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BMW 3 Series & 5 Series Diesel Car Test Drive @ Belum Resort

I was invited to test drive the New BMW Diesel Efficient Dynamics Cars – BWM 320d & BMW 520d for the past two days. The entire journey and experience was really awesome and great! Never had such driving experience before. It’s powered by Petronas Dynamic Diesel. The combination really great and could bring up the optimum performance!

It’s was a two days one night thingy and drive from KLCC (Mandarin Oriental) – Mutiara Damansara – Tanjung Malim – Tapah – Ipoh – Gerik – Pulau Banding (Belum Resort).

Start journey with BWM 520d! Yes it’s a new diesel car and it’s terror!

BWM 520d Diesel

BWM 520d Diesel

BWM 520d Diesel

End journey with BMW 320d! This is another new diesel car but not so terror compared to the big brother 5Series =p

I just love the handling and the speed and it’s really efficient and dynamic! Diesel is way to go. 1 Full tank for the entire trip and still got 100km to go. Talk about fuel consumption? Good? Obviously!

Stay tuned for more updates~ A lot of dramas happened! Still too excited about the trips and tired la. haha.



Author: Saimatkong

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  1. Hey that’s my lucky Beemer 320d No.3#!!! hahah…

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  2. Diesel is the way to go, a lot of the cars in the US are running on diesel powered engine. Not to mention that diesel powered engine are way more powerful, that’s what I picked up from Discovery Channel.. haha 🙂

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    • Ben, yeah man you are damn right, good discovery channel is good! haha.

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  3. Bowdacious, the Americans are still quite resistant to diesel engines. Europe is where the diesel engines are really flourishing, as the have taken the awesome range and economy of these engines.

    saimatkong, I found your post through 3iLing’s blog, and have posted a link on Autoworld Forum here: http://forum.autoworld.com.my/index.php?showtopic=91830&st=0&gopid=1495778&#entry1495778

    Last month, I was part of the media drive in these same cars which went from K T’ganu to PD to Penang. The original plan was to go all the way with one tank, but we eventually had to refuel at Ipoh.

    I believe with you guys, the 320ds should have given much better consumption figures than with us journalists. When we drove them, the 320ds’ engines were not really run in and were very tight.

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    • Hi Gunner, yup we still have left over fuel! haha. very good and powderful engine and cars! =)

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  4. Bowdacious, the US market is still actually pretty ignorant about diesel powered. The ones that have truly embraced oil burners are the Europeans. The advantages of diesel engines are that they are very economical and very robust.

    saimatkong, I found your post through 3iLing’s blog, and have added a link in Autoworld Forum here: http://forum.autoworld.com.my/index.php?showtopic=91830

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  5. Kong also got RM600 worth of vouchers…must belanja drinks one of these days 😉

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  6. Hahaha… The 520d can do more than 1,000km in a tank, and this was tested. 😉

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