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Do you pump Petrol Fuel Ron95 or Ron97? Price Increased

Monday, August 31st, 2009 14,555 views

Shell Ron 95
Shell New Ron95

Unleaded Ron95
Unleaded Ron95 Fuel

Unleaded Only

Wira 1.3, Unleaded only. So meaning my car can pump Ron95 but I have tried it feel like my car not enough power and the steering keep vibrating. Hmm not really sure whether it’s my car only or what. Sigh. It’s time to modified my car? Change extractor? Bigger Exhaust Pipe?


Should be pumping Ron97 for the last time as the price is gonna hike up to RM2.05 wow. Moreover, it’s now premium petrol. I can’t afford a premium thingy.

Ron95 and Ron97 in Mobil Station.

Ron95 and Ron97 pump in Shell Station.

Ron95 and V-Power pump in Shell Station.

It’s not easy to find Ron97 in Shell now. Some petrol station only have V-Power and Ron95 only, which is Taman Sea and Kayu Ara Shell Station, if you want to get Ron97, go to Bandar Utama Shell Station.

Ron95 and Ron97
Ron95 – RM1.75 till today (Merdeka day 31st August) and after that will be increased RM1.80

Ron97 – RM1.80 till today (Merdeka day 31st August) and after that will be increased to RM2.05

It’s RM0.25 different between Ron95 and Ron97, if normally you pump 35-40 liter it will be RM8.75 – RM10 different.

Which one will you choose to pump? Ron95 or Ron97? Will it affecting you?

Price of RON 95 at RM1.80 from Tuesday

KUALA LUMPUR: The newly introduced RON 95 fuel is now priced at RM1.80 – five sen higher than the previous RM1.75.

Meanwhile, RON 97 is upgraded as a premium product and has gone up to RM2.05 from RM1.80.

Domestic Trade, Cooperative and Consumerism Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob said the new prices were decided based on the current method of Automatic Pricing Mechanism (APM).

“Although the price is now 5 sen higher, the Government is still subsidising 33.81 sen per litre (of RON 95) which is equivalent to RM304mil monthly,” he told reporters after the launch of Primax 95 by Petronas here on Monday.

Currently, the Government is subsidising RON 97 by 42.72 sen per litre.

The cost for RON 95 went up 102% from USD$ 40.75 per barrel to USD$ 82.30 in December last year and August respectively.

“If there is any changes in the global prices, we would revise it accordingly. It is up to the Economic Council to decide.

“RON 95 also adheres to the EURO2M specification where it can lessen pollution,” said Ismail Sabri, adding that consumers would get quality petroleum at a subsidised price.

With the new pricing, Ismail Sabri added that RON 92 was phased out from the market as the usage was only 5% from total petrol sale in the country.

In April last year, then Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Datuk Shahrir Samad said the Government was considering the use of petrol with higher research octane number (RON) to reduce fuel subsidies without hurting the lower-and-medium income groups.

A higher octane number means higher resistance to engine “knocking”. “Knocking” could possibly damage the engine over time.

Petrol Dealers Association of Malaysia president Datuk Hashim Othman said petrol stations could easily recalibrate their pumps to adjust to the new price.

“With technology, all you need to do is push some buttons. It is almost automatic in most stations now, except for a few in the rural areas which are still using the manual system,” he told The Star.

He added that petrol dealers would make a slight gain with the price increase as they had bought their current stock at the old price.

“It is only a little as the price increase is small,” he said.

Source : TheStar

Andy Lau and his Malaysian wife / girlfriend Carol Chu

Thursday, August 27th, 2009 47,733 views

Andy Lau and his 24 years Malaysian girlfriend Carol Chu is the current hit news. Some suspected that they have a son and daughter. 華仔的長女叫劉雲楓約11歲,兒子則叫劉雲祖則約9歲. Not sure whether it’s real or not. So are they going to married within 100 days of Carol Chu’s father’s death? I was told that Carol Chu was actually stay nearby my area?? Apa la… So many years I also never get to know this. If not sure can see Andy Lau in person. Haha.


