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OMG! Malaysia website hacked? It’s due to poisoned Google DNS that redirecting the website!~

Written on July 1, 2013 – 3:01 pm | by Saimatkong Tian Leong | 2,013 views

OMG! Some Malaysian websites were hacked?! It’s actually not! It’s due to the google DNS redirecting to the hacker site perhaps? It’s due to google DNS poisoned and causing numerous website redirected and it’s as thought they are being hackeD! “HackeD By TiGER-M@TE” #Bangladeshi HackeR

The hacked mentioned this! “Hello malaysia,you think you are more advanced than us? Respect our workers,we will respect you!
Running it since 2007 :)

@GoogleMsia : “We understand there is DNS hijacking on several domains. Please use in the meantime”

Affected websites :


If you’re using Google DNS servers for your DNS queries ( and, you might want to either switch to OpenDNS or to your specific ISP’s DNS servers as we have confirmed that search queries involving Malaysian domain names have been poisoned. Poisoned in a sense that you wont be directed to the actual site, but instead to a temporary site with a defaced page. website hacked?

Sites affected so far are Dell Malaysia (, all Microsoft sites on the .my suffix notable MSN Malaysia (, Skype Malaysia (, Bing Malaysia ( as well as antivirus site Kaspersky ( Google Malaysia (, Youtube Malaysia ( and a few other notable .MY domain sites are also inaccessible at the moment.

At time of writing, none of the online banking sites have been poisoned, but it is a very real possibility that they could be until this issue is resolved. If you have to conduct any online transactions, please ensure that the security certificate for the online banking site you are visiting is valid before keying in your personal details (if you choose to stick to Google DNS servers that is).

The quick fix for now would be to change your DNS servers either to your ISP’s own DNS or to switch to OpenDNS. The list of available DNS servers are below.

OpenDNS Home:
Level3 :

Source :

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