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Tips – BlackBerry LED Status Light Indicator

Saturday, October 31st, 2009 10,731 views

Enjoying your Xpax BlackBerry? Do you know what’s the light blinking in your BlackBerry for? Here is a quick guide and tips to the BlackBerry LED indicators.

BlackBerry Curve 8520

BlackBerry Curve 8520 - LED Status Light Indicator

Blue – Blue is for Bluetooth.

A flashing blue light indicates an active connection via bluetooth. You could enable/disable this feature under “Options > Bluetooth > Menu > Options > LED Connection Indicator: On/Off”

Green – Green is for coverage indicator.

Who really wants to be continuously reminded they are in a service area? I definitely don’t need this, it’s a waste of your batt if it’s blinking all days! Anyway it’s off by default! You could enable/disable this “feature” under “Options > Screen/Keyboard > LED Coverage Indicator On/Off”

Red – This is the good one! A flashing red light indicates a new message is waiting. Check under your messages folder for any unread items.

You can choose to be notified of new messages visually under “Profiles > Advanced > [Select profile you wish to modify] > [Select message the application that you wish to modify on how's the notification] > Repeat Notification : LED Flashing/Off”

Yellow – Yellow indicates that you are running out of battery. Find a charger quickly!

No Light – Nothing happen la! duh. Haha.

MY FM DJ及特工队招募活动!Recruitment!

Friday, October 30th, 2009 4,048 views

I heard this ads @ MyFM few times and thinking that could I actually join them as a DJ? Want to be a host? Woo hoo cool man. Haha, what should I put in for my resume?? I have experience as emcee for some products and few of my friends wedding dinner, could I make it?? 驶么讲啊 =p

MyFM Recruitment

MY FM将于2009年10月31日,11am – 3pm举办仅有一次的大型DJ及特工队招募活动!

如果你年龄介于19-25岁,能读写中文字体,说得一口流利的华语和广东话(BM以及英文也要行!),同时没有犯罪记录,欢迎你携带你的个人履历表(Resume)以及个人近照在以上的日期及时间来到ASTRO North Entrance参与这一次的大型面试活动!


- 精力充沛,愿意长时间工作
- 年龄介于19-25岁
- 能读写中文字体,说得一口流利的华语和广东话(BM以及英文也要行!)
- 已有超过两年的的驾驶经验
- 对于雪隆区一带的路线了如指掌(若是你知道其他地方会更好)
- 没有犯罪记录
- 能够自备交通
- 在藉学生或自由工作者优先考虑

如果你成功成为MY FM特工家族的成员,你就有机会:
- 出外坡学习及工作
- 学习机提升在大众前的临场反应
- 成为一名出色的主持人
- 学习及积累台上经验
- 参与MY FM大型活动,MY FM 台庆及特工队巡回礼的制作过程
- 设计及管理一些对外的活动
- 有机会亮声,录制MY FM 电台广告
- 认识和学习有关MY FM 的运作,包括大众传播以及广告学的知识

Miss Astro in Bikini @ Genting

Thursday, October 29th, 2009 10,619 views

Okay here’s more updates from the Miss Astro Chinese International Pageant 2009 @ Genting, in this post, I will post up more bikini photo which is for the swimwear catwalk.

Cute girl
There’s few cute little girls who do the swimwear catwalk together with the pageant.

Janice Ching Yoke Wei (25, Selangor)
Janice Ching Yoke Wei (25, Selangor)

Jean Thor Jean Nee (24, Kuala Lumpur)
Jean Thor Jean Nee (24, Kuala Lumpur)

Jean Thor Jean Nee (24, Kuala Lumpur)
Jean Thor Jean Nee (24, Kuala Lumpur)

Bare Back
Jean Thor Jean Nee (24, Kuala Lumpur)

Kate Chuan Li Fang (24, Penang)
Kate Chuan Li Fang (24, Penang)

Christine Yong Sook Yee (25, Selangor)
Christine Yong Sook Yee (25, Selangor)

Bare Back
Christine Yong Sook Yee (25, Selangor)

Polly Yap Poo Lee (22, Pahang)
Polly Yap Poo Lee (22, Pahang)

Katrina Ho Fooi Tin (21, N. Sembilan)
Katrina Ho Fooi Tin (21, N. Sembilan)

Bare Back
Katrina Ho Fooi Tin (21, N. Sembilan)



Fiona Yeo Siew Ling (楊秀灵) sister of Vivien Yeo Siew Hui (楊秀惠) previous Miss Astro and now TVB artist, did not win any award.

