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Tun Dr. Mahathir starts his own blog – chedet.com

Mahathir's Blog ,chedet.com
New to the Web: Screen capture of Dr Mahathir’s blog taken yesterday, the day it was launched. The blog received more than 10,000 visitors by 5pm Thursday.

KUALA LUMPUR: Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad is now a blogger.

He is blogging through his website www.chedet.com, which is named after the pseudonym he used when he wrote articles for the newspapers.

In his profile, Dr Mahathir lists himself simply as the “Prime Minister of Malaysia 1981 – 2003”.

Dr Mahathir wrote that the site was dedicated to publishing his writings as and when he was able to pen his thoughts and opinions.

He added that interested parties, including the media, were allowed to reproduce or quote materials published in his site but to credit them to chedet.com.

Comments and feedbacks accompanied by names or pseudonyms were welcome, while anonymous ones and those containing profanities and obscenities would be rejected, he wrote.

His first article, posted at 1.27am yesterday, was on the appointment of judges, in which he posed a few questions on the setup of the proposed commission on the appointment of judges, and how recommendations would be made.

Dr Mahathir wrote that it would be interesting to know the full details of the procedures especially with regard to the role of the Prime Minister in the appointment of judges.

He pointed out that any changes to the appointment of judges required the Constitution to be amended and, as the Government did not have two-thirds majority in Parliament, it needed votes from the Opposition.

“Is the Government proposing to work with the Opposition on these issues, and so display its weakness? Will there be a quid pro quo, a bargain with the Opposition? It would be interesting to see how the PM proposes to deal with this,” he wrote.

Dr Mahathir’s blog received more than 10,000 visitors by 5pm yesterday. Many commentators welcomed the former prime minister to the blogosphere and said they had been waiting for him to start blogging.

Many said they were eager to hear his thoughts on various issues and welcomed the fact that they could interact with him through the blog.

Some who left comments on his first posting disagreed that it would be a weakness on part of the Government to work with the Opposition to reform the judiciary. They felt that national interest should prevail over partisan politics.

One commentator also asked Dr Mahathir if he thought that the ex-gratia payment for the judges affected in the 1988 judicial crisis was tantamount to contempt of court.


Ex PM Mahathir also blog! This proves that anyone can blog! It’s interesting reading his post and there’s plenty of responses to this post (more than 230 comments). Check it out yourself for the latest post “A Weak Government is not good for Multi-racial Malaysia



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  1. Proud that you are trendy enough to share your wisdom with us through your blog Excellent.

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  2. Glad that you are trendy and willing to share your wisdom with us through your blog. Excellent.

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  3. hmm what’s the problem with blogspot? at least have own domain and it’s the important thing. but for me I think blogspot is even better compared to wordpress which is resource hunger and u need to pay for hosting too but with blogspot it’s free and maintenance is not a problem as it’s a big company, hence no need to scare of down time and all. that’s just my point of view.

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  4. you’ll be rememred…malaysian will always b proud having u as our PM, Key person & as THE MAN who make MALAYSIA BOLEH became reality…well done chedet!!!!!!

    May ALLAH bless u…

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  5. congrates

    hope to hear more


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  6. Tun u must be carefully about u out of umno maybe u has conspiration from that………

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  7. Tun, u r my idola..not only me…but all my family…my husband and my two sons r realy respect u…especially the way u r thingking…u realy genius in everything…they way u solve malaysia economic..is the best way.not like our new PM…sorry to say that…our new PM have a narrow thinking…not like u…u also can see and plan for the future…that not all the Pm in the world can do…may Allah bless u and always give u a good health…we still need u ..

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  8. syabas.Tun..u r realy a great people..

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  9. i think that anwar will be a good pm not like pak lah who will belah tak lama lagi i admire u when i am in parimary school but not when u did what to my idol dsai it was really unhuman to do that may allah forgive your dosa what u did hopefully u will go back to allah s w t allah is great and think of akhirat not duniawi thank u

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  10. tun,you r the right malay leader but lack of productive people behind u.not enough chemistry to deliver your vision. I luv to meet you for 5 min,even to travel from singapore. lots of facts to inform you. beware malaysia will be invaded quitely by singapore govt.

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  12. i would like to support using english

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  13. We sent our children to schools to learn as much as they can. If the rural students cannot absorb as well as their urban students, then it is the Government’s responsibility to find out the route cause as to why the rural students fare badly in the subjects; and arrest the problem by may be improved the ways of teaching, the teaching materials, and most of all encourage the young ones to READ. May be the Government has to provide the books to rural schools.

    To revert the teaching of science and mathematics to Bahasa Malaysia is not the best way of solving the problems. The Government is dragging the whole future generation into darkness. The urban students would not be able to excel and improve further; their chances of advancement could be curtailed.

    I feel that the Government had made an error in this aspect.

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  14. Yang dihormati Tun Mahathir,saya minta untuk jangan tukar Mathematic dan Sains into Bahasa Melayu pada2012tahun. Terima Kasih.

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  15. Save the smart and briliant Malaysian generations for tomorrow. Bring back English School before they are driven into lives of slum dogs.

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