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Proton unveils latest car model – Proton Prevé : Drive it to believe it!

The wait is over. National car maker Proton has officially introduced its latest addition to the fold with the arrival of the Prevé. Proton has revealed the name of its latest model as Proton Preve (pronounced ‘prae-veh’) not as “PREVERT” as many people claimed in Facebook. LOLz. Hard to pronounce but please pronounce it correctly ya!

Proton Prevé : Drive it to believe it! (Proton New Model Preve)

Proton Prevé vs KIA Forte.

Proton Preve vs KIA Forte - Looks alike? Copy Cat?

Does the new Proton Prevé design a bit looks like or copy KIA Forte design? Hmm wondering.

Proton Prevé Sapphire

Proton Prevé Sapphire – This is the special version of the Proton Prevé. It’s a concept drawn up by Proton Design to showcase the possibilities with the Prevé.

The new Proton Prevé is available in three variants, with two engine permutations and three transmissions – the list is led by the 1.6 CVT Premium, in turbocharged CamPro CFE form, followed by the 1.6 Executive CVT and 1.6 Executive five-speed manual, which both feature the normally-aspirated CamPro IAFM+ mill.

Six colours are available across the range for the new Proton Prevé, and these are Blue Lagoon, Fire Red, Genetic Silver, Solid White, Tranquility Black and a new shade called Elegant Brown.

Proton unveils latest car model - Proton Prevé : Drive it to believe it! Color Chart

Selling Price For Proton Prevé

Proton Prevé 1.6 Premium CVT: RM72,990 (metallic) and RM72,540 (solid)
Proton Prevé 1.6 Executive CVT: RM62,990 (metallic) and RM62,540 (solid)
Proton Prevé 1.6 MT Executive: RM59,990 (metallic) and RM59,540 (solid)
(on-the-road, inclusive of insurance)

The Proton Prevé comes with a full five-year or 150,000 km warranty (whichever comes first) which I think is really a great deal and a steal!

Ooops! Proton Preve, touch it to believe it..
Touch it to belive it! Proton Prevé bad quality
“Proton Preve, touch it to believe it.. ” Opps some friend just notify me (via facebook) that the quality of the Proton Prevé really need to be improved and nuff say it’s still Proton?

Proton unveils latest car model — the Preve

Proton has unveiled its sleek new Preve and describes the turbo-charged car as its most technologically advanced vehicle.

The Preve pronounced pray-vay which means “to prove”, was launched by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak at the Mines Resort City here yesterday.

“Over 27 years in the automotive industry, Proton has progressed by leaps and bounds and produced many models for both local and international markets.

“Proton Preve has been developed in accordance with global standards of quality and safety with many class leading features, which in combination with its competitive price, makes it a truly attractive car to own,” he said before launching the vehicle.
Unleashed: Najib giving the thumbs up for the Proton Preve yesterday. Looking on are (from left) Proton executive chairman Datuk Seri Mohd Khamil Jamil, International Trade and Industry Minister Datuk Seri Mustapa Mohamed, Proton adviser Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and Proton group managing director Datuk Seri Syed Zainal Abidin Syed Mohamed Tahir.

All three variants of the Preve the Executive, Executive CVT and the Premium priced between RM59,990 and RM72,990 come with a five-year or 150,000km warranty, whichever comes first.

The 1.6 Charged Fuel Efficiency (CFE) engine is Proton’s first turbo-charged engine and has an economical 6.6 litre/100km fuel consumption rating and a 10,000km service interval.

The Preve is available in six colours Blue Lagoon, Fire Red, Tranquility Black, Solid White, Genetic Silver and Elegant Brown.

Earlier in Kuala Selangor, Najib said the local plantation industry needed to be restructured to be more efficient, competitive and attractive for locals to work in.

“We need to make it more attractive, especially for the locals.

“According to statistics, the total number of workers in the palm oil sector totals more than 450,000. Of this, only 83,000 are locals,” he said before launching Sime Darby Plantation’s new Central Housing Complex (CHC) at Tennamaram Estate in Bestari Jaya.

Source : TheStar



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  1. Preve Sapphire is truly global car by my standard. Well done you guys at Proton. Definitely, worth waiting for…..

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  2. siapa copy siapa?
    PROTON memang suka copy pasal their own reserach and developement memang tak guna.
    dari 1986 till 2012 semua sama quality saja…
    tapi MALAYSIANS tetap beli…lepas itu complaint..apa nak buat..?kereta lain mahal pasal BN mau protect PROTON and suap itu MAHATHIR gila and nyanuk.ADVISOR konon…songlap duit la adviser..dah la tua…tapi anak ny suka kereta posh..suka kreta bapak la..just waiting for the day PROTON finally close shop for good…conning the rakyat…semua MAHATHIR punya plan…
    cipta kereta tak guna paksa rakyat beli…
    lepas 2 tahun kereta roask…lepas itu service centre cakap…biasa la bang kereta proton…
    BIBI la…you orang

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  3. Deen…

    Are you nuts?Have you owned proton before?
    How ca you say proton preve is global car?
    they cany even compete with perodua…then how to compete globally?

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  4. Nanda, i think you are nuts!! All cars have problem not proton even perodua!!!

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  5. baik korg kate honda city baru tu tiru lampu sebiji mcm forte jgk…blakang pn design x ala² same…tucson ngn sportage xserupe???deyy…next time before nk kutuk product negare sendiri..make sure u did not omit to HIGHLIGHT any other pertinent details that is germane to the ‘plagiarism’ topic of discussion…stupid idiot…ptuihh…

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  6. have been using my proton wira for a few years n there were no any problem with the car…my fren who bought a h.city and complaining abt the steering panels got problem n all. in my opinion proton preve is a good car at its price..

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  7. hi! biase la bile ade kereta malaysia keluar, ni lah reaksi rakyat. ade positive, ade negative. namun, pegguna hari ni sume bijak jadi terpulang la nk pakai kereta ape pun kn adoi… haaa jadi, biarlah kereta bodo ke, pandai ke, sume org bole jalan2 pegi shopping, balik kampung, racing2, sume pun boleknnye alahai…. ikut la kemampuan sendiri dan berdiri diatas prestasi sendiri ye!

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  8. That’s because some of the jackass press the airbag indicator tremendously hard as they thought it’s a jammed button. Hey, it’s just an indicator la jakun. The airbag switch at the glove box. My BMW also can be at the trash bin if got at a wrong hand like them.

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  9. U got it rite man….. my chevrolet cruze will be in trash bin also if got in the wrong hand empty minded people like them………..LOL

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  10. You must be one of those who will say all touch screen phones copied iPhone.

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