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McDonald's Doubles : Double The Taste. Double The Enjoyment

Monday, May 31st, 2010 4,892 views

Do you like to eac fast food? McDonald’s? You must have eaten the super cheap and value for money lunch right? 12pm-3pm Monday to Friday.

Haha a lot of ppl actually waiting for the clock to struck 12pm even they are the early to queue up coz the price will be a lot different if you order the set before lunch promo! Cheap ma RM5.95 you get to eat a Burger, Fries, Bottomless Coke wor… even those road side Ramly or Otai Burger couldn’t fight on the price la! Air-cond, Free WiFi etc. =)

McDonald's Doubles : Double The Taste. Double The Enjoyment

Recently there’s a new promo which is double patty – not double the price yet double the tase and double the enjoyment! Yeah!

Will teach you something special… haha.

1) Order a Double McChicken RM8++
2) Order a Double Filet-O-Fish RM8++

McDonald's Doubles : Double The Taste. Double The Enjoyment

Special McD
Swap the McChicken and Filet-O-Fish patty….

McDonald's Doubles : Double The Taste. Double The Enjoyment
McDonald's Doubles : Double The Taste. Double The Enjoyment
McDonald's Doubles : Double The Taste. Double The Enjoyment

taddaaa… You get a new product from McDonald’s —-> 2 Double McChicken O-Fish =p


Haha nothing better to do so just swap and create a new product from McD the fish flavor will be covering the chicken. =)

Official Website :

Sprayless Scratch Repair / Scratch Touch Up

Saturday, May 29th, 2010 8,784 views

Have you scratched your car but don’t know where to repair it without any hassle? It’s easy with this sprayless scratch repair / touch up.

Stone Chip
Before : Check out the stone chip

Sprayless Scratch Repair
After : Sprayless Scratch Repair

Scratch Repair

Scratch Repair
Scratch Repair

Scratch Repair
Scratch Repair
Check out how the scratch gone after the repair or touch up, you couldn’t see it from far but you still can feel the scratch when you touch on the paint, but it will protect it being rust.

Scratch Repair
This shop is at BHP Petrol Station @ Damansara Utama (Uptown)

Operating Hours
(Close on Monday)
H/P: 012-2070297 (KS Low)

It’s around RM50+ to fix the stone chip and scratch but if you think it’s expensive then you may look for alternative which is buy the paint from autospa and DIY (Do It Yourself)! It’s simple and easy to do the touch up!

Autospa Paint Touch up
But need to check the color code as they do not have Kia Forte color yet! If you got the code pls update me as well! =)

Free Chocolate Buffet @ Beryl's Chocolate‏

Wednesday, May 26th, 2010 5,934 views

Free Chocolate Buffet @ Beryl's Chocolate‏

Chocolate Fair – Free Chocolate Buffet

Do you fancy chocolate? Free Chocolate Buffet? Wow… Check this out. Eat for free and eat all you can?

Terms and Conditions:
- Eat all you can with no wastage.
- Strictly for dine-in only.
- Unfinished chocolate will be charge according to our selling price.
- Beryl’s reserve the rights to change the terms and conditions without prior notice.

Date : 28 May-30 May, 2010
Time : 9.00am-6.00pm

Beryl’s Chocolate & Confectionery Sdn. Bhd.
No. 8, Jalan 9/1, Seksyen 9, 43650 Bandar Baru Bangi, Selangor, Malaysia.

Telephone (Contact):

Website :

Meet & Greet : TVB artistes Moses Chan, Ron Ng and Natalie Tong @ OneWorld

Monday, May 24th, 2010 5,344 views

Astrolife heartily organised a meet-and-greet session featuring Moses Chan 陈豪, Ron Ng 吴卓羲 and Natalie Tong 唐诗咏 from Hong Kong’s TVB, as a special treat to Astro’s loyal customers as a gesture of appreciation at One World Hotel, Bandar Utama, from 3pm to 5pm last Sunday.

Meet & Greet : TVB artistes Moses Chan, Ron Ng and Natalie Tong

The event, aptly themed as a teatime gathering with Moses Chan 陳豪, Ron Ng 吴卓羲 and Natalie Tong 唐诗咏 showcased the celebrities sharing their recent happenings and interacting with the fans at a closer range. Moses 陳豪 said want to bring Natalie to eat Nasi Lemak “辣死你阿媽” as this was the 1st time she’s been to Malaysia.

