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1 Utama BEERFEST is back! The 50 cents thief is back!

Friday, October 31st, 2008 3,401 views


Date : 31 Oct – 2 Nov’08
Time : 5pm till late
Venue : LG Floor Rainforest

1 Utama Beerfest - The 50 cents thief

Not to be missed, 1 Utama Beerfest is an event for all. Premium beers, delicious food, fun entertainment and smashing time. These are the ingredients that will make it an enjoyable event. So mark down on your calendar and do bring along your family & friends for a good time.

RM1 Premium Beer is Back!

Get ready two(2) 50 cents coins to exchange for one(1) bottle of Warsteiner from 7pm onwards. There’re 1,000 bottles up fro grabs per day. Hurry don’t miss out on this irresistible deal. Other terms and conditions apply.

Come come come! RM1 is super cheap … it only cost about 2 chinese tea ice only. So remember to bring RM0.50 cents coins to avoid disappointment!

Good Food, Great Entertainment & Exciting Prizes!

Make sure you’ll be there to enjoy the delicacies by Harrod & Rawlins, Dave’s and The Jetty. They make a good comapny for your beers. That’s not all, be entertained by the special live band and also stand a chance to win exciting prizes.

Limited Edition ONECARD Beerfest Mug

Cheers and enjoy more privileges at Beerfest with your very own Limited Edition ONECARD beerfest mugs! FrEE refill for the 1st 100 ONECARD Beerfest Mug holders at 10pm daily, on a first-come-first basis. Plus, ONECARD members enjoy special price so get it while stocks last! Terms & conditions apply.

Petrol prices cut by 15 sen per litre

Friday, October 31st, 2008 2,557 views

It’s confirmed that we will be having cheaper fuel price. This proof that what I’ve been waiting for is not wasted =)
Another cut is expected on Nov 15… woot!!

PUTRAJAYA: Petrol and diesel prices will go down 15 sen a litre from 12.01am on Saturday – the fourth reduction since August.

The new price of a litre of RON97 will be RM2.15 from RM2.30; RON92 will be RM2.05 from RM2.20; and diesel will be RM2.05 from RM2.20.

The prices will be reduced so that the people could enjoy the benefit of the recent drastic drop in global fuel prices, said Prime Minister Datuk Abdullah Ahmad Badawi in a statement on Friday.

The Star reported on Friday that petrol price will go down by 15sen and that petrol dealers expect another round of price cuts on Nov 15.

Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Datuk Shahrir Abdul Samad said that if the world crude oil price continued to drop at the present rate, local pump prices would likely revert to the pre-June price of RM1.92 per litre.

Shahrir, who said the average world crude oil price for October was US$76.40 (RM267.40) per barrel, said the average for November might go below US$70.

“So (if this happens) the price of petrol at the retail level will probably go back to RM1.92 per litre,” he said.

As a cap has been placed on a price of RM1.92 per litre, he said that if the world crude oil price goes down even lower than that, the Government could end its fuel subsidy and use the money for other purposes.

For this year up to September, the Government spent RM16.8bil on fuel subsidy and RM2.5bil on rebates for motorists and motorcyclists.

“That means there is a likelihood that we will spend RM19bil to RM20bil on fuel subsidy for the whole year,” Shahrir said.

Shahrir hoped petrol station owners would accept the price reduction and accept any loss as part of business.

He pointed out that the Government had always been fair to the station owners, including helping them reduce operating costs by reverting to self-service, cutting on the number of staff, not forcing them to open for 24 hours as well as increasing their margin from 9.5 sen to 12 sen per litre in June.

Source : TheStar

Govt expected to reduce petrol price by 15 sen a litre Saturday

Friday, October 31st, 2008 2,465 views

Yes PETROL PRICE GONNA REDUCE AGAIN, I have been waiting for this and my fuel tank was empty this few days and just pump 30 bucks to keep my car moving… ahah kiasuness…

PETALING JAYA: Petrol prices are expected to be cut by 15 sen a litre at 12.01am tomorrow – the fourth reduction since August.

This means the RON97 will cost RM2.15 a litre, down from RM2.30, and the price of RON92 is also expected to go down.

