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KIA “Happy Chinese New Year 2014” commercials

I recently watched a series of CNY commercials by KIA and I personally think it’s one of the funniest CNY commercials I have watched thus far.

This year, KIA decided to hire our very own famous comedian Douglas Lim to direct their Chinese New Year feel-good commercials. Sadly, it didn’t work out well…and the ads was not what Kia wants. Lolz.

The ads were brilliant…Kudos to Kia for such creativity and a round of applause to Douglas Lim for his amazing talent. I watched all the ads a couple of times. Pretty hilarious…and the ads completely matches Kia’s tagline “The Power to Surprise”. Do watch it yourself and you’re in for a surprise 😉

Basically the ads’ focus is on the services offered under the Family-Like Care plus (FLC+) Programme which is available at all Kia outlets.

The ads consist of three parts; Part 1- Multi Point Inspection (MPI), Part 2 – New Vehicle Handover and Part 3 – Free Car Wash.

1. MPI / Multi Point Inspection

A complimentary Kia Multi-Point inspection will be done every time you bring your car in for a service. The highly trained service technicians and mechanics will inspect your Kia vehicle to make sure that it is in tip-top condition. Should they find anything that needs service, maintenance, repair or repair, you will be notified immediately. Isn’t this great?

2. Vehicle Hand over policy

Every new Kia owner is paired with a Kia service advisor from day one. The same service advisor will attend to you every time you visit the service centre to keep you informed and updated about servicing / maintenance for your Kia vehicle. I really love this concept and this is what we call personal touch!

3. Free car wash after every service.

My car look exactly like a brand new car after each car service thanks to the free car wash provided by Kia service centre.

Chinese New Year is customarily spent with the family. I usually visit relatives and friends as it’s the time to catch up, gossip and do some family or friends bonding. But this year, it will be a little different as I got married….thus for this new year, I’m spending with two families which means lots of traveling and even more visiting. This year, not only balik my own kampung but also the wifey’s kampung. Everything is double when you are married…two families, double feasting, double visiting. Lolz

Happy Chinese New Year 2014!

Besides the weight gain that I despise, I’m looking forward to celebrating the coming Chinese Lunar New Year. Great food everyday with good company, catching up and bonding session with relatives and friends whom I rarely meet, spending quality time with parents and family. All in all, I foresee it to be a fruitful and an absolute great new year!

As I’ll be traveling to and forth during Chinese New Year, I have just sent my car for service to ensure that the engine, brakes, tyres and etc. are in order so that I can travel with peace and comfort. What about you? Have you sent your car for service yet? If you have not do so, make an appointment with your car service centre today!



Author: Saimatkong

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