Andy Lau spotted at dad-in-law’s grave

HONG KONG superstar Andy Lau was finally seen paying his last respects to his girlfriend Carol Chu’s father.

Chinese dailies said Lau was seen at a memorial ceremony in front of the elder Chu’s grave at the Hokkien Cemetery in Kuala Lumpur on Monday.

This time, he was without any “shield” or sunglasses. However, there were three security men at the entrance of the cemetery.

It was reported in major Chinese dailies that Lau was wearing a white T-shirt and a pair of jeans although Guang Ming Daily had managed to take exclusive pictures of Lau at the cemetary.

The photographs were however taken from afar and were grainy and all of them only showed the side of his face and body.

The dailies quoted a worker at the cemetery as saying that Lau had arrived at about 9am with Chu, her five siblings and two brothers-in-law. They left 30 minutes later after a simple ceremony.

During the funeral, a man believed to be Lau was hidden from view by an umbrella-carrying brigade.

Superstar Andy Lau and Malaysian girlfriend Carol Chu
Spotted: Superstar Andy Lau and Malaysian girlfriend Carol Chu arriving at the KL International Airport (inset) to catch a flight to Hong Kong Tuesday, after attending the funeral of Chu’s father. On Monday, Lau was seen at the Hokkien cemetery in Kuala Lumpur for the seventh-day memorial service.

Source : TheStar

Finally Andy Lau hold Carol Chu hands and let the paparazzi snap their photo. Now both of them are in Hong Kong.

Ending decades of denials, Hong Kong pop star Andy Lau finally went public with his Malaysian partner Carol Chu on Tuesday.

The couple, who have reportedly been together for 24 years, firmly held hands as they touched down in Hong Kong and made their way to an airport lounge past a media scrum.

The pair were in Malaysia last weekend for Chu’s father’s funeral. A teenage boy and girl, long rumoured to be the couple’s children, were nowhere to be seen.

Lau, who turns 48 next month, has kept coyly mum about his love life for decades to maintain his image of a single and available pop star.

He is said to have met Chu, a part-time model who had won a local beauty title, while he was on vacation in Malaysia with close friends in 1985.

Source : MSN





Source : SinChew

Is Lau’s long-term partner expecting a baby?

SPECULATION is rife that former beauty queen Carol Chu, the long-term partner of Hong Kong superstar Andy Lau, could be pregnant.

All the local Chinese dailies reported that pictures taken at the airport in Hong Kong showing the bloated stomach of Chu could be an indication of her pregnancy.

China Press reported that Chu was seen shielding her stomach throughout while holding hands with Lau after arriving at the airport in Hong Kong.

Sin Chew Daily also reported that Lau was even seen embracing and holding her by the waist at times, fearing that journalists might run into her.

Meanwhile, the same paper reported that a fan by the name of Kiki had threatened to take her own life after learning about Lau’s relationship with Chu.

“I am not strong enough to accept the fact. The only thing that can console me is for me to take own life so that you won’t forget me.

“I hate you! Go get married! My life would be your wedding gift,” said the fan whose comment was posted on an official website.

However, there were many who posted comments giving their blessings to the couple.

Source : TheStar

Andy Lau and Choo wed in Vegas last year

HONG KONG superstar Andy Lau and former Malaysian beauty queen Carol Choo actually tied the knot in Las Vegas last year, major Chinese dailies reported.

The official website of Clark County in Nevada which provides online search on marriage records, showed that Lau Tak Wah, Andy and Choo Lay Keng had registered their marriage on June 23, 2008.

After their secret marriage was exposed by the Taiwan and Hong Kong media, Lau, 47, finally admitted in his official website on Saturday that he and Choo, 43, were married.

He apologised to his fans for keeping his marriage a secret.