Petrol Dealers Association of Malaysia (PDAM) president Abdul Wahid Bidin said they expected the new prices to take effect early tomorrow although they have not received a directive from the Finance Ministry.

A dealer who declined to be named said Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Datuk Shahrir Abdul Samad had met with PDAM representatives on Wednesday.

He said Shahrir gave them notice that prices were going down.

“This is good because it has given us the three days we need to figure out how much stock we should keep to avoid big losses,” he said.

It is also understood that another price change is expected on Nov 15.

When asked at a function here yesterday, Shahrir refused to confirm or deny that prices would be reduced tomorrow.

“A reduction is imminent of course. We cannot deny consumers the opportunity that has arisen from lower global oil prices,” he said.

Shahrir, however, said that any directive would come from the Treasury and that any agreement on reducing prices would be discussed by the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister, Second Finance Minister and himself.

“So it is difficult for all of us to meet at one time. There is, however, a Cabinet meeting (today), so it will probably be discussed then.”

Shahrir said that the Government would also be moving to make price changes every fortnight.

“This would be an ideal situation. If the price is changed once a week, it will be too short a time for any effects to be felt.”

He said petrol dealers had to realise that they were in a business and that other businesses also suffered when prices changed.

Source : TheStar

Samsung Get Together Lunch @ Bon Ton Restaurant

Wednesday, October 29th, 2008 4,332 views

I was lucky that I was selected to be one of the nine participants in the Innov8 Run event, 9 of us are representing Samsung Fun Club. I was told that, there will be 15 groups in total in for this Innov8 Run event. (from media and other blogger community)

Last Saturday, Samsung Fun Club organized a get together lunch session at Bon Ton Restaurant with all the 9 participants.

Bon Ton Restaurant KL

Bon Ton Restaurant KL
It’s located at Jalan Conley beside Prince Hotel. You can see KLCC and it’s near to KLCC too.

Bon Ton Restaurant KL
The interior is nice and very relaxing and romantic too! Give it a try.

Before we start, we took some photo…
Samsung Innov8 Run Team

Bon Ton Menu
They forgotten to change the menu, it’s still September menu, then after they took the order only notice that was last month menu, what a shame.

Innov8 Demo
(Picture took by Hon Mun)
While waiting for our food to arrive, Lawrence gave us some demo of what this canggih phone can do. It’s a great phone but still lack of some function that I’m looking at, like HDTV and Dual Sim Card? Am I too demanding? Haha…

Starter: Mushroom Soup
Mushroom Soup

Main Course : Choice of Lamb or Spaghetti with Prawn or East Coast Platter

Bon Ton’s Lamb
Bon Ton's Lamb

Bon Ton’s Spaghetti with Prawn
Bon Ton's Spaghetti with Prawn

Bon Ton’s East Coast Platter
Bon Ton's East Coast Platter

Dessert: Bon Ton’s Cendol
Bon Ton's Cendol
It’s actually Ais Kacang instead of Cendol??

Coffee or Tea or Me
Coffee or Tea or Me?

This is how the pro in action!

After the makaning session, we get to play around with the 1st 8 Mega Pixel phone..

Then Lawrence, Product Manager of Samsung, show use other Samsung phone too and we found this shake phone kinda fun!

The we did a draw to select participant in a team. There’s 3 teams from Samsung Fun Club.

Each of us was given a goodies bags…

Samsung Goodies Bag
1 x Samsung Water Container
1 x Sunshine Playing Card
1 x Sunshine Digital Photo Frame key chain (which does not support Vista?!.)
1 x Samsung pen
1 x Die Hard 4.0 Note Pad.

Samsung Model
Samsung Model, Cheerful Sun, and Lawrence Geek. =)

A group photo of 9 participants from Samsung Fun Club before we leave the place..

Samsung Innov8 Run Group Photo
(Picture took by Hon Mun)

Sadly we do not have a chance to bring back the Samsung Innov8 phone to play with. Initially I thought we will be giving each a Samsung Innov8 in this get-together lunch, disappointed because when I asked, they said they also thought of giving us the phone to play with but it’s not fair to other contestants, so there we go…

Innov8 Demo Unit

See you in the run this Saturday! It’s a full day event, meaning start from early in the morning till late at night. Wow guess it will be a tiring one. Hopefully my team can get the 1st prize which is the Samsung Innov8 Phone!

