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Traffic lights replaced Rothman’s roundabout in SS2

Do you know that the most significant landmark, Rothman’s roundabout in SS2 is now gone and replaced by traffic light to ease congestion in the area? The traffic now is alot better than before. Just sufferred when it was in construction.

The traffic lights at the crossroads which is replacing the Rothmans roundabout at SS2 here is now fully operational! I think it has been delayed for quite some time and finally it’s now ready!

SS2 Rothman's roundabout

The Rothmans Roundabout, one of the area’s most significant landmarks, marks the boundary for Sectiond 19, 13 and 17. It was named after the Rothmans & Pall Mall (M) Sdn Bhd premises (now known as BAT), that is located in the north-eastern corner of this photo.

Traffic lights replaced Rothman’s roundabout in SS2

The first phase would involve replacing the roundabout with traffic lights and upgrading Jalan Harapan until the SSTwo Mall while the second phase would see Jalan Harapan extended to connect to the Sprint Highway.

Traffic lights replaced Rothman’s roundabout in SS2

Traffic lights replaced Rothman’s roundabout in SS2

Traffic lights replaced Rothman’s roundabout in SS2

Traffic lights replaced Rothman’s roundabout in SS2

Traffic lights replaced Rothman’s roundabout in SS2

What do you think of this Crossroad Traffic Light @ SS2 instead of the previous Rothman’s Roundabout? I feel it’s good and dead lock caused by roundabout will not be happen in this traffic light crossroad!

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  1. I’m just glad the awkward transition is finally over! Been bypassing this area for awhile now. I don’t exactly go there during rush hour, but I hope it’s better now.

    I’m keeping my expectations low.

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  2. Glad to know that the traffic jam problem is solved and not worse :p

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  3. Hey synical & Charmaine,

    Yup I seems better now! Let’s see how it goes! =)

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