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New Perodua MPV Alza Launched!

New Perodua MPV Alza Launched
Car One Moment, MPV The Next – Perodua Alza : Meaning it’s still a car la… basically. haha.

It’s like what I tell ppl… the new Perodua Alza MPV is just like longer version of MyVi “MyVi 拉长版“. Haha… So what’s your view on Produa Alza vs Proton Exora? Look similar to Proton Exora but price wise Perodua Alza is cheaper than Proton Exora. Personally I think this model will bring Perodua to another level after Myvi and this is in the MPV category. Good job Perodua!

So which do you think ppl will buy? I think cheaper version will be more popular among Malaysian agree with me? haha. I’m sure this will beat Toyota Avanza also since it’s using Toyota engine and 1.5 leh! Right?

Perodua MPV Alza Price List

Perodua Alza GX 1.5L Standard M/T
Solid – RM55,490
Metallic – RM55,990

Perodua Alza EZ 1.5L Standard A/T
Solid – RM58,490
Metallic – RM58,990
S. Metallic – RM59,190

Perodua Alza GXi 1.5L Premium M/T
Solid – RM60,490
Metallic – RM60,990
S. Metallic – RM61,190

Perodua Alza EZi 1.5L Premium A/T
Solid – RM63,490
Metallic – RM63,990
S. Metallic – RM64,190

Perodua Alza GXi Advanced Version – 1.5L Manual
Solid – RM66,490.00
Metallic – RM66,990.00

Perodua Alza EZi Advanced Version – 1.5L Automatic
Solid – 69,490.00
Metallic – 69,990.00

Toyota Vios engine? Two more advanced versions that will have a complete bodykit, GPS with reverse camera, tinted windows and leather seats will go on sale from March next year.

Updates it’s Avanza Engine. 3SZ-VE which is used in the Avanza but not 1NZ-FE which is used in VIOS.

Perodua MPV Alza Specs
1.5 Standard / 1.5 Premium Specs
1.5 Standard / 1.5 Premium Specs

1.5 Advanced Version Specs
1.5 Advanced Version Specs

Click for details specs (The official Perodua website a bit jam up coz of this Perodua MPV Alza Launched today.) Get the full Perodua Alza brochurehere

Perodua Alza MPV goes on sale Tuesday


KUALA LUMPUR: The newly launched 1.5litre Perodua Alza MPV goes on sale Tuesday.

The prices range between RM56,000 to RM64,000 per unit for the standard model and between RM67,000 and RM70,000 for the advanced version.

Alza, which means “to rise” in Spanish, rose to the occasion when it was launched with the tagline “Versatile As You” at a ceremony that saw about 900 industry players, Perodua staff, local and foreign journalists and car enthusiasts.

It has already seen 3,500 bookings in ten days.

It was learnt that waiting periods for delivery to buyers of the Alza could be as short as ten days or within three months.

The 1.5-litre engine Alza comes in six variants – two standards and two premiums with either 4-speed automatic or 5-speed manual transmissions.

Two more advanced versions will go on sale from March next year with complete bodykit, GPS with reverse camera, tinted windows and leather seats.

The seven-seater comes standard with projector headlamps, LED taillights, centre-mounted meter panels and a second row seat with a 150mm sliding room on rails.

Its audio system accommodates CD, MP3 and WMA formats with a USB portand Bluetooth connectivity thrown in for the premium versions.

The premium versions also feature for the first time in Peroduavehicles switches for the audio system such as volume control andradio channel dial.

The meter panel’s multi-info display also shows average fuel consumption and maximum travelling range at the current fuel level.

Aimed at young families and single urban males and females, the Alza also debuted with a new colour, Classy Purple along with Ebony Black, Ivory White, Pearl White, Medallion Grey, and Glittering Silver.

Perodua managing director Datuk Hafiz Syed Abu Bakar said the best selling national car maker targeted to sell between 3,500 and 4,000 units of the new MPV monthly.

He added that the Alza was all about giving passengers the space they needed with the handling that feels like one is driving a car.