Group photo
A group photo of all the Pageant in bikini swimwear.

3-day Super Sale Across Asia Pacific

Wednesday, October 28th, 2009 2,006 views

Hurry up there’s 3-day Super Sale. One million hotel rooms at amazing rate across Asia Pacific, this campaign run for only 3 days from 27 Oct to 29 Oct
I choose Singapore as it’s my dream country to visit with lots of nice food and it’s a shopping paradise too. It’s only USD 70+ per night in city center and it’s definitely worth the money.

It’s been a long time since my last visit to Singapore and I love shopping and enjoy the food in Singapore especially Katong Laksa. I would like to visit Singapore again and again because of the ppl and country which is rich blend in culture, cuisine, arts and architecture! Now it host F1 and Casino coming soon too which make me more excited.

Singapore Orchard Road

Shopping definitely will be Orchard Road! Just so many shops and mall along the road and you can’t resist for the sales. On the other hand, the transportation is very convenient as it’s covered by MRT and bus in almost everywhere in Singapore.
What are you waiting for? Choose your prefer location and check out the deal if it’s best choice for you or not. Treat yourself a holiday now.

Accor Hotels 3-Day Super Sale Asia Pacific

Cheers to A Great Oktoberfest @ 1 Utama

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009 3,399 views

Cheers to A Great Oktoberfest @ 1 Utama

It’s time of the year again to get together and celebrate 1 Utama’s Oktoberfest. The wide selection of Oktoberfest delicacies and imported premium beers will tease and satisfy your palette once again.

EXCLUSIVELY FOR ONECARD MEMBERS ONLY! Prepare your two 50 cents coints and flash your ONECARD to redeem a bottle of official Oktoberfest beer from 6pm onwards. 500 bottles of Lowerbrau are up for grabs daily. One redemption per valid ONECARD member only. Terms & conditions apply.

Get yourself the official Oktoberfest Felt Hat! Remember to flash your ONECARD to enjoy special discount! Also, get your limited edition ONECARD Oktoberfest mug and enjoy special discount on draught beer!

Check out Happy Hour Special! and get more at 1 Utama’s Oktoberfest this year! Come come let’s go for beer!!

Date : 29 – 31 October 2009
Time : 6pm onwards
Venue : 1 Utama, LG Rainforest

Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blogger Awards 2009 @ Singapore

Saturday, October 24th, 2009 10,934 views

Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blogger Awards 2009 @ Singapore

Wooo hoo, Nuffnang Blogger Awards 2009 ended and just reached Link Hotel, finally after a long wait for the bus, for almost 1 hour, should be able to back to hotel earlier and rest.. arghh tiring. Anyway XiaXue from Singapore won 3 awards! Wow!

Here’s some updates while I will cover more when I’m back in Kuala Lumpur!

Nuffnang Blogger Awards Trophy

Best Entertainment Blog – Have not another single boring moment.
Kenny Sia

Best Original Blog Design, Most Influential Blog, Region’s Best Blog
Xia Xue

Kenny Sia run to the stage when Xia Xue taking her Best Original Blog Design and grab the mic and said “Steven Lim has the best blog design ever…” I guess he meant Blogger Singapore Steven Lim… haha.

Best Celebrity Blog
Joanne Peh 白薇秀 from Media Corp Singapore. Love her movie The Little Nyonya (Mediacorp, 2008) and Beach.Ball.Babes (MediaCorp, 2008) which is recently aired in AEC Astro.

Kenny Sia and Joanne Peh 白薇秀 the excellent blogger!

Xpax vs Hotlink @ Blackberry® BIS Plan

Thursday, October 22nd, 2009 11,821 views

BlackBerry Curve 8520

Okay now let’s compare and see both telco Xpax and Hotlink for BlackBerry Plan.