Bon Ton Restaurant KL

No. 8 Jalan Conlay
50450 Kuala Lumpur



Operation Hours:
Mon-Sat 12pm to 12am
Public Holidays 6pm to 12am.
Sunday opens only for private events

The Samsung Innov8 Run

Monday, October 27th, 2008 3,582 views

Samsung Innov8 Run

Samsung Innov8 Run Details

Type: Motor Treasure Hunt using the Samsung Innov8 mobile phone
Date: 1st November 2008 (1 day event)
Venue: Klang Valley

How to join this Samsung Innov8 Run?
Samsung Innov8 Run How To Join Details
It’s closed for register now. It’s too late for you to join if you only notice now. How I come to know this Innov8 run was I received an email about this run from Samsung Fun Club email newsletter, so I was just trying my luck and submitted my answer as required by them… to my surprise I was selected… haha as my answer was not that great and still I was selected. I wonder why? Maybe there’s only 9 ppl submitted this? Haha

What’s the Samsung Innov8 Run Prize?
Samsung Innov8 Run Prize
1st Prize will be the Samsung Innov8 Phone! wow…
2nd Prize will be the Sennheiser Headphone.

Who’s the Selected Participants for this Samsung Innov8 Run?
Samsung Innov8 Run Participants
Did you notice anyone familiar in the participants list above? YaY, it’s me. Saimatkong! Haha…

New Red Box Opening @ The Gardens, Mid Valley City – 新張開唱 ,30% 折扣好康優惠!

Sunday, October 26th, 2008 16,974 views

New Red Box Opening @ The Gardens, Mid Valley City

I received invitation letter from Red Box of this new 13th Red Box outlet at The Gardens, Mid Valley City opening on 30 October 2008

New Red Box Opening @ The Gardens, Mid Valley City - 30% offer
I have 30% off, yeah!

New Red Box Opening @ The Gardens, Mid Valley City

Red Box Valued Customer:

Red Box Karaoke and the management would like to express our sincere appreciation to you, as our lowal customer, for your continuous support.

We are pleased to inform that, our 13th Red Box Karaoke outlet will be opening at the Gardens, Mid Valley City, on 30th October 2008.

AS a token of appreciatoion, we would like to extend our “Red Box The Gardens Soft Launch Previleged invitation Card” to you. Please bring along this Privilege Card whenever you visit this new outlet to enjoy 30% discounts. (Valid from 30 Oct 08 – 15 Nov 08)

Looking forward to see you at our Red Box Karaoke atThe Gardens soon.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at 03-22872211 or our customer service hotline at 03-21452233.

Thank you.

Red Box Garden 新張開唱 ,30% 折扣好康優惠!

為了和大家分享新張的喜悅, 所有的會員將可須”秀出”邀請卡在10 月30日至11月15日期間享獲30%的折扣, 無附帶任何條件!!


Red Box The Gardens

Red Box The Gardens - Map
Address: Lot FF203 – 205 Fourth Floor, The Gardens, Mid Valley City, Lingkaran Syed Putra, 59200 Kuala Lumpur
Phone (for reservation): 03-2287 2211
Fax: 03-2287 2311
Operation Hours: 11 am – late

New Samsung i8510 Innov8 – 1st 8 Mega Pixel Phone!

Sunday, October 26th, 2008 7,850 views

The first ever 8 Megapixel camera phone “Samsung-INNOV8″

New Samsung Innov8 - 1st 8 Mega Pixel Phone!