Check out their shoes, isn’t it very cool and “in”? haha…

Moses Chan 陳豪
Moses Chan 陳豪

Moses Chan 陳豪

Ron Ng 吴卓羲
Ron Ng 吴卓羲
Ron Ng 吴卓羲

Ron Ng 吴卓羲

Natalie Tong 唐诗咏
Natalie Tong 唐诗咏
Natalie Tong 唐诗咏

Natalie Tong 唐诗咏

Photo session
Photo session
Photo session
Photo session
They tried to make those funny funny pose… Haha nice one!

Mambo Rock
Mambo Rock
Mambo Rock
Mambo Rock…

Guessing Game 大電視
Guessing Game “大電視”…

Balloon contest 吹气球
Balloon contest 吹气球
Balloon contest 吹气球… Check out Ron pump so hard!

Meet & Greet : TVB artistes Moses Chan, Ron Ng and Natalie Tong @ OneWorld
Meet & Greet : TVB artistes Moses Chan, Ron Ng and Natalie Tong @ OneWorld
Bye bye!

Ron Ng’s ‘Rosy Business’ 《巾幗梟雄》 is currently showing on Astro’s Wah Lai Toi (channel 311), on weekdays, at 9.30pm. While, ‘Just Love II’ 《老婆大人II》 starring Natalie Tong will debut in June on Astro. In coming months, Astro will broadcast a series of drama starring Ron Ng and Moses Chan, namely ‘War and Destiny’ 《乱世佳人》, ‘Land of Wealth’ 《汇通天下》 and ‘Beyond the Realm of Conscience’ 《宫心计》.

Kia Buzz – Our Mega TT was featured in the newspaper!

Monday, May 24th, 2010 5,301 views

Woohoo… damn proud of our Fortezen, our Mega TT @ Puchong Old Boy, Penang Auto City, Johor Danga Street Mall, was featured in TheStar newspaper today! Yes, we unite as proud Fortezen and we are still driving our car proudly and having Cargasm every moment! Check out the previous Mega TT post here.

If you never get TheStar paper yesterday (24/05/2010), here’s snapshot for your reading pleasure.

Kia Buzz - Our Mega TT was featured in the newspaper

Forte Mega TT
Photo taken by me during Mega TT @ Old Boy was published!

Kia Buzz - Our Mega TT was featured in the newspaper
91 Fortezen is only @ Old Boy Puchong not inclusive of the north and south region! Next time I think we get 999 Forte k! =)

Kia Buzz - Our Mega TT was featured in the newspaper
Kia Buzz - Our Mega TT was featured in the newspaper

Kia Buzz - Our Mega TT was featured in the newspaper
Yes, it even mention about my blog! =p

Ice Room Cafe @ Nilai

Friday, May 21st, 2010 16,219 views

After AFOS gathering we decided to chill ourself and suggested a place to cool down after the hot and sun burn… Yes so we ended up in this place named “Ice Room @ Nilai”, yeah when you hear the name also know that it will be chilling right? Haha it’s not only serve Ice stuff la but it have other variety of good food too from Asian Food to Western Food to Local Food.

Check out how Fortezen book a parking place for another Fortezen… Lol… Almost kena bang! Kaka…

Ice Room Cafe @ Nilai
It’s a nice place to hangout while eating ICE! Haha…

Ice Room Nilai
So many Fortezen there can’t decide what to order…

Ice Room Special
If you were there, make sure you order this Ice Room Special / Snow Ice Series la… All the ice ice punya… Nais k!

Tropical Mixed Fruit Snow Ice 夏日风情水果冰
Tropical Mixed Fruit Snow Ice 夏日风情水果冰 RM9.90

Durian Snow Ice 榴莲果王雪花冰
Durian Snow Ice 榴莲果王雪花冰 RM8.90

Black Knight 黑芝麻奶雪花冰
Black Knight 黑芝麻奶雪花冰 RM8.90

See so many variety of food! Local Delights, Snack, Spaghetti, Western Specialties, Toasted & Bread, Congee

Black Pepper Sauce Chicken Rice 黑胡椒鸡扒饭
Black Pepper Sauce Chicken Rice 黑胡椒鸡扒饭 RM8.90

Spaghetti with Black Pepper Chicken 黑胡椒鸡扒意粉
Spaghetti with Black Pepper Chicken 黑胡椒鸡扒意粉 RM8.90

Smoked Duck Breast 法式黑椒烟鸭胸
Smoked Duck Breast 法式黑椒烟鸭胸 RM13.90


Assam Fish with white rice
Assam Fish with white rice

The Famous Fried Rice is good too with a lot of prawns only at RM8.90!

A lot of variety for drinks too! (Note : 1 cup of ice kosong cost you RM0.50!)

