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Final Review : Windows Phone 7 – HTC HD7

This will be my final words on this Windows Phone 7 – HTC HD7.

Final Review : Windows Phone 7 - HTC HD7

When I get hold of this HTC HD7 from Maxis10, I just love the big huge and high resolution screen. It can even use as a mirror, so for the ladies don’t need to bring extra mirro but just bring this phone will do.


– Clean interface and can be organized easily.
– Show live feed on home screen.
– Big and Huge screen.
– Thin and sleek design.
– Good quality build.
– Build in Kickstand which is good and convenient for watching movie!
– Quickly see everything you care about with Live tiles on your Start screen.
– Your contacts and Facebook updates. Together.
– View, edit, share and sync Office docs—from anywhere.


– I don’t really like the keyboard as I always type or hit the wrong letter, perhaps my bulky and fat finger =(
– Camera button is hard to press and caused shaky or blur image.
– Camera can’t remember the last settings and will back to default everything when you want to use the camera which is very annoying.
– Photo quality is bad in low light condition.
– Not really user friendly, need to explore for quite sometime only can know what to do or how to use.
– Lack of copy and paste functions.
– Need Zune software installed on PC only can copy / transfer image and videos.
– No true multitasking.
– No notification for Twitter Mention and Facebook!

Windows Phone 7 - HTC HD7

Windows Phone 7 - HTC HD7

All in all, this Windows Phone 7 – HTC HD7 is still a good phone. I believe most of the cons could be solved by waiting for the firmware update release by Microsoft but the question is when?

Windows Phone 7 - HTC HD7

Check out the HTC HD7 Packages offers by Maxis.

Choose a rate plan Value Plus 50 / 80 / 150 / 250 / 500 + Data Plan 1.5GB RM78/mth, 3GB RM88/mth

12 Months Contract – RM1699
24 Months Contract – RM1399

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