Xpax Promotion

No hidden clauses, no upfront payment and all. You just need to pay RM998 + RM50 reload (Free 1 week BlackBerry prepaid access & Free imported skin), no commitment and you can stop anytime you wish to. (Promo valid from 11 October to 15 November)

Xpax BIS Usage Plan

Xpax BIS Usage Plan

BlackBerry Social Plan RM1
-The social networking & instant messaging services under this plan only applies to the following built in BlackBerry applications: Facebook, Flickr, Myspace, Yahoo Messenger, Windows Live Messenger, Google Talk, ICQ, AOL Messenger and BlackBerry Messenger.
-The speed for unlimited data under this plan is 128kbps and on best effort basis.
-The service is only valid in Malaysia
-By signing up for the service, auto-renewal on a shall take effect on daily basis subject to credit availability.

BlackBerry Advance (2.5G)
-The social networking & instand messaging services under this plan only applies to the following built in BlackBerry applications: Facebook, Flickr, Myspace, Yahoo Messenger, Windows Live Messenger, Google Talk, ICQ, AOL MEssenger and BlackBerry Messenger.
-Unlimited browsing is only applicable within the BlackBerry handheld device.
-Data usage is capped at 1GB per day. Additional additional usage will be charged at RM0.10 / 10kb.
-The speed for unlimited data under this plan is 128kbps and on best effor basis.
-The service is only valid in Malaysia
-By signing up for the service, auto-renewal on a shall take effect on daily basis subject to credit availability.

Hotlink Promotion

*RM899 (1 free skin for every purchase of Blackberry® CurveTM 8520. While stock last.) Exclusive Blackberry® CurveTM 8520 offer for Hotlink subscribers!

*Terms & Condition
“Pay the full price of the Blackberry® CurveTM 8520 at RM 1,199 to enjoy a RM 300 rebate over a 12- month period. Only available for package subscription of 12-month and above.” By saying this, meaning there’s a commitment for you and you need to use 12 months in order for you to get the rebate if not that BlackBerry Curve 8520 is priced @ RM1,199

So you need to pay RM1,199 upfront and they will rebate you over a 12 months period.

When will the rebate be given?
The rebate will be given at the end of each monthly Prepaid BIS subscription period across the 12-month contract prior to subscription renewal. RM25 for 12 months (RM300). If the monthly Prepaid BIS subscription renewal fails at the end of the subscription period, renewal will be retried for 5 days. If Prepaid BIS subscription is still not renewed within the 5 days grace period, the contract will be deemed to be broken and the remaining monthly rebate will be void.

Hotlink BIS Usage Plan

Hotlink BIS Usage Plan
There’s 4 plans and it might confused you compared to Xpax which only has 2 unlimited plan.

Hotlink BIS Usage Plan : Social RM28 per month, Messaging RM28 per month, Weekly Premium RM28 per week, Premium RM98 per month

Subscribers can enjoy usage up to 100MB for Social and Messaging packages, up to 50MB for Weekly Premium package and up to 1.5GB for Premium package. Subsequent data usage will be charged at a pay per use rate of 1 sen per kB (peak) or 0.5 sen per kB (off peak).


- Xpax no commitment needed for RM998, Hotlink need to stay for 12months to enjoy cheaper phone.
- If opt for BIS premium you need to pay RM98 for Hotlink but you only need to pay RM75+- (e.g. RM2.50*30)
- In the premium plan : Xpax give your more flexibility without worrying you exceed the usage where it give you 1GB per day vs Hotlink 1.5GB per month, if you exceed the usage be prepared to pay the high price but a lot of BlackBerry users who use for push mail and all saying that it’s using very minimum of the usage 5MB.

Additional Info :
1) If you already own a blackberry phone but not purchase from Hotlink, and want to subscribe to Hotlink Blackberry Plan, you are not allowed to do so. On the other hand, for Xpax, you can subscribe to their Blackberry plan regardless of whether it was purchased from them or not.

All the above info quoted from their respective website. What say you about the plan?

My New BlackBerry Curve 8520

Wednesday, October 21st, 2009 6,204 views

My New BlackBerry Curve 8520
Love my BlackBerry Curve 8520 so much!

