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Ready to go Internet Access – prepaid broadband by Celcom!

Nowadays internet very important device to us so that we could get connected to the world with the latest news and with friends. What’s the use of a smartphone or pc without internet? Yes, that’s why we need no frills, no hassle, ready to go Internet access, right? It’s now become a necessity rather than a luxury.

I use Whatsapp and PingChat!, Twitter and Facebook on my mobile a lot and this is my only dose to keep me entertain and will not feel lonely as I get to see my friends updates and get myself updated to the world news. If without internet access it’s like naked without internet because we have grown so attached digitally with it.

Ready to go Internet access - new prepaid broadband by Celcom!

Do you encountered like when you need the internet access badly to receive an email or check some information but searching for FREE WIFI and could get hold of one? That’s the frustration that we might be facing everyday, so put an end to the worries of finding internet access and get Instanet for the access on the go. No frills, no hassle, ready to go Internet access which anyone can just go online instantly with an easy registration process!

Check out the most affordable prepaid mobile broadband in town now available in daily, weekly and monthly plans.

 Instanet Daily for only RM5/day

Instanet Daily for only RM5/day

For the occasional need to get online

Zero commitment. The Instanet Daily plan is great for the occasional need for network access. The best part, you have the flexibility to use it on the days that you choose, no commitment necessary! It is the answer to your every network need.

Instanet Weekly for only RM18/week

Instanet Weekly for only RM18/week

Ideal if you need Internet access several times a week

There when you need it. The Instanet Weekly plan is perfect for getting online quickly and easily several times a week. Having Internet on demand is a great addition to any existing fixed broadband access. It is the foolproof solution to uninterrupted network access on-the-go.

Instanet Monthly for only RM50/month

Instanet Monthly for only RM50/month

Perfect for extended usage

Your perfect companion. The Instanet Monthly plan is ideal for frequent access to the Internet to check your emails, chat and browse anytime, anywhere. What’s more, you are not tied down to consecutive monthly bills, you only pay for the months it’s in use! It is the handy helper for all your surfing needs, one that never leaves your side.

The best part, just sign up for the plan that best suits your needs and pay only for the days/weeks/months it’s in use.

Get Instanet with the latest promotions.

Instanet Prepaid Pack + Modem for only RM108
a) Instanet Prepaid Pack + Modem for only RM108. It includes a SIM card, USB modem and RM10 preloaded credit.

Instanet Prepaid Pack for only RM12.50
b) Instanet Prepaid Pack for only RM12.50 which includes a SIM card and RM10 preloaded credit.

Special promo price of only RM30 for Instanet Monthly
c) Special promo price of only RM30 for Instanet Monthly, valid till 15 July 2011.

Why Instanet choose Instanet instead of other broadband?

1) You can get this on Celcom, Malaysia’s No.1 network. It is the most reputable telco provider having won various awards such as the prestigious Frost & Sullivan’s Mobile Broadband Provider for 2 years in a row.

2) Celcom has the widest network coverage anywhere in Malaysia, indoors, outdoors and on-the-move.

Where to buy?

Visit your nearest Blue Cube outlet or Celcom Authorised Dealer nationwide.

Visit www.instanet.com.my for more information if you would like to get this awesome easy to use Instanet!



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