蔡瀾 Choi Lan
Checkout even 蔡瀾 Choi Lan also went to eat there!

Ice Room Map

Nilai Branch
Address : Lot 200-201, Jalan 6, Nilai Square, Nilai, Malaysia, 71800
Phone: 06-8506487/8506467

KL branch:
Address :
Cheras Area is No1 Lorong 6 E /91,
Taman Shamelin Perkasa,
Off Jalan Cheras,
56100 Kuala Lumpur.
Phone: 03-77109862/77109863

Operation Hour:
11.30 am – 1.00 am

Have you download the Bearigamy from and tried to fold it? Isn’t it cute? If you have not, then you should try it out! There’s 8 Bears (Bearzil, Englbear, Bearitalia, Beartugal, Beargentina, Bearmany, Esberanyol, Bearfrance).

Which bear do you like?

There’s other fun stuff too, you could play the online games and watch the latest bear TVC and find out about exclusive promotions during football season. Stay tuned for more updates.

Asia Festival Of Speed (AFOS) @ Sepang

Thursday, May 20th, 2010 8,108 views

Date: Sunday, May 16, 2010
Time: 9:00am – 12:00pm
Location: Sepang International Circuit

MyFORTE Club: Forte Owners Club Malaysia has been invited by to attend a car club gathering at Sepang International Circuit in conjunction with “Asian Festival Of Speed” (AFOS) on 16th May 2010.

The “Asian Festival of Speed” is recognized regionally and internationally as the premier Asian motorsport event. AFOS comprises of the FIA-Sanctioned Formula V6 Asia, Asian Touring Car Series, ATC-Max, Formula BMW Pacific, Porsche Carrera Cup Asia, GT3 Asia and the Formula Asia 2.0.

The organizers have invited all the major car clubs in Malaysia and each club has been allocated a maximum of 30 cars (minimum at least 10 or more) to the event. Each club will given a designated parking and free entry to the AFOS event. All registered car owners will be presented with a certificate of attendance/participation.

Old Boy
Forte @ Old Boy
Forte @ Old Boy
Early in the morning, some of us gathered at Puchong Old Boy before we start our journey to Sepang for the AFOS.

Kenny Phan
This is Kenny busy calling ppl… wakeup call etc as Nizam cannot make it.

Forte Gathering
Forte Gathering
Forte Gathering
Then we met up another group of members before we proceed to AFOS.


Finally we reach Sepang… Saw a lot of different car club there.

After we waited for almost 45mins… All of us getting not that patient anymore… Nur decided not to wait and parked at the open air car park at the side, then all the other members followed… that’s a wise choice I must say! Thank you Nur for leading us to the parking… then we had ice cream there too. Haha.

Special Parking
Look how special the parking was, specially for our Fortezen. =)

There’s nothing much in this AFOS and I must say the event could be better and more interesting if the organizer did more research and more effort on the planning. We do not have place to park inside to display our car too! Arghh… That’s the main objective for us but still we could not achieve that.

Car Showcase

Cute Kancil
Is this Kancil? Haha…

Modified City
Modded Honda City?

Car Showcase

Car Showcase

Sharkfin antenna
Saw this Sharkfin antenna, good or not? Thinking to mod this too.

Look at this Proton Savvy with only one headlamp?! haha… “Tan Ngan Lou”~!

Audio System
PSP in car
PSP in car for your leisure too!

Audio System
Audio System

Okay there’s some audio showcase… All the audio is damn nice one k… their sound system might caused them 10k? Just look at how many prizes have been awarded to them.

Sepang Circuit
Not much ppl turn up.

Forte Members
Forte Members

AFOS Angels
AFOS Angels
All the Fortezen were dying to see those Angels but too disappointed as we didn’t get to see any in close distance except those at the pit area. Angels photop credits to :

Forte @ AFOS Sepang
Forte @ AFOS Sepang
Before we left, we decided to park our car in the main entrance and take some snapshot to show that we are there!

Too hot and thirsty and tired… then we decided to chill @ Ice Room – Nilai! Hahah… What’s happened next? Stay tuned…

Have you seen any Clecom Blue Bear around? It’s a campaign for this coming World Cup! Blue vs The Rest!

Celcom Blue Bear - Bearzil
Do you know which bear is this? It’s “Bearzil”! Representing Brazil team which is my favorite for this coming World Cup! Visit : for more details about this campaign. You will be able to download Bearigamy (bear origami – Bearzil, Englbear etc…), ringtones, wallpapers!