My New BlackBerry Curve 8520

My New BlackBerry Curve 8520
Xpax + BlackBerry Curve 8520 can do wonders!

My New BlackBerry Curve 8520

My New BlackBerry Curve 8520

My New BlackBerry Curve 8520

My New BlackBerry Curve 8520

Package Include :
1 Charger
1 USB Cable
1 Battery
1 Handsfree
1 2GB microSD

It’s a good phone and I really like that track pad compared to track ball, I tested the track ball with my friend’s BlackBerry Bold not so sensitive and the ball will be dirty and need to be replace. The camera is 2.0 Mega Pixel without any flash or LED light, it’s best to take in bright lighting condition. The download speed is still bearable at 128kbps with Xpax BlackBerry Social RM1 or Advance RM2.50 plans, sometimes it might takes awhile to load.

The lacking features in this phone is just 3G (no video calls and only using EDGE or GPRS connection) and GPS. Overall this is a good entry level phone looking at the price and it worth every cent that you paid for. I need to re-charge my BlackBerry everyday due to high usage and can’t leave without it! =)

Free apps that you might interested for your BlackBerry Curve 8520 : -
- Google Sync
- Google Gmail For Mobile
- Google Map
- UberTwitter
- Facebook version 1.7
- MSN Messenger
- BBM Version 5 (New version)

For other free apps, theme, or ringtone, etc go to http://m.crackberry.com/, if you know any better apps then please let me know too so that we could share share and enjoy most out of this BlackBerry.

Beyonce’s "I am" concert postponed / cancelled?

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009 4,066 views

Will Beyonce’s concert might be cancelled again? They have removed Malaysia from their official site. Stay tuned for more updates before we can confirmed that Beyonce is not coming to Malaysia! So don’t spread anything as of now those rumors in twitters or facebook and so on… for more info read on.

Beyonce’s concert postponed

PETALING JAYA: Fans of American superstar Beyonce Knowles will be disappointed again as the “bootylicious” singer has decided to postpone the Malaysian leg of her I am … Sasha Fierce concert.

The concert, scheduled for this Sunday night at the National Stadium in Bukit Jalil, has been postponed to another date which would be announced soon.

“The postponement is solely the decision of the artiste and has nothing to do with other external reasons,” organisers Marctensia and UCSI Communications said in a statement yesterday.

Beyonce’s I'm concert postponed
It’s off for now: Beyonce posing for a photo at a promotional event for Japanese fashion brand Samantha Thavasa in Tokyo in this file picture. — Reuters

Fans who have purchased tickets but could not wait for the announcement of the new date could obtain a refund from Oct 26 to Nov 14 at the Ticket Axcess head office in Petaling Jaya. They can also call for details at 03-7711 5000 or log on to www.axcess.com.my.

The online social network Twitter was abuzz yesterday over whether the concert had been cancelled.

PAS had protested against Beyonce’s performance, citing her “inappropriate dressing” sense.

However, Informa­tion, Communi-ca­tions and Culture Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim said there was no reason to stop Beyonce from holding her show if she adhered to the regulations.

Source : TheStar

Beyonce: I am…. not coming

PETALING JAYA (Oct 19, 2009) : Beyonce’s first concert in Malaysia scheduled for Oct 25 has been postponed indefinitely.

While concert organisers are going into PR overdrive to contain the situation and look for an alternative date, it emerges that external factors and the artiste’s fickle-minded management have thrown a spanner in the works for Kuala Lumpur to be the Grammy-award winning singer’s first South East Asia date for her “I am …” World Tour.

A statement from organisers Marctensia attributes the postponement to the artiste’s camp, and said ticket holders can obtain refunds between Oct 26 and Nov 14 at the Ticket Axcess head office here.

“The organisers regret to inform you that Beyonce ‘I am …’ concert originally scheduled for Sunday Oct 25 at Bukit Jalil has been postponed to a future date, to be announced shortly,” said the e-mailed statement.

“The postponement is solely decision of the artiste and has nothing to do with other external reasons,” Marctensia said.

However, sources both in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore told theSun that Beyonce’s manager, her father Matthew Knowles, has imposed additional conditions for her to perform here.

“He wants an assurance for her security, including a personal assurance from the government that there will be no terrorists threats or attacks,” said a source.