“It’s all about how you use space. All about being versatile and stylish and keeping it affordable to own and maintain.

“With the introduction of the Alza, Perodua aims to maintain its pole position in 2010 in terms of sales with a target of 176,000, the highest ever for Perodua,” he told reporters before the launch.

It was launched by Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre Monday.

Regarded as the “most Malaysian” Perodua to date, Perodua chairman TanSri Asmat Kamaludin said the MPV was developed with nearly 90 percent locally made components.

It was developed over two years by Perodua with about RM300mil in investment.

The bestselling MyVi was developed with RM280mil in 2005 and RM240mil for the Viva launched in 2007.

“The Alza represents the maturity of Malaysian automotive vendors in producing high end parts.

“Overall, we have 100 vendors on the Alza project, of which 94 are local companies,” Asmat said.

Source : TheStar



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  1. nothing to be proud of…..it is not as what spreading rumours said before the launch…that this is just another crapt of p2 that will encounter the same fate as noticar…so many gimics and teaser…saying this and that but none resemble the actual mpv that was displayed yesterday. We can see in look of the p2 salesmen themselves…yeah…I could be wrong unless God says this alza is going to boost….who knows..

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  2. dzalie, the perodua nautica is overpriced but its not a crap.Its just that Toyota launched the Rush which has a longer wheelbase (7 vs 5 seater)then Nautica but no 4WD system. In malaysia who will opt a 1.5 litre car with 4WD for jungle trekking? Malaysians will rather buy a Hilux for that instead.

    The teaser and leaked pictured do really resemble the Alza dont they? Interior: Just that the gate type shifter is changed to a more conventional type.

    Why do some Malaysians like to criticise national car makers? If they did really resemble the MPV in the past then there will be someone who said its a copycat. Not resemble then said its a piece of crap..

    BTW saimatkong, the engine used in Alza is 3SZ-VE which is used in the Avanza instead of the 1NZ-FE which is used in Vios.

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  3. Toyota Avanza and Vios are 2 different product.
    Vios is purely developed by toyota, where as Avanza is a Daihatsu engineered product (Daihatsu is under Toyota of course).

    I test drive the Alza, pickup wise, not bad, accessories, ok la….but dun u all think that the
    perodua interior styling and finishing need some improvement?

    Proton has improved a lot on the interior design, but quality wise, thumb up to Avanza…..It’s a different class of feeling…..Dun believe me,,,,test drive it……….

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  4. The Alza is definitely much more solid than the Exora as far as I’m concern. Pick up ok. Height just nice for me, not too high like 4WD and not as short as the normal sedan. I recommend this MPV for petite ladies with a small family of 4 or 5.

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  5. memang menyesal membeli p2 alza coz apabila pandu kereta ini,banyak bunyi di dalam,”kit kat kit kat”,macam pandu kereta second hand saja
    hantar ke service,pagi pukul 8.30am tunggu sampai 1pm,masalah masih ada,servis center cakap nak tinggal kereta for 2 day for checking,after 2 days,bunyi dalam kereta masih ada…..rm62k beli kereta macam ini,betul betul rasa marah……
    lain kali beli kereta,bukan saja nak timbangkan harga,qualiti,juga nak timbangkan after sales service…..
    bukan tak nak sokong buatan malaysia,tapi betul betul tak layak untuk disokong

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  6. yup guess it might be a ripoff after all. i have this clicking sound so loud every time the air-cond switch on when the vehicle is moving yet it sort of compromised my engine’s rev(is this normal by the way? does this mean “power” is tapped away from the engine to compensate air cond?). yet i have soft sounds coming from the drive shaft when i steered into a right junction. anyways, any1 here mind helpin me out tellin me what could be the problem?

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  7. betul ke p2 alza teruk beb….jgn ckp cam tu….sy ingat nak beli dah ni….yeke bunyi yg xsepatutnya ada dlm pemanduan….and service teruk……tlg la jgn hampakan harapan saya…..

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  8. em……..
    macam mana pulak ngan exora……dgr exora kuat minyak ….ye ke?

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