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Have you heard of Similajau? Apa tu Similajau?

Haha you see it right! It’s Similajau! Don’t misunderstood k it’s not a bad word or so. There’s really such place! It’s a National Park in Sarawak! I thought it’s wonderful name so just go and check the place out but it’s rather disappointed with the condition!

Similajau National Park @ Sarawak

Similajau National Park @ Sarawak

I have been there last year but the water is so dirty and nothing much to see the seriously! Check out the video on the sea!

Other than the dirty and sandy sea water, the place is actually very nice but I think not really well maintain so that make it a bit run down.

Similajau National Park @ Sarawak

Similajau National Park @ Sarawak

Similajau National Park @ Sarawak

Similajau National Park @ Sarawak

Similajau National Park @ Sarawak

Similajau National Park @ Sarawak

Similajau National Park @ Sarawak

You can still see or catch little crab there! Quite fun and there’s not much ppl there so if you go in a group of friends will be better rather than 2 persons than it might be quite dangerous.

saimatkong taekwondo

Check out I did a Side Kick there! Quite flexible right? =)

Similajau National Park @ Sarawak

Similajau National Park @ Sarawak


Similajau National Park, just 45 minutes from Bintulu, provides a great weekend getaway for the people within the central region of Sarawak. It has one of the most beautiful coastal areas in Malaysia with miles of unspoiled white and golden sand and rocky beaches facing the South China Sea.

Gazetted in 1978, it covers 7,064 hectares of virgin coastal forest, starting from Sungai Likau in the south to Similajau River in the north. Spanning 30km, it is abundant in flora and fauna and offers you a wonderful experience exploring miles and miles of empty beach.

The terrestrial fauna of the park boasts 24 recorded species of mammals, such as gibbons, banded langurs and long-tailed macaques. A very noteworthy reptile found here is the Saltwater Crocodile.

The Park has also recorded 230 species of birds, which include hornbills and migratory water birds like Storms Stork. If you’re lucky, you might be able to see dolphins out amongst the waves. Occasionally, green turtles come ashore to lay their eggs.

Source : Tourism Malaysia

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