The most up-to-date 8 Megapixel Camera
The most up-to-date 8 Megapixel Camera
• The diamond sharp clarity and brilliance that comes only with 8 Megapixel camera
• x9 digital zoom with auto-focus
• Professional photographic technology (Smile / Blink / Auto panorama shot)

Brilliant Video Recording
Brilliant Video Recording
• QVGA @ 120fps high-speed recording / VGA @ 30fps recording
• Personalizing and editing photos, videos and music with Movie Maker and Story Board applications
• Capture the unexpected moments with Dual Power LED

Premier Pocket theater
Premier Pocket theater
• Crystal clear 16M color and 8″ screen display
• Store dozens of DVD quality movies in 16/8 GB internal storage and microSDHC (up to 16GB)
• 3D surround sound effect by DNSe 2.0 technology

Smooth Web Browsing
Smooth Web Browsing
• Optical mouse for intuitive navigation
• Auto reverse display for landscape view
• Intelligent zoom & seamless webpage shifting

3D Video Game Euphoria
3D Video Game Euphoria
• Two free embedded games : FIFA’08 and Asphalt4
* Asphalt version will be upgraded from Asphalt3 to 4 by’running
• 3D accelerate chip for dynamic game experience

The ergonomic playground
The ergonomic playground
• The most up-to-date Symbian 9.3 / S60 v3.2 OS
• Wi-Fi with DLNA certification / Bluetooth 2.0 with A2DP
• Long lasting battery life (1200mAh)

Samsung i8510 INNOV8 at a glance

# 8 megapixel auto focus camera with dual LED flash. Camera functions / modes include Smart Reader, Image Stabilizer, Auto-Panorama Shot, Smile Shot, Blink Shot, Wide Dynamic Range (WDR), and Face Detection. The camera can also capture video at VGA (30 frames per second) and QVGA (120 frames per second) resolutions. There’s also on board software for editing images and videos (Movie Maker and Storyboard applications).

# Dimensions of 106.5 x 53.9 x 17.2 mm. This compares quite favourably with the 103 x 55 x 20 mm dimensions of the N96.

# 2.8 inch, QVGA screen with 16 million colours.

# Integrated GPS with support for A-GPS via S60.

# Integrated accelerometer sensor, which will be used for automatic screen rotation.

# Optical sensor, this takes the form of a touch pad (as on laptops) like control in the centre of the D-pad. It can be used to move around the UI or as for ‘mouse-like’ functionality in the S60 browser. It has been used on a number of previous Samsung products such as the i870.

# 16GB of internal flash memory and a microSD card slot support cards up to 16GB in size (SDHC).

# Support for HSDPA at 7.2 bps (3.5G) connectivity on 900 and 2100 Mhz WCDMA bands, quad band GSM, Bluetooth 2.0 (including A2DP support), WiFi and USB 2 (Full-speed). WiFi will enable DNLA (UPnP) support for audio and video.

# 3.55 mm audio out jack, support for MP3, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+, WMA (including DRM), AMR and RealAudio audio formats, stereo FM radio (with RDS) and DNSe audio technology. Digital Natural Sound engine (DNSe) is an audio enhancement technology used across a portfolio of Samsung products and helps to produce higher quality surround sound. On the phone it will likely make an appearance via Music player presets.

# In video playback supported formats include DivX, H.263, H.264, WMV, and MP4. Videos will also tke advantage of DNSe where applicable.

# Runs S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 2

# Will ship with 2 embedded games: FIFA 08 (EA) and Asphalt (Gameloft).

# 1200 mAH battery with quoted talk time of up to 300/510 min (3G/2.5G) and stand-by time up to 330 / 310 hrs (3G/2.5G). That should mean it should last 24 hours easily with moderate to heavy usage.

The Samsung i8510 INNOV8 (previously rumored as Samsung Primera) has a name that seems really hard to pronounce, but in fact it’s the word INNOVATE with some untraditional spelling. The device was launched only recently and it seems it will hit the competitor Nokia N96 and other top range phone.

Samsung innov8 is made for tech-savvy users who wants to enjoy the best possible multimedia entertainment with their mobile phone. With the 8-megapixel camera, pre-embedded 3D games, high speed data connections and much more other features will help users gain the true benefits of mobile entertainment,” said Geesung Choi, President of Samsung Telecommunication Business.

“ I expect Samsung innov8 to be a revolutionary milestone for Samsung for opening a new era of mobile multimedia,” Mr. Choi added.

