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Congrats Lee Chong Wei – Malaysia Open 2008 Champion

Written on January 20, 2008 – 6:44 pm | by Saimatkong Tian Leong | 7,594 views

Lee Chong Wei, you did it again, we are proud of you. Malaysia Boleh! =)

Lee Chong Wei Won Malaysia Open 2008

It was a nice match again another LEE from Korea! Lee Hyun Ii. The matches last about 1 hour plus.

It was a good show between both of them. This is because Lee Hyun Ii current couch is Li Mao which is Lee Chong Wei previous couch. So he might know all Lee Chong Wei weakness and setup a match between both of them, but in deed Lee Chong Wei showed his spirit and win over the games. once again congrats Chong Wei. =) There’s more game coming up so keep on your good tactic and keep improving match after match.

Malaysia Open 2008 Men Single Result

Malaysia Open 2008 Men Single Result Game 1
1st Match: 21-15
The first game was exciting

Malaysia Open 2008 Men Single Result Game 1
2nd Match: 11-21
The second game was a bit bored as Lee Chong Wei never perform any nice tactic.

Malaysia Open 2008 Men Single Result Game 1
3rd Match: 21-17
The last deciding game was good! After he change cloth, it’s where the power come and he’s good all the way to win the Malaysia Open 2008. This was his third title out of four.

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  1. 6 Responses to “Congrats Lee Chong Wei – Malaysia Open 2008 Champion”

  2. By kepongboy on Jan 20, 2008 | Reply

    although lee cw won, i don’t think he has performed the best of his

  3. By usws on Jan 21, 2008 | Reply

    OMG, you must lurrve badminton ALOT! Scores, charts… WOW!


    p.s. And i can’t even remember the rules properly. -_-’

  4. By saimatkong on Jan 21, 2008 | Reply

    yes of coz I like badminton =)

    more updates from my visit to Bukit Jalil soon. Stay Tuned.

  5. By tkah on Feb 4, 2008 | Reply

    for me, chong wei is the bez!!
    the way he pick up the smash was superb!!
    he can win anything if he want it..
    best of luck 2 u n remember, we, the malaysian always with u!!

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