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Tenji Japanese Buffet Restaurant located at Solaris Mont’ Kiara, right above Cold Storage. Tenji Japanese Buffet Restaurant was opened only a week ago and currently running a promo lunch which is priced at RM29.90++ for 1st hour, additional RM10 for the subsequent hour or RM49.90 ++ for the entire lunch session; meaning from 11.30 a.m. till 4.00 p.m.

Tenji Japanese Buffet @ Solaris Mon't Kiara

The restaurant was HUGE, and was told that the restaurant occupies around 30,000 sq feet including al fresco dining area

al fresco dining area

sweet coconut drink.They also have other cold drinks such as fruit juices and iced lemon tea.


an extensive choices of floral tea to choose from; calendula, lavendar, rose buds, blueberry, forest berries and etc.


big fat juicy fresh oysters lying on the bed of ice the oysters later.


The sashimi s. thick and chunky cuts of the salmon, swordfish and tuna.


Octopus sashimi

Octopus sashimi


scallop raw

Raw Scallop





Apart from the variety of cooked food at the buffet table, there are many hot dishes available upon request. Each table was given 2 clips with your table number on it. For example, if you want grilled salmon head, all you need to do is to put your clip into the little bowl with the ‘salmon head’ tag and they will cook it and bring it over to you.

salmon head

Hot udon or cold soba

Hot udon or cold soba

Seafood and meat for teppanyaki….again, this is where you will need your pin to place your order.


Clams in Superior Stock


Japanese snail….

Japanese Snail



There is a western corner too but it failed to ignite my interest. The early batch gets to savour the juicy roasted lamb roll. Mint sauce that goes with the lamb was good. Once the roll was gone, it was replenished with seafood pizza. So please be early!

Roasted Lamb Roll

Desserts, ohh..glorious dessert.


Mochis….so many flavours, spoilt with choices.


Cakes and pastry…..

Cake and Pastry

They serve Haagan-Daz ice-cream

Haagan-Daz Ice Cream

Dip dip dip…the breadstick and fruits for the chocolate fountain.

Chocolate Fondue

The lunch promo is valid till 15 January 2009 so do take advantage of it!

Tenji Japanese Buffet Restaurant is located at:

Lot L-01-01, SohoKL, Solaris Mont’ Kiara
2 Jalan Solaris, 5o480 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 1700-80-1818 / 03-6203.6896

Operation Hours:

Lunch 11.30 a.m. – 4.00 p.m. RM77++
Dinner 5.30 p.m. – 9.30 p.m. RM88++
Supper 10.00 p.m. – 2.30 a.m. RM88++

Weekend & Public Holiday:
Lunch 11.00 a.m. – 4.00 p.m. RM77++
Dinner 5.30 p.m. – 9.30 p.m. RM88++
Supper 10.00 p.m. – 2.30 a.m. RM88++

TENJI JAPANESE BUFFET @ Solaris Mont' Kiara : Map

P/S : Info Taken From Fwd Email. 🙂
Ok found the source, it’s from Precious Pea, she just contacted me about this too. I also heard some of my friends said it’s all fully booked and some of my friends said it’s not nice and some said it’s not fresh? Anyone can confirm on this?



Author: Saimatkong

This blog is a platform to share what I love in life: food (eat), travel (play), photography (art) and life (thoughts and ideas). With passion for food, I share my foodie adventures and indulgences here. “There is no love sincerer than the love of food.”

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  1. very nice. ooh so nice. it is all about money. if i had money I would move to a big city like New York and enjoy all the great food. it is all about money 🙂 I can just look and admire the food you post only nye hahahahah

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  2. Hi,

    the slogan contest was taken away. kindly remove it from your website..thank.

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  3. Better close down the restaurentlah.

    Contact no : not available
    no reply from SMS : what a retard way of doing business..

    Event if you make reservation at Shogun also at least got ppl to pick up your call.

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  4. This is the first time we have dinner at Tenji Japanese Buffet, Soho KL Mont Kiara. When we reached there not surprisingly the view, environment is nice and looks comfortable but after a while I noticed that how come the spotlights were focused on the seat…it made us felt so hot sitting there…like sitting at mamak stall having steamboat…

    Anyway, let’s check out the nice Japanese food. I am not able to name each and every one of them… but I assure you that there are less of choices. The sushi choices are very less, no escargot, no our favorite octopus, teppanyaki (you have to put your tablets number on the food u choose then they will cook and send to your place like Jogoya) but goodness they will only cook one piece for you…one little piece of lamb shoulder, one small little salmon fish, three little small mushrooms…all in very small portion. You can put all together once into your mouth. The lemons slices for oysters were cut as thin as paper…how can we get the juice from it??

    The services were extremely bad. How come in a buffet restaurant, want to get an empty cup or glass need to wait for twenty minutes? Normally you will use a lots of plates when u having buffet right…minimum at least three plates per person…But there’s nobody will come to clean up the plates on your tables…nobody will come to refill your drinks…and when u try to communicate with the waitress there….they will only said twenty minutes…twenty minutes…sorry no English…Malay huuh huuh huuh?? What kind of service is this? This buffet charged us RM96.80 per head…what kind of standard they have to charge RM96.80 per head??

    Ohh fresh sweet coconuts I like it. My colleague and I took some of the coconuts back to our table. Without checking immediately I took one and drink. ?????????How come the straw feel weird ?????? What the hell mans…..the straw was bite by someone and there was something sticking on the straw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who bite the straw? Those foreigner workers there? Some other customers? What did they do with the straw? Treat the straw as toothpick to dig their tooth? Ohhhhh Myyyyyy Goddddddddddd CAN YOU IMAGINE HOW DISGUSTING IT WAS @#$%^$#@%!

