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Microsoft : It’s a Great Time to be a Family

Do you remember when you started using a computer? The last I remember was during my primary school which was 15-20 years back then whereby we were still using 386 computer which is using 5.25″ floppy disks and Microsoft MS-DOSwhich don’t even have a graphical user interface (GUI)! Imagine that!

Back then I was enjoying playing all those games loaded with the 5.25″ floppy disks and the graphic is not so advance like what we have today.

386 Computer

Today, we have so many options and all the high tech gadgets / phone and computers. I’m so grateful that today we are able to using computer with full user interface which is operate by the Microsoft Windows and with the latest version Microsoft Windows 7 it really do wonders!


Now we have big LCD monitor display and high performance computer with the best OS behind which is powered by Microsoft Windows. It really makes a different!

This is my history of the usage of Windows. Windows 98 > Windows 2000 > Windows XP > Windows Vista > Windows 7

Since then, I have been a Windows users and a lot of Windows products really helps me a lot in my life be it for entertainment, studies or work related.

I’m connected to MSN Messenger 24/7 and using it to catch up with friends and family which my bro which is currently in Singapore . Most of them are on MSN and I could reach them easily at anytime. I’m using Microsoft Office during my college days to complete my projects and now for my work related. I can’t imagine if without Microsoft Office, how could I complete my degree without much hassle and how could I manage my work without Microsoft Words and Microsoft Excel.

Windows 7

Have you upgraded to the latest Windows 7 and Microsoft Office 2010 or you planning to get a new computer? Don’t missed out the chance and win a Nissan Grand Livina and some vouchers that you could have some great time travelling with your family by joining the contest below!

Microsoft Contest : Great Family Time Contest

Join Microsoft Great Family Time Contest today. It’s so easy!

You simply have to count family members in a picture and send in an entry with any purchase of Windows 7 or Office 2010 for a chance to win a Grand Livina, a family holiday trip or other fantastic prizes! 15 October 2011 – 15 January 2012

Grand Prize: Nissan Grand Livina
1st Prize : RM15,000.00 Travel Voucher
2nd Prize : Sony 40″ Full 3D HD TV
3rd Prize : Nikon Digital SLR Camera
Special Prize : Windows Phone 7 x 3
Consolation Prize : Microsoft Express Mouse x 100

Microsoft Contest : Great Family Time Contest

1) Buy genuine Windows 7 or Office 2010 software.

2) Count the number of family members in the contest form.

3) Submit your entry via:
a.SMS: MS Customer Name IC# Product Purchased
COA Sticker# Answer.Send to 39993
b.Check our Facebook @ Microsoft Office Malaysia
c.Post/hand delivery: Post to Great Family Time Contest
c/o Apostrophe Marketing Communications Sdn Bhd,36-1, Jalan PJU8/5B, Bandar Damansara Perdana, 47820 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia OR
hand deliver at Plaza Low Yat Ground Floor Entrance

Official Website : www.microsoft.com/en-my/family



Author: Saimatkong

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