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NAZA KIA Forte Interior & Exterior Review & Feedback

KIA Forte Interior

KIA Forte Interior
KIA Forte Interior

KIA Seat
Seat, although it’s not leather but it’s nice. Check out the red lining.

Red Lining
The red lining make it more contrast and outstanding. Have an overall better feel.

KIA Forte Dashboard
Check out this KIA Forte dashboard, it’s actually quite nice and not so plasticky feel for the 1.6SX version. There’s a individual time / clock display a the top of the dashboard which is convenient for some ppl, if not you will need to look at the lower dashboard which will be divert your attention and hence accident might happen!

There’s 6CD changer and able to play MP3. The air cond is digital so you could actually adjust according to the temperature or use the auto mode.

USB Port
There’s USB port and AUX in. So if you have iPod, iPhone, MP3 player or thumb drive, you could just plugin to the USB port and enjoy the music without need to waste time to burn into MP3 cd.

Gear box
It’s a simple gear box. There’s Shiftronic too, so you can use it as automatic manual. Read more about Shiftronic below.

Shiftronic is Hyundai Motor Company’s version of the Tiptronic automatic transmission developed by Porsche. A Shiftronic transmission can operate just as a conventional automatic transmission, but it also allows the driver to override the automatic mode by moving the shift lever into a second shift gate equipped with two spring-loaded positions: “upshift” and “downshift”. Once in this gate, the driver takes over most of the shifting decisions ordinarily performed by the transmission’s computer, permitting, for example, the delaying of an upshift for increased acceleration or to increase the braking effect of the engine. A Shiftronic transmission utilizes a torque converter; consequently, it is not a standard transmission or a newer semi-automatic transmission like Volkswagen’s Direct-Shift Gearbox. In overridden mode, however, a Shiftronic transmission does not allow the engine to stall or over-rev.

Push Start Stop Button
Push Start Stop Button which make the car smarter and looks high tech. No key involved!

Traction control / light button
If you like to drift then you could make use of this traction control off button, right is for dash light dimming.

Side Panel
This is the side panel of the car. It’s simple and nice but unfortunately there’s no retractable side mirror. So you need to do it yourself manually!

Electro-chromic mirror
Electro-chromic mirror : This rear-view mirror can sense and adjust to light, elimiting the distracting headlight glare from the car behind which could potentially cause an accident.

Sunglasses case, Map lamps
Sunglasses case, Map lamps. It’s easier and convenient for you to store your sunglasses.

Door light
Door light.

Metal Oil Paddle
Alloy Metal Oil Pedals. So you don’t need to worry about the wear and tear, hence no need to go to accessories shop to get those metal paddle to protect it. “You will get truly sporty feel from the alloy pedals.”

Car Boot.
Car Boot. 495 Liter! You can fit a lot of things inside!

Pull back chair
With this you could fold your back seat and actually make your car boot bigger even the car boot is already damn big! 495 Liter!

KIA Forte Exterior

Front View
Front View

Back View
Back View

Side View
Side View

17 inch Alloy Rim
17 inch Alloy Rim. KUMHO tyre. Some mention that, if you want more power and fuel efficiency then go for 16″ lighter rim tyre. Once you get your car will you change it? haha.

17 inch Alloy Rim

17 inch Alloy Rim
Spare tyre also come with same 17 inch Alloy Rim.

Back light
Back light looks impression and looks like expensive car.



Author: Saimatkong

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  1. hi, so how is your loan application? ddid u find the lowest %… actually, forte is a nice car.. got european touch…would luv to get one.. but already have a persona (which is almost 2 years old..not worth it if i want to trade in…have to topup some more..hehe)

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  2. ouh… so are u taking 7 years or 9 years financing period? roughly, how much do we have to pay for monthly instalment (7 or 9 years)?

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  3. I went to Naza Kia showroom in Setapak.. the SA said that the % bow is 3.5%.. but damn this car is nice in design ang built quality.. he also said that the Forte’s body is made from galvanized steel, so it will resist the rust…with all the features, it really bet the City or Vios out of its class…

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  4. How bout to maintain it? and what time of engine they use?

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    • servicing should be the same as publish in forte.my
      what time of engine? what do you mean?

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  5. I am planning to book the Kia Forte 2.0 tht will be launched soon. However, ther are frenz wh say tht Kia cars are high in fuel consumption. Is this true? Also, Kia cars have lower resale value? Please advise?

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    • those were the day and this Forte will be the saver car for KIA. If you drive at least 10 years then it will not be a problem.

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  6. After reading through a few forums on Forte (was really attracted to this car), some of the small issues were

    – driver power window no auto up/down
    – fuel consumption quite high ~9.xL/100KM. My old car is doing 13-15L/100KM, but is 1.3L manual. But this car way,way more comfortable so I could probably get used to visiting the gas station more often.

    But the biggest problem is Naza. Not the badge, but the bad rep that they have with their expensive spare parts & lousy service. Reading articles on how bad their service center do their job just potong stim for me.

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    • nobody, it’s the awsome car and no regret getting it although it’s being carried by Naza.

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  7. When people say Proton service is better, that should give you an idea how bad it is.

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