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DIGI Internet Pimp My Day Challenge – Team Pimpky

DIGI Internet Pimp My Day Challenge - Team Pimpky

Digi just pimped up our day with fun filled exciting, exhausting, brain twisting, nerve wrecking activities. They even mentioned that we are UNLIKELY to finish all challenges in time huh? Yes! Team Pimpky did it! We have completed all the tasks assigned, woo hoo! Super excited and exhausted! I sudah tak da energy la! Half dead. But the Male Emcee of the day really awesome, he has so much energy and quite an entertainer! (but most of the time like syiok sendiri more. haha, but seriously good job!)

Team Pimpky
We are team number 4! Although in Chinese it’s not good la… “sei sei seng” sound not good but indeed we won ourselves something… read on to know more!

Team Pimpky
But never mind see we prepared ourselves for all the challenge and tasks to be completed.

Digi Broadband Modem

1st we get registered and get a Digi Modem and that’s the only source that we could depends on for the entire day to do the uploading of videos, photo tagging to facebook and update the blog. Then there’s a briefing given to all of us before the Pimp My Day Challenge start, and each group was given a piece of tasks list with hints / clues of places that we need to go and look for the Digi crews then we need to accomplish the tasks.

Actually I was pretty comfortable as this challenge is based in 1Utama and I’m one of the frequent shopper since the 1st day of 1Utama open for business and I go there almost once a week, so do you think it will be a challenge for us? Haha… No! Not at all! =p

1st Challenge – It’s A Hit! Batting Cages. It’s a home run!

It's a hit - Batting Cage

Of all the challenges, we went for some balls hitting challenge because we thought not much ppl will get there and we want to be the 1st there? Haha. But, there’s always a butt, this place took us run around the whole mall because I was mistaken to use another lift and end up when we reach the batting cage there was few teams ahead of us.

Each of the team member needs to hit off as many balls as we can out of 15 balls. I hit the edge of the yellow Digi board hung at the end of the cage but too bad it was not counted if not I could win myself some gift / prize?? Anyway it was a good experience hitting a ball after so many years which I last played was in secondary school.

2nd Challenge – One o’clock, Tqo o’clock, Three o’clock…ROCK!

Digi Music Portal

Our next challenge is exploring music with Free music download from DiGi Music Portal Services. There it took us sometime to figure out how to create a playlist and add two required songs (Akon and Lady Gaga’s) to the playlist. Maybe we should explore more on the portal.

3rd Challenge– Lights, Camera, Action!

Short Commercial Ads

We were given 30secs to produce a short commercial ads for Swatch and Digi Broadband. So all of us suddenly become director and we came out with a simple storyline and started to record it without any rehearsal and preparation. Do it right!~

Haha it’s a funny ads I would say but too bad didn’t win anything out of it. Watch it yourself, see we just use cheapo camera and tripod only, if it’s good maybe you would consider hiring us to be the talent of your next ads, perhaps?

4th Challenge – So you think you can dance?

Pole dancing

Haha seriously we couldn’t dance and all we did were… can’t find a word to describe, watch the video and you will find out. Haha. Must check out coz it’s a pole dancing and yes we dance and climb up the pole! =p

5th Challenge – Now The Net Lives On Your Phone!


We get to watch a short clips streamed thru youtube using Nokia N97 connected to Digi Turbo 3G. We were almost squeezing all the juices out of our brains trying to figure out the answer for the riddle for this task at Rainforest. The question itself is brain teasing enough, it’s all numbers!

All the hints, photos clues is actually showed at the streaming video from Youtube. I was telling my team mate just hentam, “Broadband Done Right”, but true enough that’s the answer but we take too long as we discussing there and was trying to break the code. lol.

6th Challenge – Bull Eye

Bull Eye

haha… See it’s damn easy challenge as I close my eye also can aim and nearly got the highest score, 700!

Bull Eye

Check out the video on how Emeryn learn to blow! Haha. Good blow job! At least contributed some points there. =p

7th Challenge – Likely Average Speed

Run Run Run

The earlier activities have left us tired and exhausted as we run from old wing to new wing and Ground Floor to 5th Floor and back to Lower Ground. Phew. Each of us had to run 800 meters, yes luckily only 800 meters, and the average speed will be counted.

As I’m the unhealthiest blogger, I almost fainted after completed this challenge, but luckily there’s a last one to complete before we could get back to Mardi Grass for the final uploding and blogging.

Look at our face… all like half dead la…

Final Challenge – Super Model You

Quicksilver Model

The final challenge was we need to pose and shoot for QuicksSlver printed ads. We just need to pick any of the clothes available and pose and shoot and upload to facebook. The photo submission is judged based on creativity. We won!!! Look, am I sexy here? Haha. This creative photo got us RM300 QuikSilver/Roxy vouchers. Thank you!

After completed all the challenges we headed back to MardiGras. Phew! We manage to finished all on time. It was 5.50pm before 6pm!

Complete Digi Pimp My Day Challenge

Once we reached to MardiGras we are required to blogpost whatever we’ve done and upload all the videos that needed and submit it in an hour. We all struggled to do everything we could but it was announced later that the submission time was postponed to Sunday midnight. There was a congestion problem as most of us couldn’t upload the videos and update the blogpost due to the huge crowd.

QuickSilver / Roxy Vouchers

Each challenge has a winner for it and we are lucky to be the winner of Super Model! Nice kan? Haha. The grand winner, runner up and 1st runner up yet to be announced! Will it be Team Pimpky? Please support us! =p

Check out our Team Pimpky Challenge Video which will sure leave some memory to us and Digi War Cry which did not get us any prize =(

Team Pimpky : –

Pueh Tian

See you in the next challenge! =)



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  1. wow congrate =))) saw youguys yesterday!

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  2. congrats dude! Now got $$ to buy CNY baju!!

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    • haha Aza thanks lo =p but that amount of money only can buy 1 piece from there lol… don’t know why got ppl will spend the money this way… but definitely not me poor guy, if not because of the prize I will never get to wear QuickSilver. LOL.

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