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Maxis or Digi Bringing in New Apple iPhone 3G to Malaysia? Less than RM1000?

New Apple iPhone 3G

KUALA LUMPUR, July 11 ─ Apple today begins selling the iPhone 3G to replace earlier and slower models.

Touted as twice the speed, half the price, the 3G model has the same 8GB capacity as the EDGE iPhone but comes with new features such as enterprise applications and GPS.

The phone was Apple’s entry into the crowded and competitive mobile phone sector dominated by Finnish giant Nokia and several Korean and Taiwanese makers.

But the iPhone integrated Apple’s successful and iconic Ipod MP3 player with touch screen features and the company’s famed industrial design to gain market share and appeal to a younger set.

The iPhone 3G will be available in a few Asian nations soon, most of whom have already cracked earlier sets which were tied to US provider AT&T.

Its understood that Maxis will offer the iPhone 3G in Malaysia at a competitive price below RM1,000.

Source : The Malaysian Insider

Will Malaysia Telco bring iPhone 3G to Malaysia? If yes will you get one? For me I will definitely get one coz from the source it’s will be priced below RM1k? Will you believe that?

I have a friend told me that a friend working in Digi said initially Digi will want to launch their 3G service together with this new iPhone 3G and package it but till now Maxis and Digi are still fighting for the rights to solely sell the iPhone in Malaysia? I guess we should wait and see. I will suggest that we should not get the iPhone now and should wait till it announce and it’s definitely worth the wait.

So of my friends are saying that, they will fly to Singapore or Hong Kong to get the iPhone, do you think it worth? iPhone 3G to me is nothing other than the wOw factors. =) Although this iPhone 3G have the 3G functions but it does not have front camera so it can’t be used to do video call.

Some ppl even comment that they will not get iPhone because it’s too common and too many ppl will own it so it’s not special anymore! Haha ridiculous. Then too many ppl drive kancil or proton because it’s cheap then ppl also will not buy it?

iPhone 3G I’m waiting…!



Author: Saimatkong

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  1. yoyo,

    I am also interest on iPhone3G and also wait for Maxis or Digi to launch it. But don’t know wait until “river year river month”.

    But worry that the rate plan will very “kao”.

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  2. pls be aware that some stupid salesman told a lot of benefits.pls ask them the disadvantage using iphone.it’s quite sucks espcially on bluetooth and mms…alot of silly package as well.hahahaha…whoever using this better tell people what u feel -espcially on data chargers..it’s a data consuming phone too:D

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  1. Tech, Web, How to, Internet, Computer, Free Software, Tips, Make Money Online with AhTim - iPhone 3G Official Launch by Maxis Malaysia... iPhone 3G is finally official landing on Malaysia by Maxis mobile. Very excited…

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