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Astro Star Quest 2013 (Astro新秀大赛)

Astro Star Quest 2013 (Astro新秀大赛) : ASQ Top 5 finalists (fr left to right) Amy Boon 文小菲, Justin Ng 吴宗翰, Gean Lai 黎桂金, Esther Thien 田育慈 and Rax Teh 王郑浚仁.

ASQ Top 5 finalists (fr left to right) Amy Boon 文小菲, Justin Ng 吴宗翰, Gean Lai 黎桂金, Esther Thien 田育慈 and Rax Teh 王郑浚仁.

Rax Teh 王郑浚仁

Justin Ng 吴宗翰

Gean Lai 黎桂金

Esther Thien 田育慈

Amy Boon 文小菲

Astro Star Quest 2013 (Astro新秀大赛)

Date: 13 July 2013
Time: 8.30pm
Venue: Penang International Sports Arena (PISA), Penang

Five Future Stars to Battle All Out in Astro Star Quest 2013 Grand Final (Astro新秀大赛)

Astro Star Quest (ASQ) 2013, the biggest and most notable Chinese singing reality show in Malaysia is slated to hit a fever pitch as the top five finalists compete for the highest honour in the most-watched Grand Final at Stadium PISA, Penang, on 13 July 2013, at 8.30pm.

The finalists this year are well equipped with diverse musical talents. Esther Thian 田育慈, 24, who hails from Kuching, has incredibly explosive vocals whereas the Klang-born Amy Boon 文小菲, 21, is recognized for her smoky and rustic voice. On the other hands, Gean Lai 黎桂金, the 22-year-old “dancing queen” from Kuala Lumpur , dazzled the audience with her impressive dance moves. Equally impressive, though, are two Penangites Justin Ng 吴宗翰, 19, who is skilled in playing numerous musical instruments and Rax Teh 王郑浚仁, 25, who earned the nickname of “Dolphin Voiced Prince” for his high-pitched falsetto voice.

The three-hour competition comprises four rounds where the five hopefuls will sing a song of choice, a duet with one of the past years’ champions, a ballad, and a designated rock song to showcase their vocal prowess, before one is honoured with the coveted champion title. To this end, their fates lie in the hands of a panel of judges comprising of prominent personalities in the Chinese music industry; they are Yuan Wei-Jen and Kay Huang from Taiwan, Singaporean music producers cum composers Lee Wei Shiong and Lee Shih Shiong, and the local-bred Alex San.

As guest performers, the past years’ champions, namely Eng Yee Min 黃毓敏 (ASQ 2009), Chen Keat Yoke 曾洁钰 (International Chinese New Talent 2009), Teo Yi Poi Yi Poi 张诒博 (ASQ 2010), Geraldine Gan 顏慧萍 (ASQ 2011) and Nicole Lai 赖淞凤 (ASQ 2012), as well as runner-ups Jie Ying 赵洁莹 (ASQ 2011) and Chanice Tan 陈雪芬 (ASQ 2012), will take the stage to belt out their best renditions as well.

Not only that, the thematic stage design of “Rock ‘n’ roll at the Beach” and lighting will undoubtedly lend visual excitement to the show, complemented by a 22-piece live band of international standards to optimize the audience’s aural pleasure throughout the show.

Astro Star Quest 2013 Grand Final is exclusively produced by Astro with Canon as the main sponsor, cosponsored by Fruit Plus and ChatON, and MY FM as the official radio station. A total of RM379,850 in cash and prizes will be awarded to the finalists, including a Toyota Vios TRD Sportivo worth RM92,027 that awaits the champion.

Astro Star Quest 2013 Grand Final will be broadcasted live on Astro Wah Lai Toi 華麗台 (Ch 311), Astro Zhi Zun HD 至尊HD (Ch 310), Astro On-the-Go and MY FM.

Official Website : asq.astro.com.my.

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