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Tips – BlackBerry LED Status Light Indicator

Enjoying your Xpax BlackBerry? Do you know what’s the light blinking in your BlackBerry for? Here is a quick guide and tips to the BlackBerry LED indicators.

BlackBerry Curve 8520

BlackBerry Curve 8520 - LED Status Light Indicator

Blue – Blue is for Bluetooth.

A flashing blue light indicates an active connection via bluetooth. You could enable/disable this feature under “Options > Bluetooth > Menu > Options > LED Connection Indicator: On/Off”

Green – Green is for coverage indicator.

Who really wants to be continuously reminded they are in a service area? I definitely don’t need this, it’s a waste of your batt if it’s blinking all days! Anyway it’s off by default! You could enable/disable this “feature” under “Options > Screen/Keyboard > LED Coverage Indicator On/Off”

Red – This is the good one! A flashing red light indicates a new message is waiting. Check under your messages folder for any unread items.

You can choose to be notified of new messages visually under “Profiles > Advanced > [Select profile you wish to modify] > [Select message the application that you wish to modify on how’s the notification] > Repeat Notification : LED Flashing/Off”

Yellow – Yellow indicates that you are running out of battery. Find a charger quickly!

No Light – Nothing happen la! duh. Haha.



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  1. when i disable the continuous blinking feature under “Options > Screen/Keyboard > LED Coverage Indicator On/Off”, it won’t notify me missed calls by this LED, right? only notify me with messages right?

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    • that indicator is for coverage meaning if there’s coverage then it will blink but nothint to do with missed call…

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  2. my led coverage indicator does not blink,actually i choose the message application to modify but it does’nt work..

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    • try to restore maybe some apps corrupt if not go check with the phone shop.

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