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Digi 3G Broadband is here!

Digi 3G Boradband

Congratulations! You’re one of the few who’ve been chosen to rediscover what broadband should be! To begin your journey, select and register for a package below and visit Ikano Power Centre from 21st – 22nd February 2009 to grab your broadband and laptop package! Hurry!
Only limited laptops available!

Laptop + Broadband Package
-HP Compaq CQ40 Laptop @ RM999
-Broadband Package RM128/month
-Free Broadband E230 HSPA USBModem

Broadband Package
-Broadband Package RM128/month
-Free Broadband E230 HSPA USBModem

Digi Ah, it looks like the fat yellow man is about to launch its 3G services after a year of much huffing and puffing. I thought this was vapourware, and I assumed this was, until I saw something real. The DiGi fanbois have been waiting for this moment – many who are using competing services want to switch when it’s available, saying it’s going to be cheaper, has better coverage, faster and will offer unmetered wireless broadband. Well, I’m here to say – sorry to burst your bubble, but all of that just ain’t gonna happen.

This launch website for DiGi’s 3G services has two packages on offer – one bundled with a HP Compaq CQ40 notebook and a Huawei E230 USB datacard, the other bundled with a Huawei E230 USB datacard. Both carry a minimum 12 month subscription period. The price for the first package is RM 999 for the notebook, plus RM 128 monthly, for a minimum of one year, for the 7.2mbps service. The second package costs RM 128 monthly, for a minimum of one year. Note that in the fine print it says that it’s only RM 128 monthly for both packages for the first 6 months, then it increases to RM 158 monthly for the next months that you subscribe to the service.

My comments:

1. damn, this is an expensive service at RM 158 monthly. Don’t let the 7,2mbps speed fool you, no one will ever achieve this speed in this world. I don’t know what world they reside in, but I’m on earth.

2. metered broadband of 10Gb monthly – double that of Celcom, and compared to Maxis’s unmetered (thus far) wireless broadband, is nothing to shout about.

3. coverage area sucks at the moment. They’re launching in the PJ area first, although I know for a fact that there is a DiGi signal where I live in KL. DiGi can’t be that desperate for revenue, can it? Or can it? 🙂

4. there is as yet no indication what the pricing is going to be when you sign up without any buying any hardware from DiGi, that is, you only get a data SIM from them. Maybe they’re not interested in selling this service. But I have no reason to expect anything below RM 158 as they mentioned that this is their monthly rate for the service in the terms and conditions.

My overall verdict – avoid this offering like the plague. You’re going to hit the monthly quota in no time, assuming you can get 50% of the advertised speed at 3.6mbps. If you don’t plan on hitting the monthly quota, why sign up with DiGi? Why not go with Maxis at RM 99 monthly (+ 5% service tax)? It’s way cheaper. Maxis’ network is currently 3.6mbps enabled, and it’s already 7.2mbps in some areas. Celcom offers RM 68 monthly, but only at 3G/UMTS speeds – again, if you’re not going to hit the monthly data quota, why worry about speed? The faster speed you get, the more you download, and the more you download, the faster you hit the quota.

People need to understand that it’s not just the speed that matters – it’s the amount you can use per month as well. Metered broadband is akin to having a straight road all the way from KL to Penang, and you buy a Ferrari. You’re told that you can only drive at 250km/h from KL to Tapah, from then on, you drive at 60km/h. Isn’t this a waste of money, buying the Ferrari? Get my point?

I should know what I’m talking about here folks – I’ve got one Maxis 3G data account, two Celcom data accounts and two DiGi data accounts. All are unlimited. The winner by far – Maxis at RM 99 monthly. If I show you my daily downloads on the Maxis network, you’ll drool. So, please, before you leave a snide comment that I’m biased or don’t know what I’m talking about, think twice or you’ll end up getting a rude earful from me 😉

I think DiGi should rethink its tagline – from “Broadband done right” to “DiGi sucks…big time”.

Click here for the “promotion launch” website. I checked the whois – the site is confirmed to belong to DiGi.

Source : -:: Malaysia Mobile Tech News ::-

So after reading for the article above will you subscribe to Digi 3G broadband? I was waiting all the while for Digi to launch their 3G since years ago but now after get to know about the price and package might not be really interested on that. I agree the issues that he had brought up. =(

For more information check out the following link.


Digi 3G Broadband Coverage

Digi 3G FAQ

Q11: What is the usage limit for this broadband service?
A11: The broadband service comes with a data quota/usage limit of 10GB.

Q12: What will happen if I exceed my limit?
A12: Your broadband connection will be throttled to a lower speed.