Lau said he and Choo had decided to get married because they wanted to have children.

He said he had kept it a secret to avoid his wife from being “chased after” by the media, adding that he had planned to announce the marriage when Choo becomes pregnant.

The couple who had been dating for over two decades made their first public appearance when Lau came to Malaysia to attend the funeral of Choo’s father recently.

Another Hong Kong superstar who had his marriage exposed in the same manner was Leon Lai Ming, who married his model girlfriend Lai Gia in March last year.

Singer Miriam Yeung Chin Wah also married his boyfriend Gary Ting Ho Lam secretly in the city of sin on Aug 11.

Source : TheStar

Are you the murderer 殺人犯? Don't kill me pls…

Thursday, August 27th, 2009 4,405 views

How do you solve a MYSTERY when you can’t keep track of the CLUES?
How do you investigate a CRIME when you become the SUSPECT?

LING Kwong is a 40 year old, self-assured Chief Inspector of Police. He solved numerous difficult cases on his own, has a flawless track record, and is soon to be promoted to Superintendent of Police. Everyone sees him as the future head of the Hong Kong Police Force. Ling has a perfect family – a beautiful, gentle wife, a charming son and a posh lifestyle. In every sense, he is as enviable as he is successful.

His perfect life takes an abrupt turn when he wakes up after fainting in a dilapidated building, on one of his operations. He wakes to discover his short term memory damaged, and is more shocked to find his best colleague killed in the same building – BLOODY HOLES all over his body, mercilessly blood-let by an ELECTRIC HAND DRILL!

Ling’s colleague is the third victim of this series of “bloodletting murders”. Using the most inhuman means, this serial killer makes each victim witness his own slow death, in supreme terror and unimaginable pain! The extreme cruelty of the murders appalls even the most experienced policemen, and after each killing, the murderer simply disappears and leaves no trace at all to the clueless police.

At the height of his life, Ling encounters this most vicious murder throughout Hong Kong’s crime history. He must catch the killer at all costs and to avenge his friend’s death. But as Ling sift through the clues of the murders, he finds that all the evidences are pointing toward himself as the murderer! The deeper he tries to dig into the truth, the more suspicious he becomes!

All this time, Ling’s short term memory continues to desert him. He is losing the last trustworthy evidence – himself. Ling is being pushed to the edge of madness! Is he really the murderer – or not?

Asian top singer-actor Aaron Kwok plays an upright policeman who suddenly becomes a murder suspect; with emerging Taiwan actress Ning Chang as his loving, anguished but helpless wife. Watch out for this unprecedented psychological drama that treads the darkest corners of human nature – MURDERER – coming 2009.

Murderer 殺人犯





淩光的短期記憶卻始終無法恢復過來,逐漸連唯一可以信賴的證據 – 自己 – 都沒法證明他的清白。淩光被迫向瘋狂的邊緣!到底他是不是兇手?

兩屆金馬影帝郭富城,飾演一生磊落光明卻纏上一身嫌疑的淩光;新晉閃亮女星張鈞甯,飾演深愛丈夫卻要面對他走向瘋狂的妻子,兩人擦出令人驚豔的火花!2009年,熱切期待這部史無前例的警匪懸疑驚慄電影 – 《殺人犯》

Official Website :
The Making : YouTube

Some of my personal comments:

If you have not watch it then go and have the experience it yourself and you will feel it. I have watched it and feel a bit uneasy and uncomfortable now. Don’t know how to tell the feeling.

Watch it for yourself. Some ppl complaining about the movie but I think it’s a good movie and the actors are all good! Good job. Haha. When you watch it you will feel yourself like Aaron Kwok. In the end you will really feel like “Cha do” la. In the movie there’s some funny part as well. Put close attention to the kid! That’s all I would say.