No Entry : But Why Malaysian Just Ignore It?

Sunday, May 16th, 2010 2,800 views

No Entry - Tropicana City Mall

No Entry - Tropicana City Mall

As everyone can see the sign… It’s written there No Entry, but why ppl are still queuing up there? This is in one of the mall in Petaling Jaya. Isn’t this we refer to Malaysia Boleh? or Malaysian do not ever follow the rules or just against it? …

Not only that, I also paling hate those ppl who cut queue near the junction or traffic light where all of the rest just queuing for their turn, this mostly happen to those driving big car like BMW, Mercedez-Benz etc… Can’t you just wait for your turn and why do you think we queue up for? Please obey the rules! Rules are meant to be followed and not meant to be broken!

Celcom Bear

South Africa World Cup 2010 is coming very very soon! Everyone will be getting their HD TV ready and re-fill their beer and kacang to watch the live match I believe? Haha…

It’s all about the World Cup Fever and the Celcom Blue Bears! You can download FREE ringtone, online games & wallpaper & Bearigami (bear origami) here!

Wonder what’s a Bearigami? Yeah it’s very cute bear just like me konon-nya… haha.

Bearigami are the adorable blue Celcom Bears in Brazil, England, Italy, and Portugal jerseys.

Still cannot imagine? Then just play the game and get the link to download the bearigami of your favorite team! Mine is “Bearzil”! Do you know which team? =)

Thomas Cup Updates : Malaysia lost to China 3-0 in Semi Finals

Sunday, May 16th, 2010 4,714 views

Thomas Cup - Stadium Putra

It was a sad day for Malaysia. We couldn’t deliver even a single point even with thousands of support and cheering from Malaysia fans in Bukit Jalil Putra Stadium indoor stadium. Dato Lee Chong Wei could not get hold of the game and Lin Dan was the one who control of the whole game.

“Today, China proved that they have a better team than ours. China’s players showcased better quality. Our players tried their best but they were simply not good enough,” said Rashid.

I think we need to brush up our players and we are just over confident and China players are still as great as the Great Wall of China and it’s unbreakable.

If Lee Chong Wei could deliver the first point in 1st Single for Malaysia against China Lin Dan, we still have hope and it will bring up the spirits of other players too! But unfortunately Chong Wei could not make it.

Lin Dan won 21-17, 21-8 to hand Chong Wei his first defeat in 19 matches with the much awaited Chong Wei-Lin Dan encounter lasting 48 minutes. The win stretched Lin Dan’s wins over Chong Wei to 14 against six defeats.

Lee Chong Wei vs Lin Dan Thomas Cup

Lin Dan Sexy Body - Thomas Cup

Lin Dan Sexy Body - Thomas Cup

Lin Dan Sexy Body - Thomas Cup

Lin Dan Sexy Body - Thomas Cup
Look at Lin Dan sexy body after he won and took off his shirt, he dance in cloud nine too! He’s just too great…

Khoo Kien Keat and Tan Boon Heong was the hope to leave up the spirits but they fail to beat Cai Yun-Fu Haifeng they are just too good in handling in their games. Cai Yung-Yu Haifeng put China 2-0 in front in the semi-finals of the Thomas Cup when they beat the Malaysian pair of Koo Kean Keat-Tan Boon Heong 21-15, 21-10.

Cai Yun-Fu Hai Feng

Thomas Cup Final will be China vs Indonesia and the interesting match will be Lin Dan vs Taufik!

Images Credit to ThomasUberKL2010

M’sia go down 0-3 to China in Thomas Cup semi

THOUSANDS of cheering Malaysian fans created an electrifying atmosphere at the Putra Stadium.

But their efforts failed to lift the spirit of the Malaysian players, who succumbed to three quick blows to go down 0-3 to defending champions China in the Thomas Cup semi-finals last night.

The defeat shattered Malaysia’s dream of ending an 18-year wait to lift the Cup they last won in 1992.

Lee Chong Wei Lost to Lin Dan - Thomas Cup
Malaysia Down and out of Thomas Cup: Malaysia’s Lee Chong Wei goes down on his knees after failing to return Lin Dan’s shot in the first singles last night. Chong Wei lost 17-21, 8-21. Malaysia went on to lose the semi-final 0-3.

The semi-final was an anti-climax tie for Malaysia as the top players – world No. 1s Lee Chong Wei and Koo Kien Keat-Tan Boon Heong – failed to live up to expectations.

After playing so confidently in his previous two ties, Chong Wei wilted under pressure and went down tamely 17-21, 8-21 to his nemesis Lin Dan.