So are you getting one for yourself? More details of Samsung Innov8

How much is this new Samsung i8510 Innov8?
Currently it’s selling @ RM2,999 for 8GB & RM3,399 for 16GB, this is the rough figure, you might find it cheaper because phone price drop very fast! Haha…

Mega Sales : J-Card Day @ 1 Utama Jaya Jusco & Cheras Selatan

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008 15,581 views

J CARD day is a very special day for J CARD members. It’s the time JUSCO rewards its loyal J CARD members with special discounts, best buy items and privileges.

You will be able to shop exclusively for an attractive range of items. Best of all, you will have the chance to accumulate more J CARD points when you pay for your purchases.

J-Card Day is here again!

Like all other J Card Members’ Day, there are Gift and voucher redemption, discounts up to 70% for selected items. I just back from Jusco Bandar Utama, they were all preparing for the Sales and so many cash counter there! Just prepare enough cash in case of the Credit Card transaction failure or maybe Cash Counters have shorter queue?

Haha, actually I went to shop today for the Pre J-Card Day. See which one cheap and good then reserved so that my mom will get the things for me today coz I working. Haha kiasu right? But anyway I did not see anything nice coz those things is the same during Sales… so no point for me also. =)

I saw they selling laptop there too. Wanted to get one mini netbook for myself but still considering one it. They are selling Dell Inspiron Mini (MY0901MN) for RM1299 and Free RM120 Jusco Voucher, HP H2133 Mini Note for RM1799/1999 and Free RM 170/190 Jusco Voucher, Acer Aspire One for RM1599 and Free RM150 Jusco Voucher. It’s a good deal.

I’m sure you will not want to miss this J-Card Day! There are so many products ranging from Appearance, Electrical Products, IT, Food, etc…

Useful Tips:

1) If they don’t let you reserve, just put all the goods that you have selected like, shirt, pants, shoe etc, at a place where other will do not notice then you just go and grab the stuff and pay. Save time.

2) Either go early or park you further, for 1Utama, you might want to park your car at the new wing or if possible, park at Preffered Parking and with a little bit more exercise to the old wing. =)

Bandar Utama Jusco, J-Card Day

J Card Members Day Up to 70% Discount

Exclusively for JCard Members only (* Must and remember to bring your member card.)

- Each JCard Member are welcome to bring along Two friends

Free Jusco Voucher

- Present your PINK receipts to get a RM10 Jusco Voucher for purchase above RM100 at the General Merchandise Store & Jeans Studio

- Present your GREEN receipts to get a RM5 Jusco Voucher for every purchase at the Supermarket, Wine & Hard Liquor Section, La Boheme & Jusco Home Centre

- Jusco 1 Utama Shopping Centre Umbrella Giveaway for purchases above RM80 and above (Only limited to the first 1,500 eligible customers only)

Products Offered

J-Card Day Offer

J-Card Day Offer

Agenda / Arcadia – up to 50% & 70%

Cleef – up to 50% & 70%

Chic Avenue – up to 50%

Jeans Studio – up to 50% & 70%

Men’s Apparels – up to 70%

Ladies Apparels – up to 70%

Ladies Innerwear – up to 70%

Kids & Babies Apparels – up to 70%

Shoe Bargains – up to 20% & 50%

Bags & Luggage – up to 20% & 50%

Household Bargains – Up to 20% & 50%

Bedding Bargains – Up to 50% & 70%

Sport Bargains – Up to 50% & 70%

Golf Section – Up to 70%

Electrical Bargains – Up to 70%


Don’t miss the JUSCO J Card Members’ Day

Time : 8am to 11pm

Location :-

- Jusco 1 Utama Shopping Centre, Bandar Utama
Jusco Bandar Utama
Supervisor : Cik Azlina Bte Md Salleh
Location : 2nd Floor (Beside Niko-niko Doh)
Tel : 03-77253055

- Jusco Cheras Selatan (Balakong)
Jusco Cheras Selatan
Supervisor : Cik Hamidah Lokman
Location : 1st Floor (Beside the Baby Department)
Tel :03-90803445

Call 1 300 803 535 for enquiries.

Do you know that J-Card comes with FREE insurance coverage?
- including full reimbursement for damaged or lost items (up to RM5000), locksmith charges (up to RM100) and PA worth RM5000.

Check your J-Card Rebate Here or Check your J-Card Points Here
More details about J Card

Advertlets is still paying their publisher but in a slow manner!