Search Engine Optimization May Not Be As Hard As You Think

Monday, August 24th, 2009 3,397 views

Do you know what’s SEO and how important is SEO? If you interested read more below and you may think that SEO is actually not a difficult thing to do =)

If your SEO is good then you will rank in 1st page in google search engine. If you want SEO service, I could offer you that. If not read the article below for your knowledge.

Being found on page one of the major search engines is one of the number one marketing techniques you can use.

It’s all about bringing targeted traffic and visitors to your site for your niche. Not only that but it is often one of the least costly kinds of advertising even if you hire an expert to do it for you.

For example a Toronto search engine optimization company may charge a few hundred dollars a month for their services. In comparison you would easily spend upwards of a thousand dollars trying to get similar results from paper ads. And optimizing your site can give it much a broader exposure.

You don’t always need to hire an expert because you can do a number of things yourself if you are willing to put in the effort.

Before you even begin to optimize your site you need to think about which keywords you wish to rank for.

Think like a customer to discover keywords phrases they might use to find a similar product or service. The more you can think of the better. These may then be plugged into on-line tools like Google’s keyword research tool or on sites such as Wordtracker or Wordze.

These sites can give you an estimate on how often these terms are searched for. If you find some terms that have a great number of monthly searches then it is a good indication that being on page one for that phrase could equal a large number of site visitors.

Remember that frequently the keyword phrases with the most amount of searches are often the most competitive also. That does not mean that you can never rank for them, only that it may take quite a lot of time.

A good strategy is to select a mix of difficult and easy to optimize terms. This will help get you a short term and long term focus.

The content contained on the pages of your site should be your next focus.

Try to use your chosen keywords into the various web pages. Despite the fact that one of the reasons for using your keywords in your site is for the search engines don’t forget that actual visitors will be viewing it.

The greater the number of pages you can add to your site the better. Every time you add new content you are attracting the search engines to frequently return and reindex your web site. This can increase the chances of getting you to page one for many more terms than the ones you are specifically focusing on.

Finally comes what is definitely the most critcal part. Every time another site points to your web site you are one step closer to being on page one. That does not mean getting just any kind of link from any site. They need to be from sites that are of the same theme to yours.

For example if your site is real estate oriented site then you will need to have a real estate search engine optimization strategy. This may include getting links from various real estate agent sites, blogs, or anything related to that topic. You should be more concerned with quality, not just quantity.

One of the premier ways to accomplish this is with article marketing. You create content in the form of articles. These can then be submitted to various directories for inclusion like Article Alley. Your site will get a link pointing back to it in return for handing out free content. This is step you should be doing a minimum of once a week.

You will slowly begin to see your site’s traffic and ranking soar. The greater the time period you optimize your site for the better your results will be. It could take some time and work however it is well worth it.

About the Author: Stefan Hyross publishes information for the Toronto search engine optimization company WebClimb. Specialists in real estate search engine optimization techniques. Visit the site for more information, news and tips.

My Set Lunch @ Old Town White Coffee – Ipoh Hor Hee!

Saturday, August 22nd, 2009 5,591 views

Have you tried My Set Lunch at Old Town White Coffee? Recently it’s very hot in the radio ads saying that everyone from Ipoh should know what’s Hor Hee?! Haha, I have no idea what’s Ipoh Hor Hee till one fine day went to Old Town and tried that.

My Set Lunch @ Old Town White Coffee

My Set Lunch @ Old Town White Coffee

My Set Lunch @ Old Town White Coffee - Pan Mee
My Pan Mee Set RM5.90 – Pan Mee + Soup + Pepsi

My Set Lunch @ Old Town White Coffee - Ipoh Hor Hee
My Hor Hee Set RM6.90 – Hor Hee + Pepsi

Ipoh Hor Hee!

Personally I feel that the Pan Mee is nicer than the Hor Hee, if you sick you can try Hor Hee, if not pls go for Pan Mee as it taste like Chili Pan Mee, nice =)

15 Malaysia – Funny & Meaningful Short Films

Thursday, August 20th, 2009 6,002 views

Do you know what’s 15Malaysia?