    Overall, we had exasperated feel on this so called TENJI JAPANESE BUFFET. Definitely to tell you that there is no second chance for them. A piece of advice if you do decide to try this restaurant. Please make sure cutleries are clean otherwise you might end up like this….

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  5. Just tried with friends yesterday. The environment is OK not bad. Nice and quite large space for dining. First try the sushi. The taste is so so only. Almost everthing same taste only. The Wasabi not “spice “ enough. The taste is SMOOTH and SOFT.

    Only 2 oyster make me feel uncomfortable. The oyster is die oledi and iced. The first oyster feel almost enough and the second “ errh!!!!” the oyster is not fresh, not smooth, not sweet. Only size is big and presentable only. Have to finish also…. wat to do??!!!! I have take 2 oyster in to my plate. My friends don’t share my burden. Too late for regret.. Later have to other things clear the unwanted “geli” taste.

    The Japanese food very concern in their freshness. At here , This JAPANESE buffet restaurant may be just a concern only . The food quality on the “FRESH ITEM” such the fish meat, salmon, octopus, oyster and etc. . You hardly taste the sweetness of fresh taste but acceptable ,OK for eat only. Don’t put high expectation

    At here, a lot of NOT WELL trained foreigner worker/ waitress. You have tell then many times to understand you. They have to ASK and to be WAIT to collect used plates. Totally no race discrimination. If their local people. Same comment and complaint also.

    When ordered cook dish. The portion is SMALL and little only. They cook in mass quantity and deliver together with other order . When deliver to you place. The dish is most probably cold already. If you not lucky enough. Cook first , last deliver. See your horoscope b4 going there…good luck..

    At here, Truly buffet restaurant , a lot of variety food, nice renovation. Which you can eat until full with comfortable . The quantity is here. If you seek the quality food. Might the ideal place. If you more people more around 5 and 6 people .One person cost about RM88 +10 % = RM 97. 6 people almost RM 600. you have better food on ala carte in other restaurant. Just a very personal opinion only.

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  6. Totally agreed with Phannie, don hv go there! It sucks to the max with all the buffet i’ve tried in KL….

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  7. enviroment is ok . but food variety very very bad …. compare to jogoya ….tenji is way from it….compare to shogun …tenji is worst . shogun is half the price of tenji with i think double the variety . fpr 88++ jogoya is much much better… i dont think i will ever go again …n guys dont even try …unless u wana waste your $$…eheheh

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  8. To all readers, Tenji will definitely not an ideal place for dining. I went on 20/03/09 for the Buffet of RM49.90/pax. The Bill for 2pax were RM 99.80 + Service Charge (10% x Ori.Price of RM 154) + Gov.Tax (5% x Ori.Price of RM 154) “PS: RM 77 ori. price for lunch session per pax”! The TOTAL : RM 122.90. I deeply felt cheated and it seemed like a !@#$ trick they used for consumers. And dun expect much for their explanation. The cashier told me, they are practising like Airasia, the s. charge & gov. tax will always based on the Ori. price. OMG … can anyone believe it!

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  9. Yes, we’ve had the same experience too. The manager tried to give some lame explanation as what you received above. It’s just not fair to con the consumers this way regardless of the explanation. Everyone who wants to go there please beware of the taxes. 15% on ORIGINAL PRICE not on the promo price.

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  10. boycott this shit jap buffet ..but i heard its the same company wth shogun and saisaki…

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  11. The other issue is whether it is legal for such practise? Hope your blog can highlight this issue to warn consumers. Thanks.

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  12. Last friday I went, and then only realised the tax calculated based on the orignial price..feel so cheated….=.= but tat time already paid, and consumed the food d…wat to do…really potong steam….>.<

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  13. i encounter the same thing also but after that the manager explain that actually they only reduce on the food price but not the service charge as the service charge is same all the time.. i accept it lor.. at least the price is still discounted.. hehe.. i enjoy the food!! 🙂

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  14. not hygine,staff dun have wear glove to serve food.spaggetti had hair!!!so disgusting.
    fried food section got cockroach…
    how can restoran like that?the staff at the sushi section dun have wear glove to make the sushi, very bad.
    the floor so wet ,because my friend fall down on the floor.

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  15. Staffs are friendly, envirinment, set up and food arrangement and atmosphere are not bad but food for western corner is only “E” , Chinese corner ” D “, Japanese ” C “, BBQ corner ” E” , Dim Sum “D”, Pastry and Desert” B+”.

    Variety of food actually is not much after taking away the Japanese corner.

    This not a place for food lover bcos alot of the dishes are tasteless especially the seasoning and sauces for the western roasted items.

    The seafood at the Chinese and BBQ corner are not fresh at all u can even smell the preservative chemical. The worst BBQ sea food seasoning I hve ever tasted.

    This kind of package is worth may be $ 39.00 nett max be it Lunch, Dinner or Supper.

    Regarding the Service tax and Governmt tax base on before rebate prices I think is wrong.

    Well V can check with the Royal Custom department r they actually paid the amount collected to The Custom department !!!!!!!!!!!

    Or are they they are paying only base on the rebate prices only. If this is true then they r offending the law!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  16. sigh should have read this blog before dining there.. really felt cheated with amount paid..RM550++ for 5 pax for such lousy food, service… no red wine, soft drink dispenser out of order, unhygenic washroom, dont ever ever visit there!

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  17. this is the WORST Japanese buffet restaurant ever! Don’t waste your money and time going there!

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  18. i want to booking for to night dinner. please contact me 016 – 6385352

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    • Hi Candy,

      Please call Tenji.

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