Monday, October 20th, 2008 2,570 views

I have cashed out few months back and now only received the payment. How to get your payment from them? I have emailed them for few times then only they will reply you and after some ding dong ding dong then finally I received my payment! They do direct transfer too, saying that it will be faster and all, so yeah finally I got my payment!

For those publisher that do not get your money for long time, you should do that to remind them if not they will not send you the payment even after 6 months or even 1 year. So please contact them and remind them that you have cashed out and hopefully they will get back to you.

So the question now is should I get back to Advertlets? They said want to have me back in Advertlets and get me some new campaign but the question is will Advertlets pay on time and fulfill their promise?

I personally had some bad experience with Advertlets that they promised this and that, but in the end it’s different case and the way they treat their publisher. The most serious case is Advertlets domain expired and they forgotten to renew their domain?!. Hopefully Advertlets will learn from it’s mistake and gain from their experience and will be better in the future if still want to be in the game. =)

All the best Advertlets.

Hi Kong,

Here is the receipt. It should clear by Wednesday/Thursday as MEPS transfers
require 1-2 days.

From account: XXX
Transfer to: Local Beneficiary (MEPS GIRO)

Beneficiary details
Name: XXX
Account number: XXX
Transfer Amount: MYR XXX
Transfer via: MEPS GIRO

Date and frequency
Transfer type: Transfer now
Effective date: 15 Oct 2008

For your account: XX
Transaction reference Number: XXX

Sorry for the inconvenience, it will not happen again in future.
We hope the direct bank in is a sufficient resolution.

We would like to have you back with Advertlets, and would like to match you
with a new Toyota campaign commencing this week. We noted that you wrote a
post and joined the Vios contest sometime back, and the client appreciated
the feedback and wants you in the new campaign as well.


Jess Ong
Advertlets Support

View my previous post about Advertlets and how to make money

New Maybank2u Website M2U 2.0 – Failed Big Time

Friday, October 17th, 2008 4,214 views

“With the all-new, all-you M2U 2.0, Maybank now has an internet banking portal built using modern code on a next-generation platform. The chosen platform is scalable and opens the door for Web 2.0 style features to be implemented on the portal. Armed with a new mindset, modern website templates, content management platform and streamlined internal processes, M2U 2.0 now paves the way for richer interactive content, online support and even mobile banking in the future.”

more info on the new M2U 2.0

Maybank2u Failed

It failed, just tried out new m2u 2.0 and encountered bad experience. It’s super slow and it has tones of error… Are you ready to M2U ? After a so long beta period it’s still having problem. Very slow… Are you sure you are upgrading or downgrading? What about the 5 Steps that you shown? Yes, you are “far from finished”…

M2U Failed

What you may do now is use back the same old site that served us for years!
Click here

Maybank2u 2.0 Failed

Working hard to fix M2U, use Classic M2U in the meantime

Wow…We are so overwhelmed with your responses. We did not realise that you guys are so passionate about M2U. Thank you people.

We are aware that all of you are facing difficulties accessing M2U. Our whole team is on site fixing it at this very moment.

We know you are upset and angry. In the transition period, we have made the Classic M2U available for your convenience. You can access it by clicking the Classic M2U banner from the home page.

Source : AllYou.com.my

Zippy internet banking, anyone?

We’re still unsure if the revamp was just a cosmetic makeover. The new site is comparatively slower then the site it is replacing. Prettier but slower. We at least used to be able to get some banking done in v 1.0, but on v 2.0, its completely impossible. There is a 5 minute security timeout if you leave the site idle, and since the site takes a lot longer then that to load, you’re forced to log out before actually being able to log in! And when you do get logged in and try to access any of the services, they mysteriously become unavailable and you get logged out as well.

So yeah, we’ll give them the benefit of the doubt. It could just be a huge surge in curious onlookers of the spiffy new interface, or it could be some kind of unforeseen errors. It could even be the 38 million treat points they have up for grabs, but for a revamp that was claimed to be tested and improved for 3 months, that cost an estimated RM5 million to complete – this new M2U 2.0 isn’t getting much loving from us anytime soon.

Source : Lowyat.net

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