15Malaysia is a short film project. It consists of 15 short films made by 15 Malaysian filmmakers. These films not only deal with socio-political issues in Malaysia, they also feature some of the best-known faces in the country, including actors, musicians and top political leaders. You may think of them as funky little films made by 15 Malaysian voices for the people of Malaysia.

Please enter and make yourself comfortable.

Watch our films. Look at our photographs. Drop us rude comments. Display your own films. Grab cool goodies. Join competitions. Meet our people. Help us spread the word. Download anything you want…

We won’t charge a cent.

Official Website :

Current released short films.

Potong Saga by Ho Yuhang : release 17 Aug 2009
It’s a funny and laugh-out-loud film about a Chinese boy’s (Namewee) misguided attempts at opening an Islamic bank account. It’s seems like Potong Salah, Potong rambut cukup la.

The Making Of ‘Potong Saga’ – 15Malaysia

Chocolate by Yasmin Ahmad : release 19 Aug 2009
A quiet tale that reminds us that, despite the multifaceted contradiction of Malaysia, life goes on – even if not all of it is sweet.

The Making Of Yasmin Ahmad’s ‘Chocolate’ – 15Malaysia


or follow me @saimatkong

More to come stay tuned.

Nuffnang & Ogawa Close To Me

Wednesday, August 19th, 2009 6,905 views

Nuffnang & Ogawa

Was invited to join Ogawa event organized by Nuffnang @ TGIF, Pavilion last week. It was an interesting event to get to know other bloggers and also get to know more about Ogawa Zero-Gravity massage chair and other products.

Goodies Bag
So many goodies bags with come with Ogawa free Vibrating U-Shape Neck Supporter.

Opening Speech
Opening speech by Ogawa person in charge and continued by dinner and mingling around with bloggers.



saimatkong @ TGIF
The food is so so only and few bloggers also complain about it, maybe the portion that we took just not right?

Mingling Around

Mingling Around
All seems so happy and enjoying themselves.




Then we began our tour in Ogawa showroom which is just few shop away from TGIF.

We were split into two groups, 1 group went for the show room visit and another group participated in the contest.




Ogawa EyeTune

The prize’s Ogawa EyeTune worth RM698 Promotion RM499, which sound pretty much like iTune for me. Haha.

Carol brought us over to Ogawa showroom and showed us Ogawa SmartAire & Ogawa SmartMate. Check out how we tested the massage chairs =)

Massage Chair Controller

Massage Chair
shhshhh don’t disturb me, I want to sleep d lo. So enjoy.

Massage Chair

Ogawa SmartMate
OGAWA SmartMate RM9398 Promotion price RM4699

Ogawa SmartAire
Ogawa SmartAire Features
The new OGAWA SmartAire offers you an all new massage experience with the first Zero Gravity Massage Chair in town. With OGAWA SmartAire, you can recline into the ideal 90/90 position and feel the stress caused by gravity leave you.
RM13999 Promotion 1 year free installment, additional 10% discount, monthly only RM233.

Ogawa sales persons indeed very friendly and explain all of their products to us, the bloggers, even they know we have no intention to buy it but who knows we might grab it one day? Good job! =) If I were to get it, will surely go to Ogawa @ Pavilion and look for you guys.

Ogawa & Saimatkong
-thanks yatz for helping me to take this photo-

Bloggers tested out all the products and some feel so happy and enjoyed the massage chairs so much. Check out the video to know how they enjoyed it! 18sx rated. Don’t watch if you are under 18! =p

Then I went on to try Ogawa Ez Shape which not body seems interested expect me and few other bloggers. Check it out on the video on how it function. It really can make me thin?! Haha. It’s worth to get RM4999 Now only RM1699.

Vibrating U-Shape Neck Supporter

Vibrating U-Shape Neck Supporter
This is the Vibrating U-Shape Neck Supporter which each of the bloggers received.

