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Everyone Connects Birthday Party @ The Curve

Where were you last Sunday? I’m at The Curve celebrating Everyone Connects (EC) 1 year anniversary at The Curve!

Everyone Connects Birthday Party @ The Curve

I Came, I Played, I Connected!

Everyone Connects Birthday Party @ The Curve

There a lot of activities for the participants to play or experience the different way of getting themselves connected. SINI MAA = Cinema?

FlyFM - Ben Jern, Hunny Madu

The Birthday Party Emcee was Ben Jern and Hunny Madu! They are so talkative and they made the party event hotter!

Bunkface playing guitar hero

Bunkface, one of the TM Everyone Connects ambassador, were there for a special appearance and they enjoy playing Guitar Hero and Fanatic Kick Challenge!


All kind of games activities for all the Everyone Connects fans.

Check out how Ben Jern, Hunny Madu score! I think they just don’t have the talent to play football? Haha j/k but they are good in emcee / DJ.

Summer Ash - Pro Gamer

Summer Ash, also one of the TM Everyone Connects ambassador, was there too. She’s a Pro Gamer and she challenged 3 other younger participants in the game. She’s really sweet and center of attraction of the day! Check out the video below on the live challenge.

Everyone Connects Birthday Party @ The Curve

TM Everyone Connects ambassador
TM Everyone Connects ambassador – Bunkface & Summer Ash.

Bunkface performance

The main highlight was Bunkface live performance! Check out the videos below.

Everyone Connects Birthday Party @ The Curve

Happy Birthday to Everyone Connects!

Check out Everyone Connects newly launched portal here : The World of Everyone Connects

With the The World of Everyone Connects, you able to chat and communicate and collaborate with others! Fun right?

The World of Everyone Connects
Just enter your name and select the avatar to start the virtual world.

The World of Everyone Connects
Use your keyboard and mouse to navigate around and have fun.

The World of Everyone Connects
You can walk around and check on the service available and chat with others.

You can watch some video clips too by just navigate to SINI MAA.

Connections make anything possible. Enjoy =)



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