A government source confirmed this, saying that the Malaysian Government has been very accommodating, where a letter from the Prime Minster’s Department was issued to Beyonce’s management assuring them of her safety.

It is understood that the US$450,000 (RM1.48 million) artiste fee has already been paid to Beyonce to secure her for the show here.

However, it had been revealed in this paper’s Down2Earth column on Oct 2 that there had been attempts by Singapore organisers to get the artiste to perform on the island republic when she was down there last month for the F1 Rocks show.

“They had used the protests against her by PAS to scare Beyonce’s people.

“The Malaysian government has been very helpful in getting the paperwork done to bring her down here. Now we have this,” said a source.

The statement from Marctensia goes on to say that the official postponement statement by Beyonce’s artiste management, Music World will be released this week.

It is learnt that 30,000 tickets have already been sold.

This is the second time that the artiste’s trip here has been scuttled. Last year, she ditched Kuala Lumpur in favour of Jakarta due to the strict dress code imposed by the Malaysian authiorities.

Source : TheSun

New RM50 Note & Special Edition – Ringgit Malaysia

Monday, October 19th, 2009 22,398 views

New RM50 Note & Special Edition - Ringgit Malaysia

Have you seen or been using the new RM50 notes? It’s out few months back and now it’s widely use I guess. Even when you withdraw from all the major ATM, you will be getting new RM50 note instead of the old one.

The RM50 note gets a makeover with enhanced anti-forgery security features and a design theme reflecting how far Malaysia has moved up the economic value chain after 50 years of independence.

The illustrations on the note include oil palm trees and microbiology technology, representing Malaysia’s economic transformation to the higher value-added activities in the agricultural, manufacturing, services and other sectors. The front retains the portrait of the first king, Tuanku Abdul Rahman Tuanku Muhammad, on the right. The national hibiscus flower is in the centre.

Songket patterns frame the background and edges of the note to reflect traditional Malaysian textile handicraft and embroidery. The issuance of the new RM50 notes also commemorates Malaysia 50th independence anniversary.

On the back, first Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman is featured raising his hand in proud declaration of Merdeka!

New RM50 Note & Special Edition - Ringgit Malaysia

New RM50 Note & Special Edition - Ringgit Malaysia

Security Features

The security features incorporated in the Fourth Series of RM50 banknotes are as follows :

* The Watermark Portrait can be recognised by tints that are lighter or darker than the surrounding paper. This watermark portrait which has a three-dimensional effect appears without sharp outlines. At the base of the watermark, the numeral 50 is clearly visible.

* The Security Thread is embedded in the paper and appears on the reverse side of the note as a silver coloured dotted line. When the note is held against the light, it is seen as a continuous dark coloured line and the repeated text BNM RM50 can be read. When viewed under ultra-violet light, the thread is seen in various changing colours known as the “rainbow effect”.

* Micro-Letterings of “BNM RM50″ which can be viewed under a magnifying glass.

* Invisible Fluorescent Elements can be seen through various elements of the background on the obverse and reverse side of the banknote and will fluoresce in different colours when viewed under ultra-violet light.

* Perfect See-Through Register feature where the graphic songket design on the obverse side of the note will register perfectly with the same graphic songket design on the reverse side when it is held against the light.

* Multicolour Latent Image of the denomination 50 can be seen when the banknote is tilted slightly and the colour changes when it is rotated.

* Holographic Stripe features the denomination 50 and the hibiscus flower, with a multi-coloured pumping and matt-structure effect.

* Hidden image with moiré effect where certain areas of the design appearance will change when the banknote is copied.

Members of the public are advised to take note of the security features and design of the new RM50 notes outlined above. The existing series of the RM50 banknotes will continue to be legal tender. For more info can visit www.bnm.gov.my

New RM50 Note & Special Edition - Ringgit Malaysia

New RM50 Note & Special Edition - Ringgit Malaysia

There is the logo of the 50th Independence anniversary in this special edition note. I myself also did not notice about this till I someone told me about this. I actually have this special edition note during the CNY, Ang Pau =p. So do take a look next time when you receive the new note whether it’s the special edition with the stated logo or not, if yes then keep it! =)

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