Hopes were then high on Kien Keat-Boon Heong to level the tie but they too found Cai Yun-Fu Haifeng too hot too handle, going down 15-21, 10-21 in just 36 minutes.

The hopes of the nation was then on the shoulders of veteran Wong Choong Hann to save the tie but he too crumbled under the weight of expectations, going down 16-21, 7-21 in 41 minutes.

And it was all over for Malaysia.

Fu Haifeng and Cai Yun
Invincible: China’s Fu Haifeng (left) and Cai Yun celebrating after beating Malaysia’s Koo Kien Keat-Tan Boon Heong in their first doubles match on Friday night. – AP

China will take on Indonesia in the final tomorrow.

The tame defeat of skipper Chong Wei came as a surprise and the Malaysian said that Lin Dan’s aggressive display at the start of the match broke his rhythm.

“He took a 10-3 lead in the opening game and that rattled me. I lost my focus and found it hard to narrow the gap,” said Chong Wei.

It was Chong Wei’s 15th defeat to Lin Dan in 21 meetings over the last six years.

Lin Dan sexy without shirt
I’ve got the rhythm: China’s Lin Dan performing a break dance after beating Malaysia’s Lee Chong Wei in their Thomas Cup semi-final first singles match Friday night. – Bernama

“It suddenly felt like the court was too small and I could not see any space to hit the shuttle. I was demoralised when he retrieved all my attacking shots,” said Chong Wei.

“All of a sudden I felt that my standard had dropped. Lin Dan was too good today.”

National coach Rexy Mainaky pinned high hopes on Kien Keat-Boon Heong but, instead of enjoying the home advantage, they were beaten mercilessly by the fast attacking Chinese pair.

Boon Heong admitted that “we lost to a better pair”.

“They were good in all departments today. They were fast in their attack, solid in defence and able to read our game,” said Boon Heong.

“Overall, they were more solid. Kien Keat and I tried our best but it just did not happen for us.”

Said Kien Keat: “We have lost to them in team events for four times. It is not because we are not good team players. We are but they were just too good today. We will work harder to get the better of them.”

Chen Jin vs Choong Hann
Gracious winner: Chen Jin (left) consoling Malaysia’s Wong Choong Hann after scoring the winning point for China

After the defeats of Chong Wei and Kien Keat-Boon Heong, Malaysian fans knew the battle was all over.

As expected, Choong Hann, despite pockets of brilliance, found his younger opponent Chen Jin a tough nut to crack.

With his defeat, Malaysia’s agonising wait for the Thomas Cup which they last won in 1992, continues.

Source : TheStar

Ninja Joe : Pork Buger @ Tropicana City Mall

Friday, May 14th, 2010 4,324 views

Ninja Joe - Pork Buger @ Tropicana City Mall

Ninja Joe - Pork Buger @ Tropicana City Mall

Ninja Joe - Pork Buger @ Tropicana City Mall

Ninja Joe - Pork Buger @ Tropicana City Mall

Non Halal
It’s non halal! Here only serve pork here!

Ninja Joe - Pork Buger @ Tropicana City Mall
Ninja Joe - Pork Buger @ Tropicana City Mall
Ninja Joe - Pork Buger @ Tropicana City Mall
Just a small place for you to eat in…

Terriyaki Pork Buger
Teriyaki Pork Buger

Oriental Pork Buger
Oriental Pork Buger


Yummy pork buger

Yummy pork buger
Yummy pork burger

Total Damage : RM12.95 (Two pork burger + fries + drinks)

If you staying near PJ and shopping / catching a movie at Tropicana City Mall, you might want to give this Pork Burger a try but the burger really really small! lol. It’s cool to be JOE! Show proof that ur name is Joe n enjoy RM1off any ninja meal! Valid for non promotion items only

Celcom Promo

Always worried of being expensive phone calls? Have you ever tried to miss call your friend and thinking they will call you back so you will save on the cost of calling? You do not need to do that now with this Celcom Exec promo!

Worry no more with Celcom Exec 50 or Celcom Exec 20, you could call your loved one be it with the same or different network for only RM0.10 per minute!

Cheap? It’s even cheaper than calling your family and friends on the “same network” offered by other telco postpaid plans out there!

These package offers calls to ANY network anywhere within the country for ONLY RM10sen/minute! This offer valid for 100 days once the registration confirmed, act fast! Hurry, sign up for Celcom Exec 50 or Celcom Exec 20 from now until 31 July 2010.

Aditioanlly, you will get 30% off every month with Celcom Exec 50 too! Signup now.

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