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Canon Photomarathon Malaysia 2009

photo uploading pc

photo uploading pc

These were the photo uploading PC. There’s 100-200 pc there but the down time was terrible. I was lucky that I able to upload in my 1st try! =)
I was joking there my those participants who can’t upload due to server error or too busy that I’m the winner liao since all of you can’t upload and only my submission so I’m the sole winner! =p haha and really I’m one of the theme winner, shooting in progress theme.

The event started off with a performance by last few years Astro Star Quest winner.

Astro Star Quest winner

Checking out map
Some of the participants checking out map and planning how and where to shoot those nice theme as explaining by the Canon representative.

Explaining on the theme

Photomarathon theme

There’s 3 theme : –
1) Splash
2) Red
3) Shooting in progress

I think of shooting something different so I come out with the 3 photo below. This effect is by twisting your lense when you snap, but I’m not sure it will spoil your lense or not. =p

My effect photo
can this be considered as red theme?

My effect photo
thought of submitting this for the shooting in progress or red theme too. but didn’t submit this.

My effect photo
submitted this as shooting in progress theme and I won! haha can see me in the picture? but i feel lucky to win the theme.

Looking at Sunway Lagoon directory so can plan what to shoot according to the theme.

Splash Theme

Some girls even make their own splash so creative.

A lot ppl try to catch a good shoot of the splash theme here.



wait for it to load and see how this splash works.


Submitted this for splash theme should have submit the other.

Red Theme


Submitted this crown as red theme.

Shooting In Progress Theme

Shooting in progress

Shooting in progress

Shooting in progress

Shooting in progress

Shooting in progress

Shooting in progress
The girlfriend or wife really good la hold umbrella for him! so envy. hehe.

Shooting in progress @ Point and shoot camera

That’s simple 3 theme and it make us run here and run there and got sun burn.



Author: Saimatkong

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