Thanks Ogawa. Looking forward to own the Ogawa Smartmate Massage Chair so that old man and old women (daddy & mummy la) at home could enjoy this and yes I’m a good son. =p

Blogger Gathering @ Vila Manja for a healthy spa session

Monday, August 17th, 2009 4,685 views

It was a lovely Saturday morning and I reluctant to get myself up of the bed because it’s a weekend and the only day that could sleep till noon, but think of the massage, it jumped up. Bangun pagi, gosok gigi, cuci muka, mini susu…

Vila Manja

After prepared myself and was wondering what to wear for the PruHealth’s briefing for bloggers, because there’s a theme for it. It’s either a life saving doctor? a patient? Or a health freak? I see that I don’t fit to any of the category so I decided to wear a simple shirt and jeans. Luckily all of the other bloggers didn’t wear something special so that it will not make me abnormal and outstanding, except Kenny Sia who came with sportswear just like after jogging. Guess what? He will be automatically the winner as no one was competing for the best dress blogger. Haha.

5xmom - Chanlilian

Lilian (5xmom) was the 1st to arrive, because she and her family drove all the way from Penang (Food Island) as early as 4-5am, really salute her. This was the 1st time meeting Lilian in real person as we always talk and chit chat on the virtual world which is the Internet. Then me and Lilian went on to snap snap around the whole vila before other bloggers arrive.

5xmom - Chanlilian
look at the angle she took, so pro. =p

Vila Manja Spa

Vila Manja Spa

Vila Manja Spa

Vila Manja Spa

Vila Manja Spa

Vila Manja Spa

Vila Manja Spa

Vila Manja Spa

Vila Manja Spa
Look, it’s a really nice environment to have a gathering and this is the 1st time ever event and briefing at Spa. Woo~~ Nice =)

Vila Manja Spa
Got award sumore~

Pruhealth Blogger Gathering

Pruhealth Blogger Gathering

Pruhealth Blogger Gathering
Nicely setup and decorated for the Pruhealth event, even toy stethoscope… etc.

More blogger arrived and they started to camwhore…

1…2…3… jump… aiks fell into the water. oops. *evil smile*

Kyspeaks – the fomous food blogger with own map.

sixthseal & cheesie







While some camwhore, some chit chatting, some eating and enjoying their breakfast…

Chit Chatting

Chit Chatting

Chit Chatting

Nice western breakfast with coffee, tea or juice.

Kenny Sia

Kenny Sia
Kenny Sia eating his breakfast.

After all the guests and bloggers arrived we have the event started. Want to know what happened after that? Stay tuned for more updates.

All Malaysia Badminton Players Lost in BWF World Championships, Hyderabad, India

Sunday, August 16th, 2009 3,546 views

After Lee Chong Wei crashed to Indonesia Sony Dwi Kuncoro @ Badminton World Championships in India, it followed by the crashed of our double pairs, Koo Kien Keat – Tan Boon Heong and Mohd Fairuzizuan Mohd Tazari – Mohd Zakry Abdul respectively. There was a hope there that all Malaysia finals but it was all vanished.

Semi Final Result:
[Korea] Jae Sung JUNG / Yong Dae LEE vs [Malaysia] Kien Keat KOO / Boon Heong TAN : 16-21, 21-14, 22-20 in 53 mins.

[China] Yun CAI / Haifeng FU vs [Malaysia] Mohd Zakry ABDUL LATIF / Mohd Fairuzizuan MOHD TAZARI : 18-21, 24-22, 21-15 in 57mins.

The finals is dominated by China except the mixed double. China really strong and Malaysia players pls show your discipline can be strong. Lin Dan will still be champion in favor of China.

WORLD No. 1 Lee Chong Wei was crushed by Sony Dwi Kuncoro yet again in the World Championships at the Gachi­bowli Stadium yesterday.

