating healthy!

Apple and Banana

Have you ever heard of the saying “you are what you eat” or “garbage in garbage out”? Well, it is true. What you put into your body directly affects how you feel physically, your mood, your mental clarity, your internal workings, and even your skin.

Eating healthy does not mean eating expensive foods with little taste. As a matter of fact, there are some fantastic health recipes online and in cookbooks that are very healthy. Basically, you want to aim for a diet that is low in salt, fat and unprocessed foods and is high in fruits, vegetables, whole grains and omega-3 fatty acids. It is also good to take a multi vitamin to ensure you are meeting your nutrient requirements.

Food Pyramid

A food guide pyramid is a triangular or pyramid-shaped nutrition guide divided into sections to show the recommended intake for each food group. Eat more Fruits and Vegetables. Less Oily and Fat food! That’s the healthy diet!

Use the food pyramid as a guide to how much of what to eat. Eat less processed foods and reduce your sugar intake.

Eating the right portion

– Regulate your portion sizes (a portion is about the size of your fist)
– Eat a lot of fresh locally produced vegetables and fruits
– Reduce the amount of meat you eat.

Don’t Stress yourself too much!

We have got to get rid of all of this stress. Stress happens when your life becomes out of balance physically, mentally or emotionally. This imbalance can be caused by internal stress like worrying too much, environmental stress like pressure from work, family or friends, or by stress from being fatigued or overworked. Being stressed out has the potential to affect your health in a variety of ways.

You can become tired, sick, tense, irritable, and unable to think clearly. If you want to live a healthy lifestyle, you will need to manage the stress in your life so that it does not overtake you. This means taking charge of your thoughts, emotions, tasks, and environment to get your body back in balance.

Do laugh as often as you can and if you are stress try to talk to your friends and let your friend help you on something that might be able to solved easily!

So, even if you opt for small changes and a more modest weight loss, you can see the benefits are still pretty good. Start living healthy from today and you will see the different on yourself!

You can do it!

If you want to get or learn health tips on healthy eating diet and physical activity, you can watch “Sihat 1 Malaysia” hosted by Fahrin Ahmad. You have the opportunity to view the health tips, share stories of the latest celebrities like Siti Saleha, Chef Zaidah, Ifa Raziah and many more.

More info : www.gayahidupsihat.my



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