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Rugi Tak Beli promotion for the new Microsoft Office 2016! Really Rugi Kalau Tak Beli, yo!

If you don’t know about this news yet, Microsoft is now having a Rugi Tak Beli promotion for the new Office 2016. The deal is really good that “Rugi Kalau Tak Beli, yo!” Before I tell you more of the good deal by Microsoft, let me just relate my experience of using the Microsoft Office. I’ve been using Office software since my college days – Word, Excel and PowerPoint is the handy tool for all my college assignments and presentations 🙂 Today, I’m still using the Office software not only to organize my personal stuffs but also at work to get my work done effectively 😀

Microsoft Office 2016

The new Office 2016 was officially released on 22nd September 2015 in Malaysia. From home to business, from desktop to web and the devices in between, Office offers the right tools to get work done.

Microsoft is now having a Rugi Tak Beli promotion for the new Office 2016

Anyway, as I was saying earlier, Microsoft is now having a Rugi Tak Beli promotion for the new Office 2016 😀 What’s the deal about? You get to redeem exciting gift vouchers worth up to RM60* with every purchase of the new Office 2016 from now till 31st December 2015. And besides the voucher redemption, you stand a chance to win your very own Surface Pro 3! Sounds good right?

Basically there are 3 Office 2016 products which are eligible for the promotion:
• Office 365 Personal (1-year subscription)
• Office Home & Student 2016
• Office Home & Business 2016

Microsoft is now having a Rugi Tak Beli promotion for the new Office 2016. How does it work?

How does the promotion works?
• Buy Office 2016 products (Office 365 Personal, Office Home & Student 2016 or Office Home & Business 2016) from any authorised Microsoft Partner Stores.
• Visit promo site and submit an online redemption form. You are also required to upload proof of purchase, so make sure you keep your receipt ya.
• You will receive gift voucher upon redemption verification.
• At the same time, you also stand a chance to win a Surface Pro 3 by sharing a video, photo or story of how Office 2016 help you to do & achieve more via Facebook and hashtag #rugitakbeli.

The new Office 2016 is here!

The new Office 2016 is packed with many awesome features which include Real-time collaboration, Sharing and Skype built in, Smart Lookup and “Tell me” search feature to name a few.

Office Cloud Collaboration

My Office 365 experience? If you ask me, I like the cloud functionality the best coz I can access to my work documents from anywhere and anytime with OneDrive. I’m thankful that my work gives me the flexibility to work from home, meaning there are days where I actually work from my home without going to office 🙂 With that, I can actually work on the same documents as my colleague and we can edit the documents too 🙂 Best part is, we don’t need to be together and yet we can work together as a team to get work done and that’s what I call – Team Productivity!

Microsoft Office 2016 Smart Lookup

Another new feature that I like about the new Office 2016 is the Smart Lookup; a tool that runs a Bing search right in Word, PowerPoint or Excel to quickly find what I’m searching for. You see, I often need to do research when I’m writing my blog so I’m always looking for the easiest and fastest way to search for the information that I need and there you go – Smart Lookup save me lots of time 🙂

Microsoft Office Tell ME

There’s also a new feature called “Tell Me” which helps to find the right command quickly. All I have to do is type a word or two related to the task and Tell Me will take me directly to the feature or content that I need 🙂

Why you should upgrade to Office 2016

Having said all the cool features, wouldn’t you want to get hold of the new Office 2016? I think the time timing is just right coz they are now having this super good promotion whereby you get to redeem up to RM60* cash vouchers (depending on which Office 2016 you getting). And also, you stand a chance to win a Surface Pro 3 by sharing a video, photo or story on Facebook of how Office helps you to do & achieve more, and hashtag #rugitakbeli. Basically, you just have to share how Office 2016 makes your life easier 🙂 It’s easy coz the new Office 2016 has got so many cool and useful features that helps us get our things done effectively 😀

Better act fast cox this Rugi Tak Beli promotion ends 31st December 2015. Hurry visit your nearest authorised Microsoft Partner Stores to get your Office 2016 and a Surface Pro 3 could be yours!

Oh yea, just in case you wanna know the pricing for the new Office 2016 – here it is :-

Office 365 Personal cost RM219.99 while the Office 365 Home cost RM299.99 for one year subscription.

If you wanna buy the software outright, Office Home & Business will cost RM1099, while Office Home & Students 2016 is going for RM449.99.

For more information on the Rugi Tak Beli promotion & Surface Pro 3 contest, kindly visit:-

If you wanna know more about the new Office 2016:



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