Surprisingly, though, the Malaysian did not take the defeat too badly.

The top seed was hailed as Malaysia’s great hope to end the country’s elusive chase for a world title but yesterday Chong Wei showed the ugly side of his game to lose 16-21, 21-14, 12-21 to Sony in the quarter-finals of the men’s singles match that lasted an hour.

Ironically, it was Sony who dashed Chong Wei’s dream of a first world title at the previous world meet in Kuala Lumpur, stopping the Malaysian in the third round.

And yesterday, Sony showed the same drive and determination while Chong Wei looked lost and out of sorts from the start.

“I gave it my all. After the first game defeat, I fought back. But it was not to be my day today,” said Chong Wei, who hardly showed any signs of being terribly upset.

“My strength is in net play but it worked against me. I was sending half court returns and my defence was weak.

“I have to accept this defeat. I know people will be angry with me but it just seems that I am not lucky when it comes to the World Championships.”

Sony bt Lee Chong Wei
What a win: Sony celebrates after beating Chong Wei in the quarter-finals on Friday. Sony won 21-16, 14-21, 21-12. Starpic by S.S. Kanesan

His best achievement in four world outings thus far has been a semi-final finish in Anaheim in 2005.

When asked why he was all smiles despite the defeat, he said: “I am putting on a brave front here, but inside I am hurting. I wanted, as much as anyone else, to do well here.”

A confident display by Sony in the first game ripped Chong Wei’s confidence into tatters right from the start. The Malaysian was slower than usual and did not show any urgency in his game, giving room for Sony to take control of the game.

Chong Wei, who has won four Open titles this year, sparked hopes of a great fightback after taking the second game but it all fell flat when he adopted a cautious approach in the decider, hardly showing any aggression.

The Beijing Olympic Games silver medallist said he would discuss with coach Misbun Sidek about taking a long break from competition.

“I have been listed for the Macau Open but I will talk with my coach to skip the tournament. I need a break. I may come back refreshed after a break to continue my chase for a world title and an Olympic title,” said Chong Wei.

Sony’s reward for taking out Chong Wei is a semi-final date with Lin Dan of China.

Lin Dan was pushed to the limit before prevailing 22-20, 21-16 over the evergreen Peter-Gade Christensen.

The other semi-final will be between second seed Chen Jin and Indonesian Taufik Hidayat, who is eyeing his second world crown.

Men’s singles: Chen Jin (Chn) bt Simon Santoso (Ina) 21-10, 21-13; Sony Dwi Kuncoro (Ina) bt Lee Chong Wei (Mas) 21-16, 14-21, 21-12; Lin Dan (Chn) bt Peter-Gade Christensen (Den) 22-20, 21-16; Taufik Hidayat (Ina) bt Jan O Jorgensen (Den) 21-19, 21-19.

Source : TheStar

Up…Up…and AWAY

Saturday, August 15th, 2009 2,307 views

Ever wondered how many balloons does it take to left DJ Ean up?

Up Up Away with DJ Ean

Well, and Walt Disney Motion Picture is giving you a chance to guess the amount. We’ll give you tips of course, i.e. Ean is 5ft 5 and he weighs 75-82kgs, so how many ballons does it take to lift him up?

And if you guessed correctly, you stand a chance to win a trip for 2 to Australia to go on a hot air ballon ride…

Tips to win the contest :
- We will be using 2 feet ballon
- Estimated lifting power from 50gm to 60gm per ballon

All you have to do is SMS “UPYour NameYour Answer” to 32111

We’ll call you to come down to a ground event @ Tropicana City Mall and lift Ean for REAL. And the one that gave the correct amount or closest to the amount without exceeding the final amount will win the Grand Prize.

At the event, there will be games to win movie merchandise and screening tickets to the movie after the event.

Find out @ Tropicana City Mall, 15th August, 2.00pm

“Up” is in Cinemas this coming 20th August. It’s a funny and cute cartoon.

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