-:Terms & Conditions:-
Digi 3G Terms & Conditions

5. Any subscriber that purchases a HP laptop offered via this Promotion must subscribe to DiGi’s Broadband plan with an original monthly fee of RM158 with a twelve (12) months minimum contract period. But as part of this promotion, the subscriber will enjoy a special price of RM128 for the first six (6) months of their contract, after which the monthly fee will revert to its original price. Two (2) months advance payment of RM256 is required when you sign up at the event.




Author: Saimatkong

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  1. wait for a long time for digi 3g than upset with digi. they follow other telco.. and coverage is very limited to few area.. with billion rm inject into 3g … what happen to 3g
    i’ll stopped my digi broadband.. dont u?

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  2. After reading this I think wtf is DIGI doing?

    I wanted to take the Maxis offer but then I read their fair usage policy that their quota a month is only 3MB, even worst than Celcom.

    I play WOW online game and download alot of movies while I’m at it. A 3MB will mean that I can only download 2 movies and play wow for a month.

    However at RM98 monthly, Maxis looks very attractive but I’ve tested the 3G DIGI broadband for 3 months and it is very fast maybe I’m the few testers in the highway.

    If we compare notes, I was like 250kbs – 300kbs d/l speed on rapidshare and megaupload (free account). My lantecy in wow is around 400-550ms. If Maxis is the same, RM98 looks like value for money because I can go without the movies, I just need consistent gameplay in 25 man raid etc.

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  3. I just went to Maxis Centre and I can confirm that their usage on the broadband is metered. This was stated in their url (Fair Usage Policy) but nothing has been mentioned about their throttled speed after 3GB. Celcom’s throttled speed is 128kbs (after 5GB) while DiGi is stil unclear (after 10GB).

    This calculation of usage is based on d/l plus upload speed. So 3GB means you’ll get less than 3GB of downloaded bytes. That goes for Celcom and DiGi.

    So it seems that our telco packages still s*cks big time.

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  4. please give them a chance, this is just a pre-launch event to lure the early adopters… i hope.

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  5. too much for the price.. n how many package digi have?!

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  6. funny i was hoping the price war will be there and the offer would be better. guess we are all wrong. digi had upset most of us. just hope after the launch it would be better pricing if not they will not make it. i will not join. will you?

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  7. they lost loyal custumer like me!

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  8. Digi CEO had promised the 3G release 1st 1/4 of the 2009 he got another 19 days. do you think he is gonna make it? If so what would be the coverage be. Most of us wonder. Digi had 1 full year to establish a good 3G network, guess it will be much of regret to most user? Maybe that’s why the new so call loyalty program in digi to cover up the pitfall? any comment?

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  9. Dear saimatkong,

    I think Digi is offering 2 services. Digi Broadband & Digi 3G. I called Digi hotline customer service and they told me this. PLease correct me if i am wrong.

    Digi 3G service will only be available later April 2009 and you will able to make video call. 3G service also is another way of surfing internet..comment please??

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    • yes you are right and we are still waiting for Digi to launch 3G for video calls and data plan for phone =)

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  10. DiGi finally launched officially! 19-22 march @One Utama.

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  11. digi broadband f****** fast man compare to celcom and maxis. It offer rm58 as the low end package with 3 gb data usage. Digi is quite awesome now. I’m fed up with celcom.

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  12. I need a faster broadband, streamyx killing me.

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  13. DiGi broadband Rocks!!!
    I have been DiGi EDGE user, RM58 Discover user and now change to RM48 – 1 year promotion package (Got RM5 rebate for Credit Card auto-billing somemore) What I can say, I really satisfy with the service. P1 Wimax, bad customer service. I tried connect using Win Vista just now, failed. Unable to connect to the network even I manually change the IPv4. However, tried in Ubuntu 9.04, success. DiGi, no issue at all… Easy setup with Huawei USB modem. Supported in Ubuntu Linux as well.

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  14. I have an advice to all out there who wish to subscribe to digi broadband…. Avoid at all cost!!

    I subscribe the service about three months now. First month was good. Got HSDPA signal most of the time and very few disconnect.

    Now 95% of the time cannot get HSDPA signal. Always downgrade my connection to EDGE. I don’t mind that if EDGE can give me 100KBPS download speed but digi EDGE is even slower that 56K modem! The frigging google search page also take ages to load!

    I made up my mind to terminate this useless service. My brother’s U mobile works like a charm. I will subscribe U mobile after I terminate digi. Very disappointed with them. Broadband done right my foot!

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  15. Forgot to mention… Digi broadband disconnect around 2 times per minute!

    No I am not a salesman of U Mobile.

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