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Rusco @ One Utama Shopping Centre, PJ

RUSCO™ is a premium brand under Yataro Group that launched few years ago. The first Rusco outlet was opened at Level 6, Tokyo Street, Pavillion few months ago. PJ folks do not need to go all the way to KL for this delicious Rusco rusk as the second outlet was recently opened at One Utama Shopping Centre.

Rusco @ One Utama Shopping Centre, PJ

When I first lay my eyes on this Rusco rusk, I thought it resemble our own “Roti Kok” but this Rusco is more classy as it comes in different colours and flavours.

Rusco @ One Utama Shopping Centre, PJ

Rusco rusk is actually the crispy version of French baguettes thus making it suitable for snacks and it’s highly addictive!

Rusco @ One Utama Shopping Centre, PJ

The dough for the banquettes are made using the wheat flour from Hokkaido and mix using the European style small size mixer. However, the secret behind this delicious Rusco rusk lies in its baking process. The rusk are baked twice hence it’s super crispy and crunchy!

Rusco @ One Utama Shopping Centre, PJ

Worry about the colouring used for the rusk? Worry not as they use fresh fruit to blend into the dough while making the baguettes.

8 Flavour Gift Box (RM 72.00)

8 Flavour Gift Box (RM 72.00)

This 8 Flavour Gift Box consists of all the flavors like honey, sweet chocolate, raspberry, green tea, black sesame, blueberry, caramel almond & valencia orange. My favourite among all the flavours are black sesame and caramel almond. It’s not only crispy but very aromatic!

Rusco @ One Utama Shopping Centre, PJ

Verdict: Rusco rusk are made using natural colouring thus it’s not only colourful but very aromatic! The rusk are bit on the pricey side as they use only the finest ingredients. Rusco rusk are good for tea time snacks to go with your coffee or tea or as snacks to munch on while you are watching your favourite tv show.

Rusco @ One Utama Shopping Centre, PJ

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Location: Lot SK9c 2nd Floor, One Utama Shopping Centre New Wing
Website: www.rusco.my

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